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2365 example sentences with  canvas

2365 example sentences with canvas

It was a day poised and serene, with white brush-dabs of cloud on a wonderful canvas of blue,a day when I longed for the honeyed fragrance of the woods warming from the last night's rain.

But he was only an artist; he could describe bold adventures and represent high feeling, as other gifted individuals give eloquence to canvas and activity to marble; but he did not possess the wisdom necessary for the instruction of councils.

Dressing consisted of putting on my coat, putties, and some canvas shoes with rope soles.

Little towns of canvas, gay with bordered walks and flowers, were dotted on the dusty plains about and within the city.

The tent was a double one; the maid slept in the smaller portion of it and a canvas doorway gave entrance into her mistress' room.

Linforth, in the shelter of a canvas screen, watched the glow suddenly expand, and a stream of bright sparkling red flow swiftly along the shoulder of the mountain, turn at a right angle, and plunge down towards the sea.

After being properly clayed, the sugars acquire such a state of consistency that, when shipped in canvas bags, they become almost petrified in the course of the voyage, without moistening or purging, as I understand is the case with those of Bengal.

On 22nd November they sailed for the south, and soon began to feel the colder climate; the warm jackets and trousers provided by the Admiralty were served out, extra cuffs to protect the hands being sewn on, and warmly-lined canvas capes being made.

Cook says, "neither the cordage, canvas, nor indeed hardly any other stores used in the Navy, are equal in quality to those in general use in the merchant service"; and he relates how such failures have constantly resulted in "infinite trouble, vexation, and loss."

And this would have been a great improvement; yet there would be no landscape: there would be an unassociated succession of objects,many nice "bits" of scenery, appropriate to a villa-garden or to an artist's sketch-book, but no scenery such as an artist arranges for his broad canvas, no composition, no park-like prospect.

On the eastern side of the fort two or three dozen negroes were engaged in filling canvas bags with sand, to be used in forming temporary embrasures.

They talked little, but giggled a great deal, snatching the canvas bags from each other, and otherwise showing their disbelief in the doctrine of all work and no play.

This was a stout ship under press of canvas; and however the phosphorescent star-foam of wit and fancy, crowding up under her bows or gliding away in subdued flashes of sentiment in her wake, may draw the eye, yet she has an errand of duty; she carries a precious freight, she steers by the stars, and all her seemingly wanton zigzags bring her nearer to port.

Among the Ducks, the Canvas-Back is found; but, owing to the want of its favorite food in the Chesapeake, the Vallisneria, it is, in our waters, a very ordinary duck, as an article of food.

Six windows gave plenty of light, and each framed woodland pictures no painter's canvas could rival.

This consists of escaping from upper windows by means of precarious canvas chutes.

The task of getting a wide cook into a narrow canvas tube proved quite unexpectedly difficult; and, when it was accomplished, so far from sticking out her elbows as brakes, she had to press them close to her sides in order to move at all.

Suddenly there was a rending sound; the seam of the canvas ripped open and a gaping slit appeared, through which Cook's freed arm flapped wildly.

I said, looking after the pursy figure of the miller in his floury canvas round-about and corduroy trowsers, trotting up and down among the bags.

The room was fairly large, with two windows screened but unglazed; a canvas cot stood in one corner, a packing-box table and a decrepit chair in another.

We saw nothing, no more than if Semur had been a picture painted upon a canvas.

The open squares are filled with booths, leaving narrow streets between them, across which canvas is spread.

We raised wheat, when it was ripe we laid a canvas cloth on the ground and put wheat on it, then men and women on horse back rode over it, and thrashed it that way.

The good captain caused a canvas to be stretched over the shivering, suffering mob that covered the deck, but the pitiless rain beat in, and the wind moaned the rigging, and the ship rolled and pitched and ploughed through the black sea, and the poor pilgrims regretted the trip, in each other's laps.

A duke's mistress on Titian's canvas passed for Aphrodite.

In the twinkle of a searchlight she can suffer a sea-change From a collier to a Shamrock under sail, From a Hyper-super-Dreadnought, old Leviathan at range, To a lightship or a whaler or a whale; With some canvas and a spar

His wife stared after him in amazement as he walked over to the canvas awning in front of the low dock building, actually elbowing his way through a group of natives.

He was sitting in a long canvas lounging chair, his feet stretched out, his hands clasped behind his head.

There was no uncertainty in their judgment of him; he looked a man from the top of his head to the tips of his canvas shoes.

Lamb sent this poem to Barton in a letter in 1827, wherein he tells the story of its inception:"An artist who painted me lately, had painted a Blackamoor praying, and not filling his canvas, stuff'd in his little girl aside of Blacky, gaping at him unmeaningly; and then didn't know what to call it.

