161 examples of cambrics in sentences

My father brushed regretfully at the smudges on his cambric shirt.

Lord Martin drew from his pocket a clean cambric handkerchief, and, carefully unfolding it, wiped away the drops as they fell.

Thus, she hesitated, only a moment, it is true, for, seeing the quizzical look in his eyes that always made her vaguely rebellious,with a quick, light movement, she mounted the stile, and there paused to shake her head in laughing disdain of his out-stretched hand; thenthere was the sound of rending cambric, she tripped, and, next moment, he had caught her in his arms.

And no one said this more emphatically, and felt it more emphatically, than Mary Marcy and Angela Jocelyn,Mary in her pretty and becoming if rather plain white gown of China silk, and Angela in her old white cambric that had been 'done over' for the hundredth time, perhaps, and was neither pretty nor becoming, with its skimp skirt and sleeves and shrunken waist.

There stood little Blue Eyes, in a storm of temper, with one small foot on a crumpled mass of pink cambric on the floor; and nurse, who was also very red and angry, explained that Miss would not have on her pink frock because it was not quite clean.

After passing this bridge, and proceeding to the westwards for thirty miles, continually passing through vineyards, and fertile fields, with numerous palaces on all sides, you come to the fair and large city of Gouza, in which there are many idol temples, and in which cloth of gold and silk, and the purest and finest cambrics or lawns, are manufactured.

Whether the ladies are good judges of the merits of silks and cambrics I do not pretend to decide; but they pay ready money, and it is not for the sellers to cavil at their discrimination.

We went by a rather pretentious house, with pear trees in front of it and a big barn alongside it; and right under the eaves of the barn I picked up the short jacket of a French trooper, so new and fresh from the workshop that the white cambric lining was hardly soiled.

In his turban of white cambric was twisted a scarf of cloth-of-gold.

Mrs. Helm took out her white cambric handkerchief, and rubbed it on the inside of the pot, and it crocked it!

The females were clad in plain white gowns, with neat turbans of cambric or muslin on their heads.

The females were clad in plain white gowns, with neat turbans of cambric or muslin on their heads.

Still, the conflict was long and severe, and it was not until morning that the Tempter gained a point by compromising the matter, and suggesting that while dressing the infants she should change their clothes for once, just to see how fine cambrics and soft flannels would look upon a grandchild of Hagar Warren!

Leaning forward, Madam Conway glanced contemptuously at the coarse knit thing, which bore about the same resemblance to her own handsome collar as cambric does to satin.

It was Rose's idea to have it there, and in her cambric wrapper, her golden curls combed smoothly back, and her blue eyes shining with the light of a new joy, she occupies her accustomed seat beside one who for several happy weeks has called her his, loving her more and more each day, and wondering how thoughts of any other could ever have filled his heart.

She is like the housekeepers one reads of in booksstately and plump, and clothed in black silk, with a fat, gold-and-cameo brooch fastening a neat cambric collar.

She has scarcely returned, and again taken up the slip of cambric, or square of half-wrought canvas, when Tartar's bold scrape and strangled whistle are heard at the porch door, and she must run to open it for him; it is a hot day; he comes in panting; she must convoy him to the kitchen, and see with her own eyes that his water-bowl is replenished.

Secondly you will say that, of necessity, the tailor cuts the coat according to his cloth; and that he cannot undertake to robe an Ephialtes or a towering Orion suitably when the resources of his shop amount to only a few yards of cambric.

His dress is peculiar in that crowd of white cravats and acres of cambric shirt-fronts; black, well-worn black, is his suit; but his waistcoat is of black satin,double-breasted, and buttoned closely up to the throat.

With Hyson, a beverage that's still more refined, Our ladies of fashion enliven their mind, And by nods, innuendoes, and hints, and what not, Reputations and tea send together to pot; While madam in cambrics and laces arrayed, With her plate and her liveries in splendid parade, Will drink in Imperial a friend at a sup, Or in Gunpowder blow them by dozens all up.

CAMBRAI (17), a city in the dep. of Nord, in France, on the Scheldt; famous for its fine linen fabrics, hence called cambrics.

Temperance, whose tearful eyes were fixed on her darling, was unconscious that she had taken from her pocket, and was flourishing, a large red and yellow silk handkerchief, while the cambric one she intended to use was neatly folded in her left hand.

It would be worse than lookin' for a cambric needle in a hay-mow.

The Judge, with nothing to do, was facing the street, his snow-white cambric handkerchief thrown across one knee, his hands grasping the arms of his chair, the newspaper behind his heels, his straw hat and cane on the floor at his side, and beside them the bulldoghis nose thrust against the hat.

The appearance of their skin was most remarkable; it was intersected by blue seams, as if nature had supplied them with a shirt of her own formationfor not the slightest appearance of muslin or cambric was visible.

161 examples of  cambrics  in sentences