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43 examples of  cannery  in sentences

43 examples of cannery in sentences

Women are now found as analytical, research or control chemists in the canneries, in dye and electrical works, in flour and paper mills, in insecticide companies, and cement works.

With half an eye women cannot fail to note that the labor which used to be occupied in the home in interminable hours of spinning, baking and preserving, has come to occupy itself for regulated periods in the school, in business, in factory or cannery.


" A big cannery had been built down near the river, where truck gardens flourished, and there was a new furniture factory at the edge of the freight yards.

Still more did the tumbledown shacks in the neighborhood of the cannery offend the eyes and, to be frank, the ears and nose as well.

It was this same Foreman Angus MacPherson, a Scot with a name for shrewdness, who gave the boy his first glimpse of what the factory and the cannery meant to Delafieldespecially the factory.

If the furniture factory was a mixed blessing, what of the cannery?

It's around on the other side of the island in Shelikoff Strait, and is famous for its salmon canneries.

" "It does seem a pity that the Indians don't even have a chance to earn their living in the canneries," said Mr. Strong.

"The largest cannery in the world is at Karluk.

There are thousands of men employed, and in one year over three million salmon were packed, yet with all this work for busy hands to do, the canneries employ Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, and American workmen in preference to the Indians, bringing them by the shipload from San Francisco.

The large canneries, like the one at Karluk, on Karluk River, near the western end of Kadiak, put up only the red salmon.

[specific types of workplace: list], hive, hive of industry; nursery; hothouse, hotbed; kitchen; mint, forge, loom; dock, dockyard; alveary^; armory; laboratory, lab, research institute; refinery; cannery; power plant; beauty parlor; beehive, bindery, forcing pit, nailery^, usine^, slip, yard, wharf; foundry, foundery^; furnace; vineyard; crucible, alembic, caldron, matrix.

Salmon canneries there are without number.

Here, also, are two of the largest salmon canneries in Alaska, and here, indeed, were we in the LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN.

Where are we?" "Passing the old cannery," Joe said.

He decided to write a story about Alphonse and the cannery.

The cannery whistle blew.

Wherever they went in the cannery, people called to him.

Alphonse had his own standards, his own integrity, and somehow he was stronger than the whole gray clanking cannery.

Very different occupations these from turning raw silk into ribbon or velvet in an Eastern mill, or labelling fruit-jars in an Illinois cannery.

It must extend in other directions, taking in the huge army of the unskilled and the semi-skilled, outside of those trades, so as to cover the fruit-pickers in the fields and the packers in the canneries, the paper-box-makers, the sorters of nuts and the knotters of feathers, those who pick the cotton from the plant, as well as those who make the cotten into cloth.

There is no doubt that in cooking, for instance, the housewife finds scope for a far higher range of qualifications than the factory girl exercises in preparing tomatoes in a cannery, or soldering the cans after they are filled with the cooked fruit.

Peculiarly enough, considerable of the lumber used in Alaska for box shooks in the canneries and in building work is imported from the United States.

As usual when the canneries are running, I'm my own upstairs girl.

Sonnet ("Three bills known as the Thompson-Bewley cannery bills have been advanced to third reading in the Senate and Assembly at Albany.

"Zenas L. Potter, former chief cannery investigator for New York State Factory Investigating Commission.)

Now to the cannery with jocund mien

Another of Those Curious Coincidences On February 15, the House of Representatives passed a bill making it unlawful to ship in interstate commerce the products of a mill, cannery or factory which have been produced by the labor of children under fourteen years.

At this ranch there was a tannery; a slaughter-house; a cannery; a church; buildings of various kinds and all degrees of comfort for the thirty or forty families who made the place their headquarters; and the handsome, white, two-story big house, standing among lemon-trees and flamboyants on the river-brink.

HULL, MORRIS. Cannery Anne.

Cannery row.

Cannery row.

Stephen Hero; Cannery row (book reviews) (In New Yorker, Jan. 6, 1945)

The Cannery bear.

ti: Cannery row.

HULL, MORRIS. Cannery Anne.

Cannery row.

Cannery row.

Stephen Hero; Cannery row (book reviews) (In New Yorker, Jan. 6, 1945)

The Cannery bear.

ti: Cannery row.

2, largest city (90) in Oregon, on the Willamette River, nearly 800 m. N. of San Francisco; is a handsome city, with numerous churches and schools; there are iron-foundries, mechanics' shops, canneries, and flour-mills; railway communication connects it with St. Paul and Council Bluffs, and the river being navigable for deep-sea steamers, it is a thriving port of entry.