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62 examples of  calomel  in sentences

62 examples of calomel in sentences

It may possibly take place before then, however, as the Faculty of Medicine are said to be rapidly abandoning the use of calomel.

aux fines herbes 880 larded and roasted 882 Udder, for French forcemeats 421 Calomel 2658 Camp-vinegar 381 Canary-pudding 1258 Candlesticks 2311 Cannelons, or fried puffs 1417 Caper-sauce, for boiled mutton

Take of calomel, 12 grains; tartar emetic, 2 grains; lump sugar, 30 grains.

Mix 5 grains of calomel and the same quantity of antimonial powder with a little bread-crumb, and make into two pills.

Mix a grain of calomel and 4 grains of powdered jalap together.

Then give this pill (No. 1); Mix five grains of calomel and the same quantity of antimonial powder with a little bread-crumb, and make into two pills.

If attended to at the first appearance, they may soon be conquered; for which purpose it is necessary to assist nature in throwing off the contents of the bowels, which may be one by means of the following prescription:Take of calomel 3 grains, rhubarb 8 grains; mix and take it in a little honey or jelly, and repeat the dose three times, at the intervals of four or five hours.

Give a grain or two of calomel with 5 or 8 grains of rhubarb, according to the age of the child, twice a week.

INFLAMMATION OF THE EYELIDS.The following ointment has been found very beneficial in inflammations of the eyeball and edges of the eyelids:Take of prepared calomel, 1 scruple; spermaceti ointment, 1/2 oz.

Apply warm mustard poultices to the soles of the feet and the insides of the thighs and legs; put two drops of castor oil, mixed up with eight grains of calomel, on the top of the tongue, as far back as possible; a most important part of the treatment being to open the bowels as quickly and freely as possible.

[The No. 1 pills are made as follows:Mix 5 grains of calomel and the same quantity of antimonial powder with a little bread-crumb: make into two pills, the dose for a full-grown person.

Calomel......................../ Opium.......................... Emetic Draught, Vinegar-and-Water, Laudanum....................... dashing Cold Water on chest and face, walking up and down two or three hours. Lead...........................\ White Lead.....................

Give five grains of calomel and half a grain of opium directly, in the form of a pill, and half an ounce of Epsom salts in two hours, and repeat this treatment until the bowels are well opened.

No. 2.Take of simple cerate 1 oz.; creosote 1 drachm; calomel 30 grains: mix and use in the same manner as the first.

Calomel . . . . . .

(The No. 1 pill: Mix 5 grains of calomel and the same quantity of antimonial powder, with a little bread-crumb, and make into two pills, which is the dose for an adult.

That the tomato is one of the most powerful deobstruents of the materia medica; and that, in all those affections of the liver and other organs where calomel is indicated, it is probably the most effective and least harmful remedial agent known in the profession.

2. That a chemical extract can be obtained from it, which will altogether supersede the use of calomel in the cure of diseases.

'I took on Thursday,' he writes, 'two brisk catharticks and a dose of calomel.

Old Doc, though well liked, boasted that all any man of his profession needed, really, were calomel and a good knife.

Calomel - 107 III.

Calomel, and such like remedies, "the little powders of the nursery," ought not to be given on every trivial occasion.

Various are the forms in which it is given; perhaps the little powders obtained from the chemist is the most frequent, as it is certainly the most injurious, form, their chief ingredient being calomel.

Calomel is one of the most useful medicines we possess; but though powerful for good, it is by no means powerless for mischief, and pages might be written upon the evil effects which have resulted from its indiscriminate use in the nursery; medical men are daily and hourly witnessing this fact.

From ignorance of this fact, calomel is often repeated again and again to relieve that very condition which it has itself produced, causing, but too frequently, a degree of irritation in the delicate lining membrane of the bowel, which it may be very difficult for a medical man to remove, and perhaps a source of misery to the child as long as it lives.

It appears by the result, that this must have been calomel; for, after taking it for two or three days, profuse salivation was produced, with swollen tongue, inflamed gums, etc., followed by ulceration of the gum, lips, and cheek.

Surely the knowledge of such a case as this would induce every prudent mother to exclude calomel from her list of domestic nursery medicines.

Unfortunately the general resource and only remedy of most mothers in affections of the stomach and bowels is an aperient, and a combination containing calomel is the one too frequently selected.

Breasts of the infant, swelling of, 195. Breathing, how affected by disease, 175. Calomel, danger in its use, 167. , injurious to the teeth, 160.

Some cases of amibian dysentery are being treated with calomel, salol, and emetine.

She held a half-burned paper in her hand; Dr. Jallup stood near the bed, portioning out some calomel and quinine.

CHAPTER VI When Nan Berry saw that Caroline was dead, the black woman dropped a glass of water and a capsule of calomel and stared.