When the search party reached One Ton Camp in November 1912 they found that some of the food, stacked in a canvas 'tank' at the foot of the cairn, was quite oily from the spontaneous leakage of the tins seven feet above it on the top of the cairn.

It's dried in, toobut" He laid his palette slowly down and wiped his brushes carefully on a piece of cheese-cloth, put a canvas in a frame upon the easel and shoved it forward into a better light.

But when the portrait was turned toward the light, she forgot everything but the canvas before her.

The Olga Tcherny which looked at Hermia from the canvas was the one that Hermia had glimpsed in the brief moments between bitterness and frivolity, a woman with a soul which in spite of her still dreamed of the things it had been denied.

The day had just begun and Markham stood before his tripod facing to the westward painting madly, trying, in the few short moments that remained to him before sunrise, to put upon his canvas the evanescent tints of the dawn.

He painted madly because the canvas was not yet covered and because he knew that within twenty minutes at the most the sun would rise behind him and the witching mystery of the half-light be gone.

He gave it up at last and strolled out of doorslighted his pipe and sauntered down the hill toward the devilish thing of canvas and wire that had brought her here.

He knew nothing of aย‘roplanes, but even to his unskilled eye it was apparent that without repairs the thing would fly no more, for the canvas covering flapped suggestively in the wind.

He strolled to his belated canvas and stood for a while puffing at his pipe, his mind still pondering gloomily over his neglected foreground.

then regretfully, tenderly, he undid the clips that fastened the canvas, unlooped the cords from his stone anchors, wiped his brushes, shut his paint-box and moved slowly up the hill toward the house, his mind protestingly adjusting itself to the situation.

He placed the canvas and easel against the corner of his house, knocked out his pipe on the heel of his boot and cautiously peered around the jamb of the door to find his unwelcome guest sitting on the edge of the bed smoking a cigarette.

From the perch of her lofty reconnaissance she had espied the painter working at his canvas, but her notion of visiting him she knew had been born not this morning, but last night when she had sat alone on the terrace and watched the pale moon wreathing fitfully among the clouds which hovered uncertainly off-shore.

Won't you explain it all to me, Mr. Markham?" Markham good-humoredly took up the canvas.

Markham rose, knocked the ash out of his pipe, walked over to his canvas, set it up against the porch pillar and examined it leisurely.

But in a moment he took it indoors and added it to the pile in the living-room, fetching a fresh canvas and carrying his easel and paint-box over the hill to another spot, a shady one among the rocks where he had already painted many times.

And, strangely enough, Fate, with sardonic humor, had given him a knack, which so few painters possess, of catching on canvas the elusive charm of his feminine sitters, of investing with grace those characteristics he professed so much to despise.

Next day Captain Guy and his men bade Meetuck and the kind, hospitable people of Upernavik farewell, and spreading their canvas to a fair breeze, set sail for England.

Doubleday & Co., Inc. (PWH); 23Jul71; R509528. SPERRY, ARMSTRONG W. Storm canvas.


Tayoga had foreseen it, and the whole troop was gathered in the lee of a hill, with all their ammunition protected by blankets, canvas and the skins of deer that they had killed.

There was a kitchen, one room for Olive and Dodo, one for the Doctor, and another for Rap's mother; while Olaf, Nat, and Rap were to sleep close by in a tent made of poles, canvas, and pine boughs.

The canvas blinds were down or there were shutters; which, the ostler who gave them the information, could not say.

If 'twere not got ready for a job of this kind, why a half-inch shutter inside the canvas blinds, and the bolt outside, 'swell as a lock?

Bard, the wagon-maker, made me a stretcher, and with a yard of unbleached muslin, some tacks and white lead, I made a canvas.

What matter for anything, so long as I had a canvas and some paints, with that long perspective of faces and figures crowding up and begging to be painted.

Why have I never put on canvas one pair of those pleading eyes, in which are garnered the woes of centuries?

Dey had wooden legs wid canvas stretched 'crost 'em.

The joyfulness of festivals, the pomp of processions, the sublimity of great martyrdoms, the sorrow of defeats, the peace of holiness, the innocence and sweetness of childhood, the hope of manhood, and the retrospection of old age, when represented upon the canvas, find in her forms and colors endless refrain of response.

Yet the individuality of the artist is impressed upon every canvas.

To render these effects, to give us the illuminated air, the soft green which the mossy sod casts upon the shaded cliff, the precious bloom upon the hills, and the tints diffused along the sea,to achieve this so completely that there never shall be any doubt, to give us upon the canvas what shall be all this to the beholder, is great, and this Mr. Tilton has performed.

The men had carried so many bags filled with hard and uneven lumps that the shoulders of some of them were tender, and they had to use cushions of canvas under their loads.

He was inseparable from her; her lightest wish was law to him; he nursed her through her childish illnesses with more than the devotion of a mother; and, as she grew to girlhood, he worshipped at the shrine of her young beauty with the adoration of a lover and put her charms on canvas in the guise of a pagan goddess.

