63066 examples of cannot in sentences

His guests were a couple of Englishmen,whose names I cannot now rememberand Mr. McCarthy, of Syracuse, New York, who was a relative of General Emory.

'I know,' she said, 'that between us and them there is a gulf fixed, and that they who would come from thence cannot come, neither can any one'

You can not go back there.

We cannot be sure that the Ruler of the world will forbid this.

How fond she and her husband had been is shewn in a letter, in which, in answer to an invitation, he says:'As I have not left Mrs. Garrick one day since we were married, near twenty-eight years, I cannot now leave her.'

It is plain that we cannot understand the physiology of our bodies without a knowledge of their anatomy.

Withal he was an awfully good fellow, for, after having talked at great length with me, he ended by saying, "Since you are staying in Nemours I hope to see you often, and to-day I cannot let you go without presenting you to my hostess.

you would realize the Light that never fades, the Joy that never ends, and the tranquillity that cannot be disturbed; if you would leave behind for ever your sins, your sorrows, your anxieties and perplexities; if, I say, you would partake of this salvation, this supremely glorious Life, then conquer yourself.

Life in the city proper cannot be very pleasant; pride, envy, place-hunting, and caste hatred, are the order of the day; the Spaniards consider themselves superior to the creoles, who, in their turn, reproach the former with the taunt that they have only come to the colony to save themselves from starvation.

I can not but hope that by the same process of friendly, patient, and persevering deliberation all constitutional objections will ultimately be removed.

Altogether I cannot but regard this passage as the strongest evidence we possess for the use of the Synoptic Gospels by Clement; it seems to carry the presumption that he did use them up to a considerable degree of probability.

Thou hast a joy we do not feel, A light we cannot see; Injustice, sin, and wretchedness No longer sadden thee; No doubt to thy sublimer gaze Life's mystery grows plain, As finally full recompense Atones for earthly pain.

I doubt the mercy of God and I cannot help it!" CHAPTER XII.

Nobody argues that the art of navigation is not founded on astronomy, because sailors cannot wait to calculate the Nautical Almanack.

"I confess that in some respects I do not understand you; and before you enter upon another London season, through which I cannot be at your side, I would obtain from you some assurance of the nature of your regard for me.

Leave me sirgoyou may linger until my permission to depart cannot avail you.

Into the detailed study of the intricacies of this subject I cannot here enter; the East-Asian influences are not to be neglected, which had probably even in early times an effect upon the form that was assumed, and have fused the correct style of compound flowers for flat ornament with the above-mentioned forms, so as to produce peculiar patterns; we meet them often in the so-called Persian textures and flat ornaments (Fig. 16).

Those whom my arguments cannot persuade to give their approbation to the judgment of Shakespeare, will easily, if they consider the condition of his life, make some allowance for his ignorance.

"True, Sir,' answered the young priest, you cannot be charged with that part of the crime which was done in your absence: but I beseech you, don't flatter yourself, that you are under no obligation now to put a period to it: which if you neglect to do, the guilt will be entirely on you alone, since it is certainly in nobody's power but yours, to alter their condition."

The time is not far distant, I cannot but think, when the more elevated class of Spiritualists will cast loose from all these physical manifestations, which, even if they be proved genuine, are but little removed from Materialism, and eventually Materializing Séances, held on recurrent days, and at fixed hours, will become unknown.

Love allows itself neither to be given nor taken, and when it cannot command fortune, it can at least lighten misfortune.

Society is beginning to find out that even where there is no marked insanity, many are so near idiocy that they cannot fairly be held responsible for their acts.

Can I really be like that?'" "But surely," said Lestrange, "if you do not try to love people, you cannot do anything for them; you cannot wish them to be different.

Ibid., xxvii, 223 ("John Wilkins be slothful in coming to the Church, and because he is a poor man we cannot take the fine of twelve pence." 1578).

am I right?It can not be.

63066 examples of  cannot  in sentences