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292 example sentences with  cannon's

292 example sentences with cannon's

Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth.

Still, in the cannon's pause, we hear Her sweet thanksgiving-psalm; Too near to God for doubt or fear, She shares the eternal calm She knows the seed lies safe below The fires that blast and burn; For all the tears of blood we sow She waits the rich return.

A shout, louder than the cannon's peal; Worth is on their heels with his men.

The Land stood still to listen all that day, And 'mid the hush of many a wrangling tongue, Forth from the cannon's mouth the signal rung, That from the earth a man had pass'd away A mighty Man, that over many a field Roll'd back the tide of Battle on the foe, Thus far, no further, shall thy billows go.

It is in the nation like latent fire, like a hidden lifeevoked in time of peril, and flashing along the telegraph, breathed in song, uttered in oratory, thundered from the cannon's mouth, hung out in streaming banners whose "every hue was born in heaven," felt in firm resolve, illustrated in response to the call of country and of law.

"I should rather march up to the cannon's mouth than tell them such news as this."

The captain promptly recovered his presence of mind and ordered everything that could check and impede the cannon's mad course to be thrown through the hatchway down on the gun-deckmattresses, hammocks, spare sails, rolls of cordage, bags belonging to the crew, and bales of counterfeit assignats, of which the corvette carried a large quantitya characteristic piece of English villainy regarded as legitimate warfare.

That day, on Egypt's distant land, And far from off the shore, Two nations fought with armed hand, With bellowing cannon's roar.

the cannon's opening roar!

As there were then no newspapers in China it may be doubted whether he heard of it until a British squadron sailed up to Nanking and extorted a treaty at the cannon's mouth.

She dwelt on the mysterious, attractive quality of Mr. Cannon's voice,she was sure that, though in speaking to her mother he was softly persuasive, he had used to herself a tone even more intimate and ingratiating.

Clouds of fear sailed in swift capriciousness across the sky of her dreaming, obscuring it: fear of Mr. Cannon's breath-taking initiative, fear of the upshot of her adventure, and a fear without a name.

"Mr. Cannon's going to see to the collecting of the Calder Street rents," explained Mrs. Lessways.

deniedbut she was not so shrewd as she imagined; for it had never occurred to her, and it never would occur to her, even in the absurdest dreamthat the author of Mr. Cannon's visit was the girl sitting opposite to her and delicately pecking at jelly!

The contrast between the expensive informality of Mr. Cannon's new suit and the battered ceremoniousness of Mr. Karkeek's struck her just as much as the contrast between their demeanours; and she felt, vaguely, the oddness of the fact that the name of the deferential Mr. Karkeek, and not the name of the commanding Mr. Cannon, should be upon the door-plates and the wire-blinds of the establishment.

Further, though she perfectly remembered her mother's observations upon Mr. Cannon's status, they did not in the slightest degree damage him in her eyeswhen once those eyes had been set on him again.

Mr. Cannon's origin at once assumed for her the strange seductive hues of romance; he shared the glory of Victor Hugo.

Mr. Cannon's pose exhibited pride, but it was obvious that he did not share his father's taste.

She knew and owned that she was wrong to abet Mr. Cannon's deception.

Janet dropped her voice accordingly: "She's Mr. Cannon's sister, of course?

Seen afresh, through the eyes of this charming, sympathetic acquaintance, was not Mr. Cannon's originality in engaging her positively astounding?

She had passed a whole night in revolt against George Cannon's indignity; she had called it, furiously, an insult.

Hilda could distinguish Mr. Cannon's and Arthur Dayson's; there was a third, unfamiliar to her.

It was a duplicate proof of The Five Towns Chronicle's leading article, dictated to her by a prodigious Arthur Dayson, in Mr. Cannon's presence, on the previous day, and dealing faithfully with "The Calder Street Scandal" and with Mr. Enville, a member of the Local Boardimplicated in the said scandal.

Dayson, however, ignored George Cannon's attitude, perhaps did not even perceive what it was.

Hilda blushed, as she had blushed in writing George Cannon's first lie about the printing of the first issue.

She savoured them with her loyalty, that loyalty which had survived even the frightful blow of George Cannon's casual disdain at her mother's tea-table!

Nevertheless, Mr. Cannon's phrase, "It's a good thing you didn't go to London," still gave her a pleasure, though the pleasure was dulled.

This telegram was the first she had set eyes on since the telegram handed to her by Florrie in George Cannon's office.

On a previous visit of George Cannon's to Hornsey she had kept her bed throughout the day, afraid to meet him, ashamed to meet him, inexplicably convinced that to meet him would be a crime against filial piety.

As she fidgeted there, pale and frowning, in the noisy basket-chair, beneath George Cannon's eyes, she actually perceived again that romantic quality of existence which had always so powerfully presented itself to her in the past.

As she signed, she saw the name "Karkeek" in the midst of one of the documents, and remembered, with joyous nonchalance, that George Cannon's own name never appeared in George Cannon's affairs.

