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219 example sentences with  carbines

219 example sentences with carbines

When the waves divided us, and our voices could no longer reach each other, we made signals by firing pistols and carbines.

Some carried lances, others carbines; and they all wore swordshe could see the steel scabbards shining in the sun.

When the column had reached a hill which overlooked the valley of the San Pasqual, the insurgents' encampment, it was halted, and the General gave the final orders to his command: "One thrust of the sabre is worth a dozen cuts; and depend upon them more than upon the carbines and rifles."

Arrived within firing distance, they opened with carbines and cannon while advancing on us.

On this occasion, too, great service was rendered by the gallant Genoese, who, being excellent shots and armed with good carbines, sustained the honor of our cause.

There were some among them who declared they had seen the bullets of their carbines rebound from the breasts of the soldiers of liberty as if from a plate of bronze.

The Germans, taken completely by surprise at the sight of the foe's grim war car in its coat of elephant gray, bearing down upon them, attempted to escape, firing with their carbines as they fled.

On each side peasants stood with threatening mien, armed with pitchforks, revolvers and ancient carbines at full-cock.

In the crowd at the corner of the great riverside square, the Praรงa do Comercio, stood two men named Buiรงa and Costa, with carbines concealed under their cloaks.

Here we are, with sun and charming weather, within a pretty little port enough; but whether our Turkish friends may not send in their boats, and take us out (for we have no arms, except two carbines and some pistols, and, I suspect, not more than four fighting people on board), is another question; especially if we remain long here, since we are blocked out of Missolonghi by the direct entrance.

The daughters were well married: their father could count at need on the poignards and carbines of his sons-in-law.

The duty of a good housekeeper, in case of a fight, is to load her husband's carbines.

I issued Snider carbines and twenty rounds ammunition to each man, and they left the next day.

He had with him a party of Kashmir Sappers and Miners, who were now armed with Snider carbines.

The Levies were still looking for a path, and Humayun wanted to return the enemy's fire; but as the Levies were armed only with carbines, and I hadn't heard the whistle of the enemy's shot, I judged it would be a waste of ammunition.

I saw the bullet kick the dust to the right of the man, who jumped for a rock, so I knew carbines were no good at that distance.

Then we numbered our partythree British officers, my orderly, and eleven Sappers, the latter armed with Snider carbines only; my orderly was the only one with a bayonet.

Moberly and I both took carbines from the men, as they were firing wildly; the sepoy whose carbine I took invariably managed to jam the cartridge, partly his fault, and partly the fault of the worn state of the extractor.

Moberly and I both took carbines from the men, as they were firing wildly; the sepoy whose carbine I took invariably managed to jam the cartridge, partly his fault, and partly the fault of the worn state of the extractor.

Your carbines swing at handyou need!

Picture to yourself a large hall gleaming from top to bottom with firearms and weapons of all sorts: carbines, rifles, blunderbusses, bowie-knives, revolvers, daggers, flint-arrowsin a word, examples of the deadly weapons of all races used by man in all parts of the world.

While my host put on the dress of a mountaineer, for he mentioned to me that he had to attend a meeting after supper, he told me the history of some of the carbines and daggers that hung round the room.

One was most wantonly and dreadfully bitten above the heel, while his companions were beating him upon the head with their carbines, before throwing him into the sea.

Precisely at that moment they both turned so that they faced us; and the man on horseback lifted a carbine from a holster and half swung it in our direction.

We saw the Uhlans snatch out their carbines and gallop forward past the battery into the dust curtain.

No doubt the magazines of the carbines were packed with those neat brass capsules which carry doses of potential death; but the guards, except for the moral effect of the thing, might just as well have been bare-handed.

Judge," continued he, turning toward me, "jest you try a crack at them fellers with yer new-fashioned 'dust-raiser,' will yer?" pointing to my Sharpe's carbine.

Dismounting, and resting the carbine over the back of my horse, I took careful, deliberate aim, and fired.

He took possession also of their caps, their bandoliers for cartridges, worn over one shoulder, and of their carbines and lances, and then retraced his steps down the hill to his companion.

Saddling up their horses, and putting on the Cossack black sheepskin caps and long coats, and taking the lances and carbines, the latter of which were carried across the saddle before them, they mounted their ponies and rode off, quitting the wood at such a point that it formed a screen between them and the cavalry in the distance, until they had gone well down the valley.

