851 examples of calendars in sentences

" The entire number of ecclesiastical holydays and seasons is codified for us in the different Church calendars.

His name is to be found in the earliest liturgical sources, e.g., the Arian martyrology belonging to about 360 and in all calendars, ancient and modern, excepting the Coptic.

Easter falls on no fixed date, because the Jewish 15th Nisan, unlike the dates of the Julian and Gregorian Calendars, varied year by year.

Its date depends entirely on the date of Christmas, but the birth of Christ was not always placed in calendars on the 25th December.

In early days the feasts of martyrs and other saints were not celebrated in Lent, and hence this feast of the Blessed Virgin was set down in some calendars as transferred, and was celebrated in Advent.

And then I perceived that twelve days was just the difference of old and new calendars.

Centuries before men began to date their calendars "A.D.," the city on the Bosporus was a prize for which nations struggled.

If you cannot obtain the use of a physician's clinical thermometer, unfasten one of the little thermometers found on so many calendars and advertising sheets.

The calendars of different communities differed.

The calendars, both in Yucatan and Mexico, were represented as a wheel.]

But the front window was lovely, like a picture, and, indeed, he thought that his mother, with the flowers all about her and the red sky overhead, was like a lady on one of the beautiful calendars that the grocer gave away at Christmas.

The scientists marked down upon the calendars of their memory the fact that they had seen two preparatory school teams play a nine-inning game without scoring a run.

The imperfect surveys of land, the universal habit of getting goods on credit at the store, and "difficulties" between individuals ending in bloodshed, filled the court calendars, with land disputes, suits for debt, and exciting murder cases, which gave to lawyers more importance and better chances of advancement than they possessed in the older States.

The crimes they are generally guilty of, are petty thefts, and other minor offences against the local acts; but crimes of an heinous nature are very rare among them; and I may venture to say, that petty thefts, breaking sugar-canes to eat, and offences of the like description, principally swell the calendars of our quarterly courts of sessions.

Only clocks and calendars are silly enough to tread on the tail of a little space between sunrise and sunset and call it to-day.

The old garden calendars the seasons as they come and go.

A. J. Houston (A); 8Aug60; R261354. Houston perpetual calendars.

The Calendars of Athens.

A. J. Houston (A); 8Aug60; R261354. Houston perpetual calendars.

The Calendars of Athens.

Events are sometimes the best calendars.

"Mona Lisa" was there with her inscrutable smile, "The Laughing Cavalier," as well as less famous characters, such as smiling girls on calendars and magazine covers.

Many valuable hints can be found in the Calendars of State Papers issued by the Record Office, but they fail us at the beginning of the seventeenth century.

Is not this the son of Peter Vasilievich Kolychef?" Lavretsky also found some old calendars and dream-books, and the mystical work of M. Ambodik.

FASTI, the name given to days among the Romans on which it was lawful to transact business before the prætor; also the name of books among the Romans containing calendars of times, seasons, and events.

851 examples of  calendars  in sentences