231 examples of castleman in sentences

One old hunter, Castleman by name, was in after years fond of describing how an Indian nearly lured him to his death.

" "Your uncle is downstairs under the arbor, Yolanda," said Frau Castleman, gently.

He is a strong, noble man, Uncle Castleman, and we must save him.

" "If I knew where to begin, I would try at once," said Castleman, "but I do not know, and I cannot think of" "I have a plan," interrupted Yolanda, "that will set the matter going.

" True to his promise, Hymbercourt went to Castleman's that evening, but he had learned nothing and had thought out no plan of action.

Castleman gave our names and told the story of our meeting at Basel, after we had escorted Merchant Franz from Cannstadt.

Then he narrated Max's adventure at the moat bridge, closing with: "Count Calli grossly insulted Fräulein Castleman, for which Sir Max chastised him; and no doubt, my lord, this arrest has been made for revenge.

" All departed save Castleman, Hymbercourt, Max, and myself, who remained at the duke's request.

Before leaving the inn I had determined to ask Castleman to satisfy my curiosity concerning Yolanda.

Max and I were sitting in the long room (it was on the ground floor and extended across the entire front of the house) with Castleman when Frau Kate entered followed by Yolanda and Twonette.

Castleman's house faced south, and stood on the lower end of the strip of ground that lay between the castle wall and the moat.

The Postern was perhaps three hundred yards north from the upper end of Castleman's garden.

I had dined at the emperor's table in Vienna; I had lived in Italy; I had sojourned in the East, where luxuries are most valued and used, but I had never partaken of a more delicious supper than that which I ate at the house of my rich burgher friend, George Castleman.

When the pan was placed before Castleman, she exclaimed: "Be careful, uncle!

Then they rose and came to the table where Castleman and I were sitting.

Yolanda might have wished to deceive us by pointing out the princess while we watched the cavalcade from Castleman's garden.

If she were not at Castleman's house there could be but one answer to my riddle.

Max and I hitched our horses, and when Castleman's front door opened, lo!

"Take it, mother, to the iron box, and I will lead Sir Karl back to Uncle Castleman's," she said.

CHAPTER XVI PARTICEPS CRIMINIS That evening after supper Max and I walked over to Castleman's.

I had just seen at Castleman's, and for the first time in all my experience I realized that I was face to face with a dual personality.

Max and I walked straight ahead toward the Cologne bridge, intending, as we had promised, to go back to Castleman's.

When we left Castleman's, I did not bring up the subject of Mary and Yolanda.

My spirits were somewhat dampened by Castleman's words concerning the French king.

On the day after we learned of King Louis' approach, the princess called Hymbercourt, Hugonet, Castleman, and myself to her closet and graciously asked us to be seated about a small table.

231 examples of  castleman  in sentences