1940 examples of canvas in sentences

We all laid into the canvas like mad, and in no time had snugged down to a staysail and the peak of our mainsail.

We got the foresail on her, then a standing jib; finally little by little all her ordinary working canvas.

Put it in the canvas bag yonder, and send one of the men up with it.

The WASHINGTONS and the WEBSTERS, the CLAYS and the LINCOLNS, have had their memories dreadfully lampooned on canvas.

But such a Carcase 'twasdeliver meso rivell'd, lean and rougha Canvas Bag of wooden Ladles were a better Bed-fellow.

No, Siryou do not like mea canvas Bag of wooden Ladles were a better Bed-fellow.

I had more exciting events than ever appeared before under one canvas.

She painted several pictures of three of her sisters on one canvas; one is in the National Museum of Berlin, and a second, formerly in the Leuchtenberg Gallery, is in the Hermitage at Petersburg.

"While they were playing cards last night I made a rough sketch of the playersand this morning I transferred the sketch to canvas.

I had never before done anything but heads, which I was satisfied to scatter over the canvas like flowers.

In the Exposition of 1876 at Madrid "The Guardian" was shown, and in 1881 a large canvas representing "The First Step.

That worn by our servant was made of fine blue stuff, embroidered, or rather braided, at the edges; and this kind of ornament is so general, that even some of the poorest fellahs, who possess but one coarse canvas shirt, will have that garnished with braiding in some scroll-pattern.

We all enthusiastically bought photographs of the painting of the Empress Elizabeth at the age of eighteen, which to my mind is one of the most exquisite faces ever put upon canvas, and then, highly elated with our presentation of Munich to Mrs. Jimmie and Bee, we gaily wended our way southward, following the river Isar for a time, until we reached Innsbruck, on our way to the Achensee.

" He went to the door of the tent and held back the canvas on both sides.

" Captain Haskell's company was without shelter, except such, as the men had improvised, as the doctor said; here and there could be seen a blanket or piece of canvas stretched on a pole, and, underneath, a bed of straw large enough for a man.

You would remind me that grey hairs begin to show, that health falls into rags, that high spirits split like canvas, and that in the end the bright buccaneer drifts, an old derelict, tossed by the waves of ill fortune, and buffeted by the winds into those dismal bays and dangerous offingshousekeepers, nurses, and uncomfortable chambers.

The actual state of things might be represented on canvas by a gaping, laughing crowd pressing around a Punch-and-Judy exhibition in the street, beneath a great ruined palace in the process of repairing, where the rickety scaffolding, the loose stones and mortar, and in fact the whole rotten building, may at any moment topple down upon their heads.

Sailing is of course delicious; it is as good as flying to steer anything with wings of canvas, whether one stand by the wheel of a clipper-ship, or by the clumsy stern-oar of a "gundalow."

And with a flushed face and dishevelled hair he stood back again, staring first at his canvas and then at his sitter.

The visitors pausedto see Fenwick standing between them and a large canvas covered with the first 'laying-in' of an important subject.

Then belowin the crowd, the autumn woods, the distant River of Death, towards which the procession movesa massing of blues and purples'his handpointingworked rapidly over the canvas; 'and here, some pale rose, black, emerald green, dimly woven inand lastly, the whites of the bride-maidens, and of the bride upon her biertowards which, of course, the whole construction mounts.

Pondering thus, I lost myself in a labyrinth of fantastic reveries, till the hand and the brain worked independently of each otherthe one swiftly reproducing upon canvas the outer lineaments of the dead; the other laboring to retrace foregone facts of which no palpable evidence remained.

"How the next hour, or half hour, went by, I know notexcept that I sat before the canvas like one dreaming.

My conscience would rebuke my hand, should it willfully shatter the sculptor's marble wrought into human shape, or deface the artist's ideal pictured upon canvas, or destroy aught that is beautiful and costly of man's ingenuity and labor.

There were scores of pictures in these galleriesnotably a rock-hewn chapel where the red of the cross on the rough canvas altar-cloth glowed like a ruby.

1940 examples of  canvas  in sentences