8563 examples of cars in sentences

South of Cambrai a column of German motor-cars was attacked by a company of French cyclists.

For the most part the guard was killed by rifle fire, while the cars were all burnt.

"Arriving in New York, I took cars at 9 A.M. for Poughkeepsie, and reached the college at dinner-time.

I will omit the details of a break-down that night, and another change of cars.

If you bring them into town, show them street-cars and shop windows and take them to theatres, you excite them and upset them, that's all.

"Now I just mean to tell you something nice, for you might as well know it and be happy a day longer: mother and you and I are going to Indianapolis to-morrow with Dottygoing in the cars.

"Going to 'Naplis, yidin' in the cars!

" She wished to sleep that "one more time" with Dotty; but her little head was so full of the journey that she aroused her bedfellow in the middle of the night, calling out, "We's goin' to 'Naplis,we for salt, salt, salt,yidin' in the cars, Dotty Dimpwil.

O's on each side of her head with great satisfaction, and was very sorry she had not made some chocolate cakes for Dotty to eat in the cars.

"There goes a right smart little girl," said Horace, with a sweep of his thumb towards the Cleveland cars.

" "Yes'm; I hardly ever went to sleep in the cars.

I wish I'd been switched off!" sighed Dotty, meaning, if she meant anything, that she wished the cars had whirled her away to the ends of the earth, instead of bringing her home, where people were all ready with one accord to trample her into the dust.

It is to this method of thought that we owe all the advantages of civilization from matches and post-offices to motor-cars and aeroplanes, and we may therefore be encouraged to hope such speculations as the present may not be without their ultimate value.

We get some real swells down here sometimesmotor cars of their own.

We motored up in one of his wonderful cars.

They were several days floating down in this way, before he could get out to the railroad at Jackson, Miss., where he transferred them to the cars.

"They caught him robbing railroad cars, an' he Must spend from five to seven years in jail.

The Cure for Weariness Seemed like I couldn't stand it any more, The factory whistles blowin' day by day, An' men an' children hurryin' by the door, An' street cars clangin' on their busy way.

The road was a single-track one, and on the narrow trestle there was no room for a person to avoid the cars.

"A number of cars have gone down that way, but the road's in a shocking condition, and up to now none of them has returned to advise us.

(though, indeed, I have sometimes imagined that the motor-cars passing this way had a different origin!).

For consumers' goods, we must remember, comprise champagne and motor cars as well as food and clothes; and, if a rich man saves, it may be purely articles of luxury, the production of which will shortly be diminished.

Near the entrance of the car two negroes in soldiers' uniforms had turned a seat over to face the door, and now they sat talking loudly and laughing the loose laugh of the half intoxicated as they watched the inflow of negro passengers coming out of the white cars.

Now and then into the Jim Crow window whipped a blast of coal smoke and hot cinders, for the engine was only two cars ahead.

The cars are perfectly safe, and more comfortable than coaches.

8563 examples of  cars  in sentences