62 examples of calomel in sentences

aux fines herbes 880 larded and roasted 882 Udder, for French forcemeats 421 Calomel 2658 Camp-vinegar 381 Canary-pudding 1258 Candlesticks 2311 Cannelons, or fried puffs 1417 Caper-sauce, for boiled mutton

Take of calomel, 12 grains; tartar emetic, 2 grains; lump sugar, 30 grains.

Give a grain or two of calomel with 5 or 8 grains of rhubarb, according to the age of the child, twice a week.

Calomel......................../ Opium.......................... Emetic Draught, Vinegar-and-Water, Laudanum....................... dashing Cold Water on chest and face, walking up and down two or three hours. Lead...........................\ White Lead.....................

Give five grains of calomel and half a grain of opium directly, in the form of a pill, and half an ounce of Epsom salts in two hours, and repeat this treatment until the bowels are well opened.

No. 2.Take of simple cerate 1 oz.; creosote 1 drachm; calomel 30 grains: mix and use in the same manner as the first.

Calomel . . . . . .

(The No. 1 pill: Mix 5 grains of calomel and the same quantity of antimonial powder, with a little bread-crumb, and make into two pills, which is the dose for an adult.

That the tomato is one of the most powerful deobstruents of the materia medica; and that, in all those affections of the liver and other organs where calomel is indicated, it is probably the most effective and least harmful remedial agent known in the profession.

2. That a chemical extract can be obtained from it, which will altogether supersede the use of calomel in the cure of diseases.

'I took on Thursday,' he writes, 'two brisk catharticks and a dose of calomel.

She held a half-burned paper in her hand; Dr. Jallup stood near the bed, portioning out some calomel and quinine.

CHAPTER VI When Nan Berry saw that Caroline was dead, the black woman dropped a glass of water and a capsule of calomel and stared.

A warm bath, however, remaining in bed the whole day, buried in blankets, abstaining from all food, a few grains of calomel at night and copious libations of rice gruel the next day restored me completely to health; and after a séjour of four days at Lyons, I was enabled to proceed on my journey to Clermont on the 14th March.

On first coming he had found more people being killed by calomel and jalap than by the plague.

Melted butter, in English cookery, plays nearly the same part as the Lord Mayor's coach at civic ceremonies, calomel in modern medicine, or silver forks in the fashionable novels.

Even if I did stay, all I could do would be to give him a dose of quinine or calomel once in a while, and that isn't what he needs.

We hold that no man can be well who does not agree with our views of the efficacy of calomel, and who does not take the doses of it prescribed in our tables, as there directed.

No man shall be allowed to take our prepared calomel who does not give in his solemn adhesion to each and all of the above-named and the following propositions (from ten to a hundred) and show his mouth to certain of our apothecaries, who have not studied dentistry, to examine whether all his teeth have been extracted and a new set inserted according to our regulations.

The cure was the patent nostrum of pledge-signing, a lying-made-easy invention, which like calomel, seldom had any permanent effect on the disease for which it was given, and never failed to produce another and a worse.

Gleefully he told of the Saturday night baths in big wooden washtubs with cut out holes for the fingers during his boyhood, of the castor oil, old fashion paragoric, calomel, and burmo chops used for medicine at that time.

One eminent physician told me that he had known more calomel given, both at a pinch and for a continuance, by mothers, governesses, and nurses, to children than he had ever heard of a physician prescribing in all his experience.

Another says, that women's only idea in medicine is calomel and aperients.

"Oh, Mr. Begg," said a woman to me, for whom I was weighing two grains of calomel for a child, "dinna be so mean wi' it; it is for a poor faitherless bairn.

In Scotland the remains of the deceased person is called the "corp." Laudanum and calomel.

62 examples of  calomel  in sentences