895 examples of careys in sentences

When Captain Carey went on his long journey into the unknown and uncharted land, the rest of the Careys tried in vain for a few months to be still a family, and did not succeed at all.

"Brace up, old Gilly, and show what the Careys can do without 'advantages.'

Bill Harmon's father had left considerable stock of one sort and another in the great unfinished attic over the store, and though much of it was worthless, and all of it was out of date, it seemed probable that it would eventually be sold to the Careys, who had the most unlimited ingenuity in making bricks without straw, when it came to house decoration.

It had been imported for a governor's house, and only half of it used, so for thirty years the other half had waited for the Careys.

There always are Careys and their like, and plenty of them, in every generation, so old things, if they are good, need never be discouraged.

The Careys loved him, all but Julia, who pronounced him "common" and said Miss Tewksbury told her never to listen to anyone who said "I done it" or "I seen it."

The Careys laughed heartily at this evidence of Mrs. Popham's celerity, while Osh, as pleased as possible, gave one dab with his paste brush and went on: "Maria's blood was up one while, 'cause Mis' Bill Harmon always contrives to git her wash out the earliest of a Monday morning.

He hadn't had such an audience for years, for Beulah knew all its own stories thoroughly, and although it valued them highly it did not care to hear them too often; but the Careys were absolutely fresh material, and such good, appreciative listeners!

The paper was one in which green rushes and cat-o'-nine-tails grew on a fawn-colored ground, and anything that the Careys did not possess for the family sitting room Ossian Popham went straight home and made in his barn.

The Hamilton boys were no doubt as extravagant and thriftless as they were insane, but the Careys sympathized with their extravagance and thriftlessness and insanity so heartily, in this particular, that they could hardly conceal their real feelings from Bill Harmon.

Nothing could so have accorded with their secret desires as the "fool changes" made by the "crazy Hamilton boys"; light-hearted, irresponsible, and frivolous changes that could never have been compassed by the Careys' slender income.

" Shall I tell you what more the Careys may do for me, they who have done so much already?

Then, once a year, on my mother's birthday,it is the fourth of July and an easy date to remember,will my little friend Miss Nancy, or any of the other Careys, if she is absent, pick a little nosegay of daisies and buttercups (perhaps there will even be a bit of early Queen Anne's lace) and put it in a vase under my mother's picture?

That shall be the annual rent paid for the Yellow House to Lemuel Hamilton by the Careys! Tears of joy sprang to the eyes of emotional Nancy.

" As to the term of your occupancy, the Careys may have the Yellow House until the day of my death, unless by some extraordinary chance my son Tom should ever want it as a summer home.

The Careys had a large sense of humor, from mother down as far as Peter, who was still in the tadpole stage of it.

Happily for the Careys and happily for Beulah, the old principal, a faithful but uninspired teacher, had been called to Massachusetts to fill a higher position; and only a few days before the beginning of the term, a young college man, Ralph Thurston, fresh from Bowdoin and needing experience, applied for and received the appointment.

The entrance of the four Careys and two Lords into the list of students had an inspiring effect upon the whole school.

So far as scholarship was concerned they were often outstripped by their country neighbors, but the Careys had seen so much of the world that they had a great deal of general culture, and the academy atmosphere was affected by it.

Rows of Jack o' Lanterns decorated the piazza, and the Careys had fewer pumpkin pies in November than their neighbors, in consequence of their extravagant inroads upon the golden treasures of the aft garden.

The original equipment of clothes possessed by the Careys on their arrival in Beulah still held good, and looked well by lamplight, so that the toilettes were fully worthy of so important a function.

The guests naturally had no associations with the Carey Curse, and the Careys themselves were dumb with amazement and despair.

The Careys all sang like thrushes, and even Peter, holding his hymn book upside down, put in little bird notes, always on the key, whenever he caught a familiar strain.

The Careys had known nothing heretofore of the rigors of a State o' Maine winter, but as yet they counted it all joy.

"Another winter I fear we must close the Yellow House and" The rest of Mother Carey's remark was never heard, for at Nancy's given signal the four younger Careys all swooned on the floor.

895 examples of  careys  in sentences