She had them try their skill at every sort of shooting-game, with crossbows loaded with little clay pellets, with pistols and carbines, old-fashioned weapons with caps and leaden bullets, at all sorts of distances, and at all kinds of targetsplaster images, revolving pipes, dolls, balls bobbing up and down on top of a jet of water.

The levelled carbines covered him; ere they could fire a shrill cry pierced the air: "Wait!

Egan was in the very act of ascending the companion-way; Lamburn was sitting against the chart-room door, apparently cleaning two carbines; Odling at the bottom of the engine-room stair seemed to be drawing on a pair of reindeer komagar; and Cartwright, who was often in liquor, had his arms frozen tight round the neck of Martin, whom he seemed to be kissing, they two lying stark at the foot of the mizzen-mast.

Pang, pang, went two carbines, but I had flown round the curve of the street, and never so much as heard the hiss of the balls.

they shrieked, and fired with their carbines, but our fellows were into the house and at their throats before they had wiped the sleep out of their eyes.

Above a sea of threatening arms and brandished sticks and angry faces rose the figures of two German soldiers, with carbines slung across their backs, mounted on work-horses which they had evidently hastily unharnessed from a wagon.

Besides the men in sight on the train, two behind the window-blinds of the one passenger coach, and unseen, kept their fingers on the triggers of their repeating carbines.

Captain O'Brien reports that her cargo included "2,500 rifles, a 12-pounder Hotchkiss field-gun, 1,500 revolvers, 200 short carbines, 1000 pounds of dynamite, 1,200 machetes, and an abundance of ammunition."

It was a glorious sight to see them as they rode madly on the heels of the Mexicansa whole company of American cavalry, their horses shoulder to shoulder, the men bent low in their saddles, their carbines gripped in their hands.

Before reaching the encampment he halted his men, saddle girths were tightened, overcoats tied behind saddles and carbines loaded.

Instantly several carbines rang out and "Little Bearskin Dick" for the first time in his life was a "good Indian."

Bernard was not slow in giving it, and when all were safely joined, Bernard dismounted his men and fought the Indians for several hours with his carbines.

And hark ye, let two files load their carbines."

and four carbines were fired upon the unfortunate nobleman.

Some of the troop carried pistols only; others had carbines; and some, short, wide-mouthed guns, which carried large charges of buckshot.

By this time the news had spread through the ship, and the crew, consisting of upwards of thirty men, were conversing earnestly in knots of four or five while they sharpened and buckled on cutlasses, or loaded pistols and carbines.

The enemy's cavalry was spreading out in a great fan, with outposts of Uhlans riding into villages where old French peasants had not dreamed of being near the line of battle until, raising their heads from potato fields or staring across the stacked corn, they had seen the pointed casques and the flash of the sun on German carbines.

Before he could call out a warning they had unslung their carbines and fired.

Here and there some of them were dismounted, with their horses tethered, and from behind the cover of farmhouses or haystacks, looked across the country, with their carbines slung across their shoulders, as though waiting for any Uhlans that might appear that way.

They became visible at a turn of the road, and after firing a few shots with their carbines turned tail and fled.

The dragoons swung their carbines forward.

The border chiefs felt willing enough to lead their awkward squads against the slight barricades of Lawrence, but quailed at the unlooked-for prospect of encountering the carbines and sabers of half a regiment of regular dragoons and the grape-shot of a well-drilled light battery.

The men were ordered, in place of keeping their positions hidden and of maintaining absolute quiet, to move from post to post along the whole line, and they were also ordered, without any reference to the saving of ammunition, to shoot off their carbines on the least possible pretext and without pretext.

The armories were then beginning to send to the front Sharp's repeating carbines.

The rifles were short and light Winchester carbines, of the kind so universally used by the rubber-gatherers and other adventurous wanderers in the forest wilderness of Brazil.

The men had three or four carbines, which were sometimes carried by those who were not their owners.

Lord Wentworth, with Innis and Washington, leads three hundred and fifty dragoons,dragoons of the old model, intended to fight either on foot or on horseback, whence the name they bear, and the emblematic dragon which adorns their carbines.

Horse and foot, carbines and petronels, swords and pole-axes, are mingled in one struggling mass.

They left them on the deck, and preserved only their sabres: some few, however, saved their carbines, and, almost all the officers, their fowling pieces and pistols.

Every moment men presented themselves, armed with knives, sabres and bayonets; many had carbines, which they used as clubs.

The others were beating him severely with their sabres and the but end of their carbines; his cries made us fly to his aid.

The Colonel had become sick of their popping at us, and asked for twelve carbines to the troop.

