200 examples of carbines in sentences

Some carried lances, others carbines; and they all wore swordshe could see the steel scabbards shining in the sun.

Arrived within firing distance, they opened with carbines and cannon while advancing on us.

On this occasion, too, great service was rendered by the gallant Genoese, who, being excellent shots and armed with good carbines, sustained the honor of our cause.

There were some among them who declared they had seen the bullets of their carbines rebound from the breasts of the soldiers of liberty as if from a plate of bronze.

On each side peasants stood with threatening mien, armed with pitchforks, revolvers and ancient carbines at full-cock.

In the crowd at the corner of the great riverside square, the Praça do Comercio, stood two men named Buiça and Costa, with carbines concealed under their cloaks.

I issued Snider carbines and twenty rounds ammunition to each man, and they left the next day.

He had with him a party of Kashmir Sappers and Miners, who were now armed with Snider carbines.

The Levies were still looking for a path, and Humayun wanted to return the enemy's fire; but as the Levies were armed only with carbines, and I hadn't heard the whistle of the enemy's shot, I judged it would be a waste of ammunition.

I saw the bullet kick the dust to the right of the man, who jumped for a rock, so I knew carbines were no good at that distance.

While my host put on the dress of a mountaineer, for he mentioned to me that he had to attend a meeting after supper, he told me the history of some of the carbines and daggers that hung round the room.

One was most wantonly and dreadfully bitten above the heel, while his companions were beating him upon the head with their carbines, before throwing him into the sea.

No doubt the magazines of the carbines were packed with those neat brass capsules which carry doses of potential death; but the guards, except for the moral effect of the thing, might just as well have been bare-handed.

Egan was in the very act of ascending the companion-way; Lamburn was sitting against the chart-room door, apparently cleaning two carbines; Odling at the bottom of the engine-room stair seemed to be drawing on a pair of reindeer komagar; and Cartwright, who was often in liquor, had his arms frozen tight round the neck of Martin, whom he seemed to be kissing, they two lying stark at the foot of the mizzen-mast.

Pang, pang, went two carbines, but I had flown round the curve of the street, and never so much as heard the hiss of the balls.

they shrieked, and fired with their carbines, but our fellows were into the house and at their throats before they had wiped the sleep out of their eyes.

Captain O'Brien reports that her cargo included "2,500 rifles, a 12-pounder Hotchkiss field-gun, 1,500 revolvers, 200 short carbines, 1000 pounds of dynamite, 1,200 machetes, and an abundance of ammunition."

They are coming!" It was a glorious sight to see them as they rode madly on the heels of the Mexicansa whole company of American cavalry, their horses shoulder to shoulder, the men bent low in their saddles, their carbines gripped in their hands.

The border chiefs felt willing enough to lead their awkward squads against the slight barricades of Lawrence, but quailed at the unlooked-for prospect of encountering the carbines and sabers of half a regiment of regular dragoons and the grape-shot of a well-drilled light battery.

The men were ordered, in place of keeping their positions hidden and of maintaining absolute quiet, to move from post to post along the whole line, and they were also ordered, without any reference to the saving of ammunition, to shoot off their carbines on the least possible pretext and without pretext.

The armories were then beginning to send to the front Sharp's repeating carbines.

Every moment men presented themselves, armed with knives, sabres and bayonets; many had carbines, which they used as clubs.

The others were beating him severely with their sabres and the but end of their carbines; his cries made us fly to his aid.

The Colonel had become sick of their popping at us, and asked for twelve carbines to the troop.

So far as arms went we were now well supplied, having added to our original equipment the officers' pistols, and the carbines of the men captured in the stable.

200 examples of  carbines  in sentences