50 examples of capitano in sentences

In 1376 he was unanimously chosen Capitano della Parte Guelfaan office of still more personal influence than the Gonfaloniership.

Here is the Signor Capitano," he added, taking Sigismund by the arm, and dragging him forward, "lavish your favors on him, for no practice of mine could have been of use without his bravery.

"Buon giorno, Signor Capitano," cried Maso, saluting with his cap, when sufficiently near to those who occupied the path; "we meet often, and in all weathers; by day and by night; on the land and on the water; in the valley and on the mountain; in the city and on this naked rock, as Providence wills.

where did you pass the night yourself, brave Capitano, if I may be so bold as to question my superior?

I have but a step to make to find myself in the dominions of the house of Savoy; and, with your leave, gallant Capitano, I will now take it.

This morning, the General and myself went to pay our respects to the Gran Capitano of the Holy League, and we left our cards.

The second was Nugent, an Austrian marescallo, who became capitano generale of the Neapolitan army, August, 1816, and capo del supremo comando, February, 1817.ED.

The negro went under the name of Signior Capitano Francisco.

The Great Captain (el Gran Capitano), Gonzalvo di Cor´dova (1453-1515).

The People's Captain (el Capitano del Popolo), Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807-).

Istoria della Vita e Fatti dell' eccellentissimo Capitano di guerra Bartolommeo Colleoni, scritta per Pietro Spino.

"Signor Capitano," observed the magistrate, "the deputy-governor is at his residence, on the hill, and he will expect me to do him the favor to bring you thither, that he may do you the honors of the port.

Smeet'Il Capitano Giac SmeetI have long suspected my English master of ignorance, for he was merely one of our Leghorn pilots, who has sailed in a bastimento de guerra of your countryhe called your honorable name 'Smees,' Signore.

"Your pardon, Signor Capitano Smeesbut our duty is a very delicate one, on this unprotected island, in times as troubled as these in which we live.

And now, Signor Capitano," added Andrea, glancing at, the podestà, to make sure that he was listening, "will you have the goodness to explain to me what sort of a government this Inghilterra possesseswhether monarchy, aristocracy, or democracy?"

Your answer convinces me you have thought on the subject of your government, Capitano, and I honor a reflecting man in all situations in life.

Did our men first strive, and then pray, more would be done than by first praying and then striving; and now, Signor Capitano, a word on your language, of which I have some small knowledge, and which, doubtless, you speak like a native.

" "The devil carry away all republicans, is my humble prayer, Signor Capitano; but I can hardly believe that so graceful and gracious-looking a frigate can possibly belong to such wretches.

"Eh, Signor Capitano," cried Vito Viti, as he met his new protégé with an air of cordiality as soon as the foot of the latter touched the shore, "we looked for the pleasure of receiving you into our bosom, as it were, here in the haven.

Surely, you have heard of Il Capitano Sir Smees, the son of Milordo Smees!"

" "Under what name and circumstances was he known to you, Signore?" "Ehhe called himself Sir Smees, a capitano in the service of the English king.

I did not see him actually on board of her, but he professed to be the commander of a certain vessel, in the service of the King of Inghilterra, called ze Ving-y-Ving, and said that his own name was Smeessiil capitano, or Sir Smees.

I called the felucca ze Ving-and-Ving; and I called myself le Capitaine Smeet; is it not true?" "SiVing-y-Ving and il Capitano SmeesSir Smees, a signore of an illustrious English family of that name, if I remember right.

One of these is a fellow, on whom the one rag lashes the other: he carries his huge bundle and a large flag with the inscription, "Capitano de Baroni."

Nature does not form such things: there was something so bold in the hanging on of the rags, that each boy instantly became a Capitano de Baroni.

50 examples of  capitano  in sentences