5 examples of cartridge-belt in sentences

The old model equipment is the same except omit canteen cover, bacon and condiment cans, and pack carrier, and add 1 cartridge-belt suspenders, 1 canteen strap, and 1 blanket-roll straps, set.

Georgians and Circassians in scarlet tunics and silver cartridge-belts, Turks in fez and frock-coat, Greeks and Albanians in snowy petticoats and black gaiters, Khivans in furs and quaint conical lamb's-wool hats, Tartars from the Steppes, Turkomans from Merv, Parsees from Bombay, African negroes,all may be seen in the Tiflis Bazaar during the busy part of the day.

Rifles were taken down and cartridge-belts being swung when Kellyan called a halt.

There hung a war-worn aviator's uniform of leather, gauntlets, a sheepskin jacket, a helmet, resistal goggles, a cartridge-belt still half full of ammunition, a heavy service automatic.

"Faith, but that looks like lotus-eating, all right," said the major, notching up his cartridge-belt another hole.

5 examples of  cartridge-belt  in sentences