307 examples of canteens in sentences

But the most singular part of the scene was a number of little boys, dressed in black and white, who all wore badges of the parties to which they belonged, and were provided with a syringe, and two canteens, one filled with rose-water, and the other with a black liquid, of a very offensive smell, the first of which they squirted at their favourite candidates and voters, and the last on those of the opposite party.

The prostitution of the press is satirized by the story of a number of boys dressed in black and whitewearing the badges of the party to which they respectively belong, and each provided with a syringe and two canteens, the one filled with rose water, and the other with a black, offensive, fluid: the rose water being squirted at the favourite candidates and votersthe other fluid on the opposite party.

Other men, prone on their faces, hold canteens of tepid, muddy waterbut ah! a draught to the feverish lips which seems godlike nectar.

There must be plenty of canteens on the train.

As we passed the occasional little hacienda, set in its grove of cocoanut palms or orange-trees, dusky and wrinkled women came forth from the doors, bearing upon their heads huge jars, from which we filled our ever-parched canteens with cool, sweet water.

From Bombay in 1826 for wooden canteens and triangles!

Knapsacks, coats, canteens, handkerchiefs, pots, pans, household utensils, bottles, jugs and caps were everywhere.

We experienced no difficulty in finding the spring; and, after a short rest, filled our canteens with the cool, sparkling water, and started to intercept our friends at the place agreed upon.

Canteens will not be refilled on the march without authority from an officer, as the clearest water, whether from a well, spring, or running stream, may be very impure and the source of many camp diseases.

If canteens are to be refilled, it should be done by order, and a detail is generally made for this purpose.

"I don't see you two swappin' canteens any, Nick, but it ain't for me to bust into your game; and I guess if you sling him a roll o' your good greenbacks, I'll contrive to switch some o' 'em off the line into my pocket.

According to the opinion of those best qualified to know, this is largely due to the introduction of what are known as Regimental Institutes, or Soldiers' Clubs, corresponding closely to the canteens which were abolished in our army a few years ago, but which are considered as important a part of the military organization in India as a hospital or arsenal.

Their canteens was shining in the sun.

"They're going as nurses in the hospitals right at the front; they're working in the canteens and doing lots of other things right in the thick of the excitement.

Robert, take our canteens, find a spring and fill them with fresh water.

Robert, the canteens over his shoulder, found a spring near by and refilled them.

Suddenly, right past them came a driving storm of stampeding cavalry, panic-stricken, riding like damned men, tearing off and hurling from them carbines, canteens, belts; and McDunn, white with rage, whipped out his revolver and fired into them as they rushed by in a torrent of red dust.

I stood by in the light of the fires while they distributed the canteens, or, rather, while they put the canteens on the ground, and their respective owners came and got them.

I hid myself by the side of the path and waited; soon I heard the rattling of empty canteens and the footsteps of a man; I started to meet him.

We pass it and trudge on in light marching order, carrying arms, blankets, haversacks, and canteens.

To this appeal and temptation Louis was not slow to respond; and in May, 1744, we find him, to the delight of his soldiers and all France, at the seat of war, reviewing his troops, speaking words of high courage to them, visiting hospitals and canteens, and actually sending back a haughty message to the Dutch: "I will give you your answer in Flanders.

Canteens were filled, blankets slung, ammunition belts buckled, and the march commenced.

"We'll eat, refill canteens, and inspect arms.

There they halted, drinking and filling their canteens, but not eating.

And there were two canteens of the size usually carried by hikers.

307 examples of  canteens  in sentences