170 examples of cassocks in sentences

Near the great porch on either side of the bishop's path were ranged the seminarists, in cassocks of black with a dark blue or red hooddepressing looking youths with flaccid faces and an unhealthy eye.

Meanwhile, a throng of beggars besieged the diligence; allured by the sight of the two cassocks, they recited all at the same time litanies, paters and aves in undefinable accents and in lamentable voices.

Village cures in their black cassocks and shovel hats, and monks in sandals and brown woollen robes, were everywhere.

Beside him strode his almoner, and two little servitors of the court in crimson cassocks bearing lighted torches.

Redskins, too, were there, leather-faced Algonquin fishers and hunters, wild Micmacs from the east, and savage Abenakis from the south, while everywhere were the dark habits of the Franciscans, and the black cassocks and broad hats of the Recollets, and Jesuits, the moving spirits of the whole.

Beneath their cassocks is black infamy; their hearts are full of evilaye, of lust and of every unclean thing.

You" A square, heavy boot shot out from beneath his cassock into the boy's stomach.

Simpson squeezed by him on the narrow sidewalk; as he did so, Antoine drew aside the skirts of his cassock.

At one time I saw them all, in long black cassocks, march in solemn order to the chapel of St. John Gualberto, where they sang a deep chant, which to me had something awful and sepulchral in it.

"Half of them dare not shake the snow from off their cassocks, lest they shake themselves to pieces.

Here and there along the wide street great fires were burning, tended by curés in their long cassocks and crowded around by shivering men and women.

Nothing now remained, but that the women should be made sensible of the meaning of the thing; with which being well satisfied, they with their husbands attended at my apartment the next morning; there was my priest, habited in a black vest, something like a cassock, with a sash round it; much resembling a minister, and I was his interpreter.

Even the services themselves are a dreary business, because he insists on the whole thing being choral; and little boys in short cassocks, with stocking-legs underneath, howl the responses and monotone the prayers to the accompaniment of a loud raw organ.

He has on his cassock and biretta.]

[ROGERS helps him off with the cassock.]

The cassock is left lying on the long stool by the window.]

[MANSON has helped him off with his coat, and now hands him the cassock.]

ROBERT [rising, he pulls off the cassock; goes to fire for his coat: returns: drags it on].

Now, take the cassock.

In certain towns the revolutionary mob had invaded and profaned the churches; as yet they had not murdered any of the ministers of God as in other revolutions, but still the priests were unable to go about the streets in their cassocks for fear of being hooted and insulted.

The clergy took notice of him, and more than once on rainy evenings the canon librarian, taking his walk in the cloisters, tried to make Gabriel talk; but the fugitive, with a remnant of prudence, showed himself towards the cassocks, as they themselves said, coldly courteous and reserved, fearing that they would expel him if they became acquainted with his views.

They listened absently, putting their hands in their cassocks.

Others were questioned, including three Italian friars wearing cassocks and cowls, who bore a most wondrous testimony.

The gardens filled and he heard the ringing cries of the students, mingling with the laughter of the professors as they played tennis, with their cassocks tucked up between their knees, or perhaps chatted under the trees with the youngsters, without any posturing or hauteur, as though they were companions of the same age.

Besides these, there are trumpeters in crimson cassocks, mounted on goodly horses, and having their clarions adorned with silken pennons, on which the royal arms are broidered.

170 examples of  cassocks  in sentences