"I call that pluck," said Hallam, "a dozen lancers without a carbine among them running at a company of infantry.

When you give him a sabre, pistol, and carbine, to take care of when he has all he can do to take care of himself, those terrors increase in proportion.

The awful roar of the firing to the right deafened him; he caught a glimpse of squadrons of regular cavalry in the road, slinging carbines and drawing sabres; a muffled blast of bugles reached his ears; and the nest moment he was trotting out into the smoke.

Suddenly, right past them came a driving storm of stampeding cavalry, panic-stricken, riding like damned men, tearing off and hurling from them carbines, canteens, belts; and McDunn, white with rage, whipped out his revolver and fired into them as they rushed by in a torrent of red dust.

But there was no stopping them, for the poor fellows had been sent into fire ignorant how to use the carbines issued the day before.

And I notice your regiment has its carbineers, toowhich proves that your lances are no good or you wouldn't have twelve carbines to the troop.

The Provost Guard, filing along, carbines on thigh, opened to let him through; and he saw them turning in their saddles to peer curiously into the straw as the ambulance passed.

The Spanish cavalry were armed with lances and shields; the militia carried not only old fashioned carbines but lassos and bows and arrows.

So far as arms went we were now well supplied, having added to our original equipment the officers' pistols, and the carbines of the men captured in the stable.

The newcomers stacked their carbines in the hall, and divided into two parties, going to work with a vim, while I quickly stationed my old men where they could command every approach to the house, seeing to it that their arms were in condition, and that they had ample ammunition.

Carbines, first, boys, and then revolvers if they get close.

A moment later the dismounted troopers spread out into a thin line, covering the front and left of the house, unslung their carbines and began to load.

A word to my men on that floor brought them to the point threatened by this first attack, and I gave them swift, concise ordersno firing until they heard a signal shot from the front hall; then keep it up while there was a man standing in range; carbines first, after that revolvers, and keep down out of sight from below.

The house remained quiet, sombre, silent, nothing showing but the dark barrels of our carbines.

The sharp barking of carbines echoed to me, and a wild yell rose without.

The flame of carbines seemed in my very face, the crack of revolvers at my ears.

Going around the spur of the forest which screens head-quarters from the prairie, we found the Guard dismounted, drawn up in line, firing their carbines and revolvers.

They were armed with light German sabres, the best that at that time could be procured, and revolvers; besides which, the first company carried carbines.

The constabulary soldiers are now neatly uniformed, armed with Krag carbines and well disciplined.

If I should climb the fence, my form, outlined against the sky, would be a mark for many carbines.

The sun had nearly set; it shone on sabres and carbines.

There seemed to be just a little jealousy between the Captain and the Lieutenant, and one day I saw them both standing in angry attitude before the Captain's quarters, both mounted, with their carbines lying across their saddles before them.

These men were now ordered to dismount and lie down, as the opposite side would take a hand when the swimming wolves came within range of shotguns and carbines, to say nothing of six-shooters.

Men dismounted and clubbed them with shotguns and carbines,anything to administer death.

The squaw recovered herself and came to her feet in time to see several carbines in the act of being leveled at her by our men.

Some one called out not to shoot, that it was a squaw, and the carbines were lowered.

When they came within fifty yards of camp and their outlines could be distinguished against the sky line in the darkness, they were ordered to halt, and a dozen carbines clicked an accompaniment to the order.

There was no cessation of the rain of lead until every gun was emptied, when the men sprang back, each to his window or door, where a carbine, carefully left, awaited his hand to complete the work of death.

A hundred carbines, eh?

He saw the flash of a saber, the gleam of brass buttons, the blue glare of the setting sun on leveled carbines, and he stopped, shoulder to shoulder with the man he had been pursuing.

A class whose primary weapons are assault rifles and carbines.

The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines makes them easier to handle.

Almost all Wilsonโ€™s troopers carried seven-shot Spencer breech-loading carbines.

It is also worth noting that Arnold Schwarzenegger, though restricted to paltry carbines and sharpened sticks in Predator, rocked a similar system in Terminator 2: Judgement Day as an effective anti-aircraft weapon.

Meanwhile, the Iranian defense industry appears to have gone back to basics, creating standard AR-pattern carbines under the names โ€œFatehโ€ and โ€œZolfaqar.โ€

They include, inter alia, revolvers and self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and light machine guns.

We had carbines, but we never used them.

Commissioner, I didn't see anything in the report that said you were under-resourced or that you did not have enough hard body armour or enough carbines.