62 examples of calomel in sentences

Calomel, and such like remedies, "the little powders of the nursery," ought not to be given on every trivial occasion.

Various are the forms in which it is given; perhaps the little powders obtained from the chemist is the most frequent, as it is certainly the most injurious, form, their chief ingredient being calomel.

Calomel is one of the most useful medicines we possess; but though powerful for good, it is by no means powerless for mischief, and pages might be written upon the evil effects which have resulted from its indiscriminate use in the nursery; medical men are daily and hourly witnessing this fact.

From ignorance of this fact, calomel is often repeated again and again to relieve that very condition which it has itself produced, causing, but too frequently, a degree of irritation in the delicate lining membrane of the bowel, which it may be very difficult for a medical man to remove, and perhaps a source of misery to the child as long as it lives.

It appears by the result, that this must have been calomel; for, after taking it for two or three days, profuse salivation was produced, with swollen tongue, inflamed gums, etc., followed by ulceration of the gum, lips, and cheek.

Surely the knowledge of such a case as this would induce every prudent mother to exclude calomel from her list of domestic nursery medicines.

Unfortunately the general resource and only remedy of most mothers in affections of the stomach and bowels is an aperient, and a combination containing calomel is the one too frequently selected.

Breasts of the infant, swelling of, 195. Breathing, how affected by disease, 175. Calomel, danger in its use, 167. , injurious to the teeth, 160.

She held a half-burned paper in her hand; Dr. Jallup stood near the bed, portioning out some calomel and quinine.

CHAPTER VI When Nan Berry saw that Caroline was dead, the black woman dropped a glass of water and a capsule of calomel and stared.

A warm bath, however, remaining in bed the whole day, buried in blankets, abstaining from all food, a few grains of calomel at night and copious libations of rice gruel the next day restored me completely to health; and after a séjour of four days at Lyons, I was enabled to proceed on my journey to Clermont on the 14th March.

Others use a dry dressing, and dust with Calomel, with a mixture of Sulphate of Copper, Sulphate of Zinc and Alum, or with Subacetate of Copper and Tannin.

'After all disease has been excised, carefully clean the foot with waste, thoroughly protect any raw surface resulting from overcauterization by some mild agent, such as a saturated calomel ointment, reapply an astringent dressing over the whole affected surface, and nail on the shoe.

'During this healing process, and after the complete eradication of canker it may be again repeated, no agent seems to have a more beneficial effect than calomel, and for this purpose it is best used as a dry powder.

Under this dressing any remaining spot of canker is readily detected by the wet condition of the calomel when the shoe is removed the next day.

In dealing with such a spot, a very good plan, after all apparently diseased tissue has been excised, is to touch the cankered part with solid nitrate of silver, or a feather dipped in one of the strong mineral acids, and then reapply calomel over the surface.

On first coming he had found more people being killed by calomel and jalap than by the plague.

The next dose was more successful; mamma having spread out before my eyes all her possessions which she thought likely to tempt me, I received permission to make a choice, on condition of swallowing a spoonful of calomel jalap.

We hold that no man can be well who does not agree with our views of the efficacy of calomel, and who does not take the doses of it prescribed in our tables, as there directed.

No man shall be allowed to take our prepared calomel who does not give in his solemn adhesion to each and all of the above-named and the following propositions (from ten to a hundred) and show his mouth to certain of our apothecaries, who have not studied dentistry, to examine whether all his teeth have been extracted and a new set inserted according to our regulations.

In a flash I knew that if I added malic acid to the mercuryperchloride of mercury or corrosive sublimateI would have calomel or subchloride of mercury, the only thing that would switch the poison out of my system and Mrs. Boncour's.

The fruit contained the malic acid I needed to manufacture the calomel, and I made it right there in nature's own laboratory.

One eminent physician told me that he had known more calomel given, both at a pinch and for a continuance, by mothers, governesses, and nurses, to children than he had ever heard of a physician prescribing in all his experience.

Another says, that women's only idea in medicine is calomel and aperients.

In Scotland the remains of the deceased person is called the "corp." Laudanum and calomel.

62 examples of  calomel  in sentences