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38 examples of  carr's  in sentences

38 examples of carr's in sentences

The Grand Hunt of General Sheridan, James Gordon Bennett, and other Distinguished GentlemenFrom Fort McPherson to Fort HaysIncidents of the Trip"Ten Days on the Plains"General Carr's Hunting ExpeditionA Joke on McCarthyA Search for the Remains of Buck's Surveying Party, who had been Murdered by the Indians.

That night we returned to the Republican river and camped in a grove of cottonwoods, which I named Carr's Grove, in honor of the commanding officer.

It went straight down the thirsty throats of General Carr's command.

The next morning I secured a horse from Perry, and proceeding to Fort Wallace demanded my horse and mule from General Bankhead, on the ground that they were quartermaster Hays' property and belonged to General Carr's command, and that I had obtained permission to ride them to Sheridan and back.

who, misunderstanding General Carr's orders, charged upon some Indians at the left, while the rest of the command dashed through the enemy's line, and was keeping straight on, when it was observed that Schinosky and his company were surrounded by four or five hundred red-skins.

In Mr. Carr's mills, learning to pick and buy wool? Not he.

"Then" And, leaning closer, William Augustus Destyn whispered into Bushwyck Carr's fat, red ear.

" "So am I," said Bushwyck Carr's daughter, dropping both hands on her lover's shoulders....

Mr. Carr's voice was scarcely audible.

"How extraordinary," said Drusilla, following him to the edge of the bluff; "and they're singing, too, as they row!" From far below, wafted across the sparkling waters of Oyster Bay, Mr. Carr's rich and mellifluous voice was wafted shoreward: "I der-reamt that I dwelt in ma-arble h-a-l-ls."

What'u'd you ever do child, if I'd get to be like that?" "No danger, mother dear, of your ever being like Mrs. White," said Mercy, with an incautious emphasis, which, however, escaped Mrs. Carr's recognition.

Into the house, without a pause, without a knock, into poor bewildered Mrs. Carr's presence he strode, the men following fast on his steps, and Mercy unable to pass them.

A short and surly reply from Mrs. White to an innocent question of Mrs. Carr's fell suddenly on Mercy's ear.

He had ventured into Mrs. Carr's room once or twice; but his presence seemed to disturb her, the only presence that had done so.

He also called in the Highland company from Darien, commanded by Captain McIntosh; the company of rangers; and Captain Carr's company of marines.

He deplored the appearance of the article by Scott on "Carr's Tour in Scotland.

I've been for a long ride; in fact, I've ridden over to Mr. Carr's place, with a message from papa; but he's not there.

"We were all out, sirwent over to Mr. Carr's place to borrow his horses.

One woman was already deleting Johnny Carr's life-blood with a mop and a pail of water; and a carpenter was at work repairing the front-door.

As we drew rein on the quay we saw, half a mile out to sea and sailing before a stiff breeze, Johnny Carr's little yacht, with the Aureataland flag floating defiantly at her masthead.

Some were in uniform, others dressed in common clothes; one or two I recognized as members of Johnny Carr's missing band.

Also, I have had to bargain for the recognition of Johnny Carr's rights to the colonel's goods.

In 1889 he was ordained to St. James's Congregational Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and in 1895 was called to his present pastorate of Carr's Lane Congregational Church, Birmingham, where he has taken rank among the leading preachers of Great Britain.

I often examine, with peculiar interest, the hymn-book we use at Carr's Lane.

" Mr. Carr's words were soon verified.

At the same time the captain shouted to Mr. Carr's boat word of what had happened.

Carr's "Early Times in Middle Tennessee," pp.

I call out, "Who is there?" "Men of Colonel Carr's regiment.

Zagonyi sent back for reinforcements before he reached the town, and Carr's cavalry, with two light field-pieces, have been sent forward.

That on our front was met by Colonel Carr's Division and the division of General Asboth.

In our front, Colonel Carr's Division fought steadily and earnestly during the entire day, but was pressed back fully two-thirds of a mile.

"Give me those letters," he breathed, sticking his face close to Carr's.

" When questioned concerning her life on this plantation, she continues: "Now honey, its been so long ago, I don' 'member ev'ything, but I will tell you whut I kin as near right as possible; I kin 'member five uf Marse Carr's chillun; Florida, Susan, 'Lijah, Willie and Tom; cose Carr never 'lowed us to have a piece uf paper in our hands.

Marse Carr's sons, Tom and Willie went to de war.

Carr's wife Miss Jane useter teach us Sunday School

"I'll never make you anything againnever!" One of Mrs. "Nettle's" greatest triumphs was my Lady Macbeth dress, which she carried out from Mrs. Comyns Carr's design.

JAMES, JOHN ANGELL, most influential Congregationalist of his time, born in Dorsetshire; was pastor of Carr's Lane Chapel, Birmingham, from 1805 to 1859; won the esteem of all parties; published the "Anxious Inquirer," and many other works (1785-1859).

[Footnote 24: In Mr. Carr's work, The Australian Race, reports of 'godless' natives are given, for instance, in the Mary River country and in Gippsland.