* * * * * BOOK III HER BURDEN CHAPTER I HILDA INDISPENSABLE I Hilda made no response of any kind to George Cannon's request for an immediate interview, allowing day after day to pass in inactivity, and wondering the while how she might excuse or explain her singular conduct when circumstances should bring the situation to a head.

And the dismantled desolation of the echoing office, and the mystery of George Cannon's personal position, somehow gave a strange poignancy to her mood.

And she thought of George Cannon's vast enigmatic projects concerning grand hotels.

For thirteen weeks, which had gone very quickly, she had devoted herself to Sarah Gailey, acting as George Cannon's precursor, prophet, and expounder.

They could not, however, avoid seeing that a workman was fixing a new and splendid brass-plate at the entrance, and that this plate bore the words, "Cannon's Boarding- house."

It looked like a boarding-house (which the Cedars did not), and not all the style of George Cannon's suit and cane and manner, as he mounted the steps, nor the polish of his new brass-plate, could redeem it from the disgrace of being a very ordinary boarding-house.

Having satisfied herself that Sarah Gailey was safe, and to a certain extent tranquillized, for the night, she had awaited George Cannon's reappearance a long time in vain, and had then retired upstairs.

I THE GOING CONCERN I On a Saturday afternoon of the following August, Hilda was sitting at a book in the basement parlour of "Cannon's Boarding-house" in Preston Street.

But her lack of occupation and her knowledge of shorthand, and George Cannon's obvious need of clerical aid, had made it inevitable that they should resume their former rรดles of principal and clerk.

Here, for Hilda, was the secret canker of George Cannon's brilliant success.

Of George Cannon's relationships in the town she was entirely ignorant, but that he had relationships was always obvious.

She was entirely occupied with George Cannon's tone, and his calm, audacious reference to a phenomenon which had hitherto seemed to her to be far beyond the region of words.

But at the same time she was in the small, hot room, and both George Cannon's hands were on her unresisting shoulders; and then they were round her, and she felt his physical nearness, the texture of his coat and of his skin; she could see in a mist the separate hairs of his tremendous moustache and the colours swimming in his eyes; her nostrils expanded in transient alarm to a faint, exciting masculine odour.

She knew that her destiny was irrevocable, that nothing could prevent her from being George Cannon's.

The tone in which he had said to Louisa, "Take Mrs. Cannon's handbag, Louisa," had been a marvel of ease.

George Cannon's voice in public places such as the staircase had an almost caressing softness.

[Lat.], in the thick of the fray, in the cannon's mouth; at the sword's point, at the point of the bayonet.

bell the cat, take the bull by the horns, beard the lion in his den, march up to the cannon's mouth, go through fire and water, run the gantlet.

Well, an English fleet, or an American fleet, or both joined, stationed at the mouth of the Bosphorus, may easily prevent this danger without one cannon's shot; and if this be prevented, Turkey alone is a match for Russia.

The threat of the cannon's mouth is trivial in its effect on the mind in comparison with the menace of a Shadow.

Void of all fear they run into imminent dangers, cannon's mouth, &c., ut vulneribus suis ferrum hostium hebetent, saith Barletius, to get a name of valour, humour and applause, which lasts not either, for it is but a mere flash this fame, and like a rose, intra diem unum extinguitur, 'tis gone in an instant.

One includes the higher part of this enclosure, from, the peak of that rock buried in clouds, whence springs the rapid river of Fan-Palms, to that wide cleft which you see on the summit of the mountain, and which is called the Cannon's Mouth, from the resemblance in its form.

Many a man would shrink from that, who would march coolly up to the cannon's mouth by daylight.

Trampling on my reedy shore; Have not heard the trumpet calling, Or the cannon's gladsome roar; Only listened to the laughter From the village and the town, And the church-bells, ever jangling, As the weary day went down.

My leave of absence will, in any case, end on the first of September; and even if it did not, my health is quite enough restored to enable me to walk up to a cannon's mouth.

The popular argument that the Negro ought to develop his own civilization, and has no right to share in that of the white race, unless by favor, comes with poor grace from those who are forcing their civilization upon others at the cannon's mouth; it is, moreover, uncandid and unfair.

Their goal, the flag of fierce Castile Above her serried ranks of steel, Insensate to the cannon's peal That gives the battle birth!

Let foreign navies hasten o'er, And on our heads their fury pour, And peal their cannon's loudest roar, And storm our land; They still shall find our lives are given To die for home,and leant on heaven Our hand."

those days of blood are o'er; The trumpet's clangor, the loud cannon's roar.

Down went the Cumberland all a wrack, With a sudden shudder of death, And the cannon's breath For her dying gasp.

There is some savage ecstasy, perhaps, when he sees his enemy fall, or when he sees his back; this last, indeed, a glorious sight for any soldier,worth rushing at the cannon's mouth to look at, almost.

it isit isthe cannon's opening roar!



If the pundit had bribed the immigration authorities, as I had known many to do, he might now have been studying the strange religion and ethics which had caused the whites to steal so much of China, to force opium upon it at the cannon's mouth, to kill tens of thousands of yellow men, and to raise to dignities the soldiers and financiers whom he despised, as had Confucius and Buddha.

