82 examples of caro in sentences

Addressed A messer Giorgio Vasari, amico e pittor singulare, with this letter: Messer Giorgio, amico caro, voi direte ben ch' io sie vecchio e pazzo a voler far sonetti; ma perchè molti dicono ch' io son rimbambito, ho voluto far l'uficio mio, ec.

Caro m' è'l sonno.

"The subject is wholly Genevan," replied Voltaire, "the name, Empro-Giro, and the dramatis personæ Carin-Caro, Dupins-Simon, and Carcail Briffon, &c."

" "So much the worse for thee, caro, since the good bishop is better at stopping the lava than at quieting the winds.

"Command then, caro padrone.

He was first named with terms of endearment strange upon the lips of that stately assembly"Il caro Padre," "Teologo amato di Venezia"yet the guards had failed to seize those villains who lay in wait at the Ponte della Pugna!

Et terra nigra in memoriam diræ mortis, qua caro ipsius Imperatoris, quæ terra est, in terram ibit corruptionis.

In hac valle, ab vno eius latere, vidi faciem hominis valdè horribilem, qui tantum horrorem mihi incussit, quòd putaui me spiritum exhalare, propter quod saepè repetij verbum vitæ, scilicet, verbum Caro factum est.

In hac valle ab vno eius latere, in vno saxo vnam faciem hominis vidi, quæ ita terribilitèr me respexit, quòd omnino credidi ibi fuisse mortuus: Sed semper hoc verbum (verbum caro factum est et habitauit in nobis) protuli, et cruce me signaui, nec propiùs quàm per 7. passus, vel 8.

El que osa enturbiar su corriente, paga caro su atrevimiento.

It is said to have been about the beginning of the sixteenth century that the statue was discovered and dug up near the place where it now stands, and the earliest account of it seems to be that given by Castelvetro, in 1553, in his discourse upon a canzone by Annibal Caro.

Addio, caro San Bernardo!

Et panis quem ego dedero pro salute mundi, caro mea est.

He had four sons by Caro, named Maechus (adultery), Pornei'us (fornication), Acath'arus, and Asel'gês (lasciviousness), all of whom are fully described by the poet.

Mrs. E. Blaney Harris (C); 26Jan56; R164027. CARO, RAMON MARTINEZ.

SEE Martinez Caro, Ramon.

MARTINEZ CARO, RAMON, joint author.

Mrs. E. Blaney Harris (C); 26Jan56; R164027. CARO, RAMON MARTINEZ.

SEE Martinez Caro, Ramon.

He was here joined by Francisco de Montejo, Diego de Soto, Angula, Garci Caro, Sebastian Rodriquez, Gutierrez, Rojas, not he commonly called the wealthy, a lad named Santa Clara, two brothers named Los Martinez de Frexenal, and Juan, de Najara, not the deaf man of the tennis court in Mexico.

"Caro Conte,"he often calls me Count, though I am only plain Professore, now"he has a voice like a trumpet and the patience of all the angels.

"Who are they, and how does the maestro know them?" "Eh, caro mio, what am I to know?"

"Who are they, caro maestro, these enchanting people?" inquired the boy when they had gone a few steps, and I was walking by Nino's side, and we were all three nearing the door.

Am I crazy, to ruin people's voices like that?" "Caro maestro, what is the matter with you this morning?

" "No dreams, caro mio.

82 examples of  caro  in sentences