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170 examples of  cassocks  in sentences

170 examples of cassocks in sentences

To the New-Yorker whose nights must be filled with music, preferably jazz, to pass Keeley's and find it dark is much as if Bacchus, emulating the newest historical rogue, had donned cassock and hood.

" Kaviak had meanwhile made a prosperous voyage to the plenty-bowl, and returned to Mac's sidean absurd little figure in a strange priest-like cassock buttoned from top to bottom (a waistcoat of Mac's), and a jacket of the Boy's, which was usually falling off (and trailed on the ground when it wasn't), and whose sleeves were rolled up in inconvenient muffs.

" He spoke the last sentence coldly, and followed with his narrow gaze the movements of the old priest, who was laying aside his cassock.

Near the great porch on either side of the bishop's path were ranged the seminarists, in cassocks of black with a dark blue or red hooddepressing looking youths with flaccid faces and an unhealthy eye.

A worthy priest helped him to disguise himself, and lent him his cassock and his band, made him shave off his whiskers a few days previously, so that he should not be betrayed by the white trace of his freshly-cut beard, gave him his own passport, and only left him at the railway station.

In yonder garden the priest's cassock and trousers are hanging sacrilegiously on a clothes-line, and you can just see a tiny graveyard away up on the hillside almost hidden in the trees.

But, no doubt, it is to consider too curiously to consider so, and the good priest whose cassock and trousers have occasioned these reflections would smilingly prick my fancies, after the dialectic manner of his calling, and say that his trousers on the clothes-line were but a humble reminder to the faithful how near to the daily life of her children, how human at once as well as divine, is Mother Church.

"And if more be to thy taste," the cruel voice went on, for no answer came, "since in these matters thou hast a consummate knowledgethou art permitted, by grace of the Signoria, to use the contents of this packet, which hath been found within the lining of thy cassock.

What a handsome shift, a poor ingenious and frugal Divine will make, to take it by turns, and wear a cassock [a long cloak] one year, and a pair of breeches another!

[clothes] and the most sparing diet would be as acceptable as that which flowed from a silken cassock [cloak] and the best cheer.

Thus some are hugely in love with the mere title of Priest or Deacon: never considering how they shall live, or what good they are likely to do in their Office; but only they have a fancy, that a cassock, if it be made long, is a very handsome garment, though it be never paid for; that the Desk is clearly the best, and the Pulpit, the highest seat in all the parish; that they shall take place

Who, though in silken scarf and cassock drest, Wears but a gayer livery, at best.

Lastly, she had heard that Madame Bonanni had now given up the semblance, long far from empty, but certainly vain, of a waist, and dressed herself in a garment resembling a priest's cassock, buttoned in front from her throat to her toes.

He was dressed in a long black gown reaching to his heels, like the cassock of a Catholic priest; his hat was of felt, with a low crown and a broad brim, similar to those worn by the curates of the Church of England, while around his neck was a linen ruff that looked as if it might have been worn in the time of Queen Elizabeth.

When he had helped to unharness Robin and had given him some hay, had changed his cassock and unpacked his box, from which he took a dozen little packages of things bought on his visit to the city, it was the very time that the birds assembled in the branches to tell each other about the day.

His cassock appeared quite white in the sun; in his look I saw reproaches which made me feel inclined to cry.

The worthy man, with folded arms, and bringing back a corner of his cassock, watched Babet, who was running up the pathway without turning her head.

A part of the bottom of his cassock that was dragging along the ground, made a dull crackling sound.

Flecknoeblunderingly classed among the Laureates by the compiler of "Cibber's Lives of the Poets"was an Irish priest, who had cast his cassock, or, as he euphuistically expressed it, "laid aside the mechanic part of priesthood," in order to fulfil the loftier mission of literary garreteer in London.

The sight of an ecclesiastic was personally disagreeable to him, for the cassock made him think of the shroud, and he detested the one from some fear of the other.

" Our old friend, he who lent us the catechism, was very happy over this phrase; he said to us: "It is a true hit; it is indeed the portrait of a priestophobe whom the cassock makes think of a shroud, and who holds one in execration from a little fear of the other."

He was impious, and he profaned the cassock a little through impiety, perhaps, but much more because he was made to think of a shroud.

gown frock, pallium, surplice, cassock, dalmatic^, scapulary^, cope, mozetta^, scarf, tunicle^, chasuble, alb^, alba^, stole; fanon^, fannel^; tonsure, cowl, hood; calote^, calotte^; bands; capouch^, amice^; vagas^, vakas^, vakass^; apron, lawn sleeves, pontificals^, pall; miter, tiara, triple crown; shovel hat, cardinal's hat; biretta; crosier; pastoral staff, thurifer^; costume &c 225.

He was dressed in a cassock of crimson damask lined with green satin, and wore, a rich cloth or turban on his head.

Presently a powerful arm, hidden under a black cassock, was laid on Priam's shoulder.

The cassock and the two young men thrust him downwards.

"Where's your ticket of admission?" demanded the cassock.

"He's been making a disturbance in the horgan loft," said the cassock, "

" "Don't arsk me," answered the cassock.