When we get into difficulty with Mexico, or England, or Russia, or Japan, or with Spain again over Cuba, or with New Jersey, I will march up to the cannon's mouth, and amid the glistening bayonets I will tear down their flag from its staff, and I will come home with stars on my shoulders, and hold every office in the gift of the government, and I will be great."

"A man can face the cannon's mouth better than a friend's ridicule," said General Newton; "the young soldier we were hearing about before dinner had a nobler courage than this poor fellow here.

And last the cannon's voice, that shook the skies,

" * * * * * "OUT OF THE FRYING-PAN" When, moved a few brief seasons back, To brave the battle's brunt, On Britain's shores I turned my pack And "somewhere" found a Front; Said I; as in my tympanum I heard the cannon's roar, "'Twill be a wonder if I come Impervious through the War.

it isit isthe cannon's opening roar!...

"I felt called upon to say some words myself," he writes naรฏvely, "appealing to these militia officers as an old resident of Kansas and friend to the Missourians to submit to the patriotic demand that they should retire, assuring them of my perfect confidence in the inflexible justice of the Governor, and that it would become my painful duty to sustain him at the cannon's mouth."

From Southern Mississippi and East Louisiana all the grays who marched under the slanting bayonet or beside the cannon's wheel were gone.

He would know, she felt sure, that to go on a concert tour with David Cannon, to sing David Cannon's songs under such conditions, presented good fortune in more than one way.

Let her sing Cannon's songs to South America.

A dozen regrets or so to invitations, a week or two of evasions over the telephone, a few friends like Martigues turned away at the door when obviously she was at home, a refusal to sing at a charity concert and, most conclusive of all, David Cannon's advertised departure with another artist, and the thing was virtually done.

She knew, because as the warm, rich voice rose up, as Cannon's strange rhythms filled the room with a wild pagan grace, she withdrew into her memory and found there all that went on.

The candidate opposed to him had served in the late war, and in his address to the electors boasted not a little of the circumstance, and concluded by stating that he was "ready to lead them to a cannon's mouth when necessary."

And when the cannon's iron throat Shall bear the news to dells remote, And trumpet-blast resound the note, That victory is won; While down the wind the banner drops, And bonfires blaze on mountain-tops, His sides shall glow with fierce delight, And ring glad peals from morn to night; Hurra!

His audience were arranged in a solid column, directly in front of the cannon's mouth.

And when the cannon's iron throat Shall bear the news to dells remote, And trumpet blast resound the note That victory is won; When down the wind the banner drops, And bonfires blaze on mountain tops, His sides shall glow with fierce delight, And ring glad peals from morn to night Hurra!

I would rather walk up to the cannon's mouth than encounter it."

They made a picture; they made a tableau vivant of the same illustration as Landseer's lamb looking into the grass- covered cannon's mouth.

And, while I lay and listened, oh the river's sleepy tune Seemed to change its rippling music, like the cuckoo's stave in June, And the cannon's distant thunder and the engines' warlike drone Seemed to mingle with its burthen in a solemn undertone: "Oh the stream runs to the river, and the river to the sea,

There is the courage of the warrior who marches up to the cannon's mouth, coolly pressing forward amid engines of destruction on every side.

The drum's harsh music, and the cannon's roar; Let grim

While the brave fought on the field of battle, you slaughtered their wives and children; while they risked their lives before the cannon's mouth you attacked the house of the sleepers and robbed and massacred the helpless and the innocent.

The rage and noise of battle Shall sink, and fall to peace, The lowing of the cattle, The fruit and corn increase; No more the wide sky under The rattle of the drum, No more the cannon's thunder, God's kingdom shall have come.

A third was to meet at Governor Bennett's Mills, under command of Rolla, and, after putting the Governor and Intendant to death, to march through the city, or be posted at Cannon's Bridge, thus preventing the inhabitants of Cannonsborough from entering the city.

A thousand flags that once waved to the peal of music and the clang of arms, to the darted javelin and the cannon's roar, moulder away here: they hang in long rags from the staff, and the staves lie cast aside, where the flag has long since become dust.

Wilt plead for right, or bleed for wrong? Wilt peal the bugle-blast afar And urge the cannon's madd'ning roar?

The cannon's deaf'ning roar, Reminded us that Charlie Gray Was two, or three, or four.

it isit isthe cannon's opening roar!"

She heard not the cannon's roar, but that one word, scarce louder than the murmur of a dreaming infant, reached her ear.

It was now late in the afternoon, and the soldiers, exhausted with their desperate exertions, fought on, doggedly, but without that fiery spirit which earlier in the day had urged them to the cannon's mouth.

Till I hear the cannon's thundering roar, And the squadrons above me sweeping.

Some of Cannon's relatives have also been Members of Parliament.

On Friday, the producers of Cannon's syndicated talk show, which was slated to premiere this fall, said they are pushing back its release date.

Among the covers, "Soulful Strut" gets a smooth treatment and Ace Cannon's "Tuff" lets Murphy and Fonfara (on B-3) show off excellent phrasing and tone.