She sat still in a corner by the window, wrapped up in herself, and staring before her, as if she were a figure that had flown out of the frame around the dark, mouldy canvas, which had once shown a picture on the wall.

It is this variety of human experience typified and illustrated on canvas, that forms our chief obligations to the artist; through him our perception of and acquaintance with our race, its individuality and career, its phases and aspects, is indefinitely enlarged.

He preferred the odor of canvas and oil to that of conservatories, and had more frolic and dainty morsels at an al fresco of the painters, in the Campagna, than the kitchen of an Italian prince could furnish.

Just for this one night in the year, she stepped out from the canvas to walk up and down the rooms majestically.

Where'er thy navy spreads her canvas wings, Homage to thee, and peace to all she brings; The French and Spaniard, when thy flags appear, Forget their hatred, and consent to fear.

On Wednesday morning, the wind slackened a little, and they were able to shew a small bit of canvas; but towards night the storm again arose, and the waves ran so high that the ships were hardly able to live.

I borrowed a knife from a carpenter and made a slit in the canvas to watch Mrs. Kean as Hermione!

You admire, you enjoy, you laugh, you stand pensive for a moment before some canvas; but coming out, you feel that something is lacking to your pleasure, you experience a desire to look upon a handsome countenance, to read inspired verses, and sometimes you catch yourself murmuring, half unconsciously, "O Raphael!"

Presently he returned with a canvas and palette.

[Illustration: Fenwick stood looking at the canvas] Then the artist threw his canvas on the grass, and stood looking at it.

[Illustration: Fenwick stood looking at the canvas] Then the artist threw his canvas on the grass, and stood looking at it.

But, at length, the Speedwell, with her strong mast groaning and creaking under the weight of the heavy canvas, began to gain steadily, and soon passed the Alert.

He had hoisted every stitch of canvas his boat could carry, and she flew along, passing several of the swiftest vessels, and finally encountered the Alert.

James soon got over his fright, and his uneasy nature would not allow him to remain long inactive, and, as he could find nothing else to do, he commenced to rock the boat from one side to the other, and, as she was "heeling" considerably, under the weight of her heavy canvas, the water began to pour in over her side.

It is as different to the sharp dry air of the Canterbury ranges as velvet is to canvas; it soothes, and in hot weather relaxes.

Life presents to them neither foreground nor background, principal figure nor subordinates, but only a plain spread of canvas on which one thing stands out just as big and just as black as another.

Meanwhile the ship, as she neared the Gate, drew out from the protecting headland, stood outlined for a moment with spars and canvas hearsed in black against the lurid rent in the horizon, and then seemed to sink slowly into the heaving obscurity beyond.

Painting directly onto walls hardly existed; when a wall-space in a public building needed decorating fitted framed canvas was normally used.

Striped canvas uppers are also used for these shoes.

The decisions about structures on the front surface of the canvas were therefore not entirely subjective, but pre-conditioned by a "given" feature of the physical construction of the support.

The desposorios mystic of saint Catalina, oil on canvas, 449 x 325 cm, Cรกdiz, Museum of Cรกdiz.

File:Penis tattoo - Genital tattooed like a canvas.

Flinging, dripping, pouring, and spattering, he would move energetically around the canvas, almost as if in a dance, and would not stop until he saw what he wanted to see.

He taught Walala about using paints and canvas.

Bantamweight Sean Oร•Malley, top, closes in on Jose Quinonez down on the canvas early in the first round during their UFC 248 fight at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, March 7, 2020 in Las Vegas.

By estimate, none of Casteelโ€™s paintings are smaller than 3 feet by 4 feet wide, and in one of these paintings โ€” Casteelโ€™s 2014 painting, โ€œJonathanโ€ โ€” the artist uses the size of the canvas to hone in on details we would otherwise overlook.

A screenshot of a Canvas message to a BISC 303 class was seen circulating on social media.

The pull-type combine with a canvas was well used when my dad bought it.

About 4:35, all canvas was in. During the time she was kept away, I think she was making between 8 and 9 miles per hour.

A cushioned canvas liner and footbed offer all day comfort.

After completing this module, you will be able to: Create a canvas app.

Have you ever accidentally deleted something in Canvas?

He was sent overboard in the sailor's canvas shroud, and the name "George Abbott" was stricken from the list of liberated ones.

The Canvas presentation Friday, November 21st at 2:30 pm in the Rowe Building, room 1020, Dalhousie University.

The canvas top still exists under the external roll cage.

The canvas type is content, laid out in form format.

These belly shoes have a canvas material upper and fabric lining making them lightweight and durable.

The show documents their friendship โ€“ and their shared vision for taking art off the canvas โ€“ and into the real world.