They now sat cheerfully round the fire till the master of the house, having surveyed his guests, and conceiving that the cassock which appeared under Adams's greatcoat, and the shabby livery of Joseph Andrews, did not well suit the familiarity between them, began to entertain some suspicions not much to their advantage.

All these were provided for him by his friends, and a pretty cassock put on upon him, upon the scaffold, wherein he was hanged.

Mr. Traill goes on to say, "But he did not at all desire to be relaxed from his excommunication in the name of the kirk, yea, did not look towards that place on the scaffold where we stood; only he drew apart some of the magistrates, and spake a while with them, and then went up the ladder, in his red scarlet cassock, in a very stately manner.

With the women, the cassock gives charms to the ugliest.

They want to know what is underneath that wicked cassock.

What devil of an idea has shoved him into a cassock?

You can think if that suited me, who already adored the cassock!

A magnificent creature, sir, but too much inclined to the cassock.

She received him on his return with a smile on her lips, but her eager eye searched him from head to foot, studied his looks, his gestures, the folds of his cassock and even the dust on his shoes; as though she wished to strip him and bare his heart in order to feast upon his secret conflicts.

Meanwhile, a throng of beggars besieged the diligence; allured by the sight of the two cassocks, they recited all at the same time litanies, paters and aves in undefinable accents and in lamentable voices.

He was habited in the cassock of a churchman of the period, and his black velvet cap lay beside him on the table.

Throwing off his wig, and letting his own fair ringlets fall over his shoulders, the earl tore open his cassock, and disclosed his ordinary rich attire.

It wouldn't be a cassock that would be on my back, but some old rag of a coat.

Village cures in their black cassocks and shovel hats, and monks in sandals and brown woollen robes, were everywhere.

He was dressed in a brown cassock, and looked like the blue-eyed man who had been refused passage to my destination.

" "That is very true, sire," said De Frontenac, with an angry flush upon his swarthy cheek; "but as long as your Majesty did me the honour to intrust those affairs no my own guidance, I would brook no interference in the performance of my duties, whether the meddler were clad in coat or cassock.

Beside him strode his almoner, and two little servitors of the court in crimson cassocks bearing lighted torches.

Redskins, too, were there, leather-faced Algonquin fishers and hunters, wild Micmacs from the east, and savage Abenakis from the south, while everywhere were the dark habits of the Franciscans, and the black cassocks and broad hats of the Recollets, and Jesuits, the moving spirits of the whole.

Tax those of interest who conform for gain, Or stay the market of another reign: Your broad-way sons would never be too nice To close with Calvin, if he paid their price; 230 But, raised three steeples higher, would change their note, And quit the cassock for the canting-coat.

Beneath their cassocks is black infamy; their hearts are full of evilaye, of lust and of every unclean thing.

Had he been a Man I might have loved him; but the evil has fled out of him, leaving nothing but his cassock.

She tore at the tattered cassock of the priest, crying into his ear: "Come, Joseph!

You" A square, heavy boot shot out from beneath his cassock into the boy's stomach.

Simpson squeezed by him on the narrow sidewalk; as he did so, Antoine drew aside the skirts of his cassock.

An old clergyman in a cassock that was brown with age hurried past her as she walked up the path.

We were met at the entrance by a young monk in cowl and cassock, to whom we applied for permission to stay till the next day, which was immediately given.

At one time I saw them all, in long black cassocks, march in solemn order to the chapel of St. John Gualberto, where they sang a deep chant, which to me had something awful and sepulchral in it.

"Half of them dare not shake the snow from off their cassocks, lest they shake themselves to pieces.

A carpet ran down over a couple of steps beneath his feet, and beyond stood the backs of a company of ecclesiasticssecular priests in cotta, cassock, and biretta, with three or four bare-footed Franciscans and a couple of Benedictines.

His caped cassock was black, with purple buttons and a purple cincture.

He opened his eyes widely, terrified, and caught the eye of an old priest in cotta and cassock who was looking back at him over his shoulder.

He might have been a clean-shaven business man of average ability, who had chosen to dress himself up in a white cassock and to sit in an enormous room furnished in crimson damask and gold, with chandeliers, at a rather inconvenient writing-desk.

Here and there along the wide street great fires were burning, tended by curés in their long cassocks and crowded around by shivering men and women.

Thinking the priest was one of his own men, he swore at him, and then, to learn if he wore shoulder-straps, ran his fingers over the priest's shoulders, and, finding a silk cassock, said quickly in French: "Pardon me, my father; I am blind.

Nothing now remained, but that the women should be made sensible of the meaning of the thing; with which being well satisfied, they with their husbands attended at my apartment the next morning; there was my priest, habited in a black vest, something like a cassock, with a sash round it; much resembling a minister, and I was his interpreter.

No mention is made of bowmen among the troops of Harold; but we read that the Norman army was fronted by "footmen clothed in light armour, worn over a gilted cassock, and bearing either long-bows or steel cross-bows."

