307 examples of canteens in sentences

But the most singular part of the scene was a number of little boys, dressed in black and white, who all wore badges of the parties to which they belonged, and were provided with a syringe, and two canteens, one filled with rose-water, and the other with a black liquid, of a very offensive smell, the first of which they squirted at their favourite candidates and voters, and the last on those of the opposite party.

Other men, prone on their faces, hold canteens of tepid, muddy waterbut ah! a draught to the feverish lips which seems godlike nectar.

There must be plenty of canteens on the train.

General Longstreet is on their rear at Centreville.' "There were deafening, crazy shouts; hats, canteens, even muskets, were flung in the air, and the wounded, lying on the ground, were struck by some of these things as they fell, in a cloud, about them.

All the head that I saw the monster possessed of was one of those Hessian canteens which resemble a large snuff-box with a hole in the middle of the lid.

Appropriate rations would be included, in the entrance money, while there might be canteens for the sale of such extras as bootlaces and penholders.

The whole ground was strewed with fragments of clothing, haversacks, canteens, cap-boxes, bullets, cartridge-boxes, cartridges, scraps of paper, portions of bread and meat.


Past them sped a company of cavalry in blue and yellow, bouncing considerably in their saddles, red faces very dusty under their tightly strapped caps, sabres and canteens jangling like an unexpected avalanche of tin-ware in a demoralised pantry.

The sturdy tramp of feet, and the slight tinkle of bayonets against canteens, told plainly the fellows had turned our way, although, crouched where we were, we could at first see nothing.

A few of the former, who had been fortunate in commencing the day with full canteens, attempted to bring order out of chaos, but found the effort useless.

Even from this the men would fill their cups and canteens, and drink with the utmost eagerness.

It took but a short time to cut off enough "money" to pay for twenty canteens of the worst whisky I ever saw.

So with plenty of water in canteens and a few biscuits in our pockets we set out.

We halted; from each company men were detailed to fill canteens.

but I know the direction; it's down that way," pointing; "I've seen men coming from that way with canteens.

" "Yes." "Well, just go on down the hill, and you'll find a path in the old field" The man picked up two canteens, and went off.

I hid myself by the side of the path and waited; soon I heard the rattling of empty canteens and the footsteps of a man; I started to meet him.

Here's your water," said I, sitting down while the man should fill his canteens.

All the water we could carry would be our canteens full, perhaps two drinks apiece and the poor meat had so little nourishment that we were weak and unable to endure what we once could.

We took a good drink and filled our canteens anew, for we did not expect to get another drink for two or three days at least.

Here we watered our animals and filled our canteens, then steered a little south of east among the Cabbage trees, aiming to strike the rain water hole where we had camped as we came over.

We stopped to rest at noon and noticed that the water ran a little in the creek bed; but, by the time we were ready to start we found none with which to fill our canteens.

"There's no water, except in the brook down yonder, and what the men have in their canteens.

Soon the men are pushing boldly through the shallow stream, but the temptation is too great for their parched throats; they stoop to drink and to fill their canteens from the cool wave.

307 examples of  canteens  in sentences