A warm bath, however, remaining in bed the whole day, buried in blankets, abstaining from all food, a few grains of calomel at night and copious libations of rice gruel the next day restored me completely to health; and after a sรฉjour of four days at Lyons, I was enabled to proceed on my journey to Clermont on the 14th March.

His aid is in constant requisition in severe cases, and certain it is that a cure not unfrequently follows upon his visit; but as the regular physicians always cease their attendance upon his entrance, and blood-letting and calomel are consequently intermitted, perhaps the cure is not so miraculous as it might at first seem.

Others use a dry dressing, and dust with Calomel, with a mixture of Sulphate of Copper, Sulphate of Zinc and Alum, or with Subacetate of Copper and Tannin.

'After all disease has been excised, carefully clean the foot with waste, thoroughly protect any raw surface resulting from overcauterization by some mild agent, such as a saturated calomel ointment, reapply an astringent dressing over the whole affected surface, and nail on the shoe.

'During this healing process, and after the complete eradication of canker it may be again repeated, no agent seems to have a more beneficial effect than calomel, and for this purpose it is best used as a dry powder.

Under this dressing any remaining spot of canker is readily detected by the wet condition of the calomel when the shoe is removed the next day.

In dealing with such a spot, a very good plan, after all apparently diseased tissue has been excised, is to touch the cankered part with solid nitrate of silver, or a feather dipped in one of the strong mineral acids, and then reapply calomel over the surface.

On first coming he had found more people being killed by calomel and jalap than by the plague.

I remember when people wasn't given nothin' but blue mass, calomel, castor oil and gruel, and every body was healthier than they is now.

The next dose was more successful; mamma having spread out before my eyes all her possessions which she thought likely to tempt me, I received permission to make a choice, on condition of swallowing a spoonful of calomel jalap.

The brave number one all disease can expel, And make you exclaim, I am perfectly well; All poisonous drugs in your system will die, Each pain will take wings, and the calomel fly.

He'll steal the warm crimson, that flows through your heart, He'll haunt you with blisters and plasters that smart, Torment you with setons, with leaches and cups, His calomel poisons, the blood it corrupts.

Melted butter, in English cookery, plays nearly the same part as the Lord Mayor's coach at civic ceremonies, calomel in modern medicine, or silver forks in the fashionable novels.

Even if I did stay, all I could do would be to give him a dose of quinine or calomel once in a while, and that isn't what he needs.

We hold that no man can be well who does not agree with our views of the efficacy of calomel, and who does not take the doses of it prescribed in our tables, as there directed.

No man shall be allowed to take our prepared calomel who does not give in his solemn adhesion to each and all of the above-named and the following propositions (from ten to a hundred) and show his mouth to certain of our apothecaries, who have not studied dentistry, to examine whether all his teeth have been extracted and a new set inserted according to our regulations.

One of dese war de white man's fault, dis baby war born wid de jaundice en I tolds dis white man ter go ter de store en git me sum calomel en he says, "whoeber heard of givin a baby sech truck", an so dat baby died.

In a flash I knew that if I added malic acid to the mercuryperchloride of mercury or corrosive sublimateI would have calomel or subchloride of mercury, the only thing that would switch the poison out of my system and Mrs. Boncour's.

The fruit contained the malic acid I needed to manufacture the calomel, and I made it right there in nature's own laboratory.

Our doctors said I was in the first stage of consumption, that Elizabeth was to reach that point early in life, and that our only hope lay in plenty of calomel.

Mother had lost her husband and four vigorous children; there had been no lack of calomel, and now, when death again threatened, she resolved to conduct the defense on some new plan.

The cure was the patent nostrum of pledge-signing, a lying-made-easy invention, which like calomel, seldom had any permanent effect on the disease for which it was given, and never failed to produce another and a worse.

The doctor's medicines consisted of calomel, jalap and quinine, all used pretty freely, by some with benefit, and by others to no visible purpose, for they had to suffer until the cold weather came and froze the disease out.

I think he must have given me a dose of calomel, for I had a terribly sore mouth and could not eat any for two or three weeks.

Gleefully he told of the Saturday night baths in big wooden washtubs with cut out holes for the fingers during his boyhood, of the castor oil, old fashion paragoric, calomel, and burmo chops used for medicine at that time.

New fads and new fancies are reigning supreme, And calomel one day will be but a dream; While folks have asserted a chemist might toil Through his shelves, and find out he had no castor oil; While as to Infusions, they've long taken wings,

One eminent physician told me that he had known more calomel given, both at a pinch and for a continuance, by mothers, governesses, and nurses, to children than he had ever heard of a physician prescribing in all his experience.

Another says, that women's only idea in medicine is calomel and aperients.

"Oh, Mr. Begg," said a woman to me, for whom I was weighing two grains of calomel for a child, "dinna be so mean wi' it; it is for a poor faitherless bairn.

In Scotland the remains of the deceased person is called the "corp." Laudanum and calomel.