Even the services themselves are a dreary business, because he insists on the whole thing being choral; and little boys in short cassocks, with stocking-legs underneath, howl the responses and monotone the prayers to the accompaniment of a loud raw organ.

but I was unmoved; how hard am I.He like some of his brethren harps at the gown and cassock.

He has on his cassock and biretta.]

[ROGERS helps him off with the cassock.]

The cassock is left lying on the long stool by the window.]

[MANSON has helped him off with his coat, and now hands him the cassock.]

ROBERT [rising, he pulls off the cassock; goes to fire for his coat: returns: drags it on].

Now, take the cassock.

Although the "Silenciario" offered him a chair at each of his flirtings round the room, he wandered from side to side in his shabby cloak, his hat in his handa poor worn-out hat with not a trace of pile left, knocked in, with a layer of grease on its flaps, miserable and old, like the cassock and the shoes.

In certain towns the revolutionary mob had invaded and profaned the churches; as yet they had not murdered any of the ministers of God as in other revolutions, but still the priests were unable to go about the streets in their cassocks for fear of being hooted and insulted.

The clergy took notice of him, and more than once on rainy evenings the canon librarian, taking his walk in the cloisters, tried to make Gabriel talk; but the fugitive, with a remnant of prudence, showed himself towards the cassocks, as they themselves said, coldly courteous and reserved, fearing that they would expel him if they became acquainted with his views.

He even flattered Mariquita, who could not show herself shy with him, in spite of his cassock.

Don Martin was for him only a servant in a cassock, and he made him come up to the cloister nearly every evening on various pretexts.

The day for making great fortunes in the Church is past, and the poor youths who now wear the cassock and dream of a mitre make me think of those emigrants who go to distant countries famous through long centuries of plunder, and find them even more poverty-stricken than their own land.

If it happens that a priest, weary of persecution, feeling the man once more rising beneath his cassock, deals a heavy blow at his tyrant, he is declared mad; the climax of hypocrisy!

He was enormous; but in spite of his age carried himself erectly; over his black cassock with the red borders hung his gold cross.

Plunging one hand into the depths of his cassock, he drew forth a small gold case and lighted a cigarette.

And he seized a handful of his cassock with his clenched fingers as if he would rend it.

They listened absently, putting their hands in their cassocks.

Was there nothing left of a man beneath his cassock?

Others were questioned, including three Italian friars wearing cassocks and cowls, who bore a most wondrous testimony.

Like a stone from a catapult I sprang on the friar indicated, threw him to the ground, and drew from under his black cassock an arquebuse.

I found a short, stout gentleman, dressed in a cassock, looking like a comfortable monk; but keen eyes, steadfastly gazing straight into mine, told of the force and subtlety enshrined in the fine, impressive head.

. Pray ye, Sir, be not angry, In the pride of your new Cassock, do not part with us, We do acknowledge ye are a careful Curate, And one that seldom troubles us with Sermons, A short slice of a Reading serves us, Sir, We do acknowledge ye a quiet Teacher, Before you'll vex your Audience, you'll sleep with 'em,

The priest had been the first man in the street, having lain down in all his clothes except his cassock, and he heartily gave Celeste and the young men his blessing, and counseled everybody to go to bed again.

I suppose his lordship thinks, there is some original impediment in the study of divinity, or secret incapacity in a gown and cassock without lawn, which disqualifies all inferior clergymen from debating upon subjects of doctrine or discipline in the church.

His scanty salary compelled him to run deep in debt for a new gown and cassock, and now and then forced him to write some paper of wit or humour, or preach a sermon for ten shillings, to supply his necessities.

The gardens filled and he heard the ringing cries of the students, mingling with the laughter of the professors as they played tennis, with their cassocks tucked up between their knees, or perhaps chatted under the trees with the youngsters, without any posturing or hauteur, as though they were companions of the same age.

We walked along over the bridge, and through the Borgo Nuovo, and across the Piazza Rusticucci, and then we skirted the colonnade on the left, and entered the church by the sacristy, leaving De Pretis there to put on his purple cassock and his white cotta.

When he walked along the streets, the ragged childrenas black with sun and dirt as unfledged ravenssidled up to him, and, looking up into his gray eyes, ran between his firm-set legs, plucked him by the cassock, and felt in his pockets for an apple or a cake.

His cassock sat loosely about his big, well-made limbs; his priestly stock was loosed, showing the dark skin of his throat and chin.

" As he spoke, Fra Pacifico crossed one of his legs over the other, and arranged the heavy folds of his cassock over his knees.

Besides these, there are trumpeters in crimson cassocks, mounted on goodly horses, and having their clarions adorned with silken pennons, on which the royal arms are broidered.

These pages have cassock coats, and Venetian hose, of cloth of silver, laid with gold lace, and caps with gold bands and white feathers, and white buskins.

The Jolly Mariner stood in one of the foulest and narrowest of the streets of the unsavoury seaport, and Dr. Woodford sighed, and fumed, and wished for a good pipe of tobacco more than once as he hesitated to try to force a way for his niece through the throng round the entrance to the stable-yard of the Jolly Mariner, apparently too rough to pay respect to gown and cassock.