160 examples of castaways in sentences

When they recovered sufficiently from their astonishment at the spectacle, they ran down the hillside, and proposed to help the "castaways" to land.

All night long the warring elements raged about the remaining castaways, who clung with the tenacity of despair to the wreck.

Since the art of navigation became known, there have been castaways in romance and reality without number.

But it revealed drift on drift of snow piled high around the hut,a hopeless, uncharted, trackless sea of white lying below the rocky shores to which the castaways still clung.

The castaways left with her for Sydney, Australia, and from there reached San Francisco by the steamship Ventura, ten months after they had sailed away on the El Dorado.

When grown up, these castaways went to the land of their royal father and his brother, but Cherry was for a while employed in getting for Fairstar (1) The dancing water, which had the gift of imparting beauty; (2) The singing apple, which had the gift of imparting wit; and (3) The green bird, which could reveal all secrets.

He says, 'You may be Christian men; you may have the means of grace; you may come to the Communion and use the means of grace; and yet you may become castaways.' St. Paul himself says, in the very verse before, 'I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest . . . .

Here came water, rice, bread, sugar, flour, and perhaps meat, for poor castaways, and probably moneyfrom kindly lady-passengers, this last, for the ship was obviously a liner.

The great steamer approached, slowed down, and came to a standstill beside the boat of the starving castaways.

The hearts of the castaways were filled with contentment as their stomachs were filled with food, and so busily did they devote themselves to eating, drinking, and sleeping that they forgot all about Moussa Isa beneath the palm-mats.

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SEE The castaways.

SEE The castaways.

A feeling of gloom settled down over the castaways.

Then, with sticks for knives and forks, the two castaways made a fairly good meal.

There were tins of ship's biscuits, some jars of jam and marmalade, plenty of canned beef, tongue and other meats, rice, flourin short, a bountiful supply for the small party of castaways.

Tired out with their day's work, and by the struggle with the sea, the castaways all slept soundly.

He had grown almost used to life on the island, as had the other castaways.

The castaways turned their boat in the direction of the distant object.

" The castaways were thoroughly tired out, and that night all went to bed and slept soundly.

The boat was floated without difficulty, and the castaways got aboard.

" The parched throats and swelling tongues of the castaways were soon relieved by a fairly cool drink from the filled skins in the native boat.

A little breeze had sprung up, and, guided by the natives, the castaways were soon at the island.

160 examples of  castaways  in sentences