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451 examples of  catechisms  in sentences

451 examples of catechisms in sentences

the old Shorter Catechism has a grand beginning: "Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him for ever."

If any have been, unhappily for them, brought up to learn Catechisms and hymns which do not belong to the Church, and which terrify little children with horrible notions of God's wrath, and the torments prepared not merely for wicked men, but for unconverted children, and then teach them to say, "Can such a wretch as I Escape this dreadful end?" so much the worse for them.

St. Francis Xavier's "catechisms" were often hardly less uncouth.

Parental authority never used to be called into question; neither was the catechism, nor the Bible, nor the minister.

How tall for instance?" "Why, madam," cried the Marquess, rather unprepared for such a catechism, and looking around him until the outstretched neck and the eager attention of Caroline Harris caught his eye, when he added with an air of great simplicity"about the height of Miss Harris.

Is the catechism ended at last?"

Calvin himself attached great importance to catechisms, and prepared one even for children.

Danter, thou art deceived, wit is dearer than thou takest it to be: I tell thee, this libel of Cambridge has much fat and pepper in the nose; it will sell sheerly underhand, when all these books of exhortations and catechisms lie moulding on thy shopboard.

After his death, in 1818, Mrs. Lee continued to reside in Alexandria; was a communicant of Christ Church; and her children were taught the Episcopal catechism by young William Meade, eventually Bishop of Virginia.

I can't call you 'general'I have heard you your catechism too often!" Alexandria continued to be the residence of the family until the young man was eighteen years of age, when it was necessary for him to make choice of a profession; and, following the bent of his temperament, he chose the army.

When General Lee was informed of the fact, he exhibited lively emotion, for the good bishop, as we have said in the commencement of this narrative, had taught him his catechism when he was a boy in Alexandria.

I can't call you 'general'I must call you 'Robert;' I have heard you your catechism too often.

At the same time the assembly undertook the composition of a catechism and confession of faith; but their progress was daily retarded by the debates respecting the nine questions; and the influence of their party was greatly diminished by the sudden death of the earl of Essex.[a]

Would she open on them with the Westminster Catechism this time, or set them to shelling peas for some poor man's dinner, or would she examine them in the multiplication table?

" He finished his tea almost in silence, and, the meal over, emphasized his position as head of the family by taking the easy-chair, a piece of furniture sacred to Mr. Green, and subjecting that injured man to a catechism which strained his powers of endurance almost to breaking- point.

What religion is, and of what parts it doth consist, every catechism will tell you, what symptoms it hath, and what effects it produceth: but for their superstitions, no tongue can tell them, no pen express, they are so many, so diverse, so uncertain, so inconstant, and so different from themselves.

The examination was closed amidst resounding anthems of," Let their hope be in thee;" and a third apostolic flame ensued, enclosing Saint John, who completed the catechism with the topic of Charity.

In this particular case the mode of quotation cannot be said to be very unscrupulous; but even if it were more so we need not go back to antiquity for parallels: they are to be found in abundance in any ordinary collection of proof texts of the Church Catechism or of the Thirty-nine Articles, or in most works of popular controversy.

The bondsmen were allowed special privileges on Sundays and holidays and their children were taught the catechism according to the ordinance of Louis XIV in 1724, which provided that all masters should educate their slaves in the Apostolic Catholic religion and have them baptized.

I think you will agree with him that now, when the moment seems come for a really national system of education, it would be a great pity not to put an end to the teaching of catechisms in rate-supported schools.

This work may be bound up with the "Catechism," if desired, to which it is in fact a Key.

In spite of Wisler's catechism he had let Angela accept Carmen's invitation, had even urged her to accept.

I wish you constantly to keep in mind the first question and answer in that excellent form of sound words, the Assembly Catechism, viz:"What is the chief end of Man?"

You have no more need for a sealskin cloak than a cat has for a catechism.

It would be such a fine thing to bring over one of those Protestant heretics, and a "liberal" one too!not that there was any real difference between them, but it sounded better to say that one of these rationalizing free-and-equal religionists had been made a convert than any of those half-way Protestants who were the slaves of catechisms instead of councils and of commentators instead of popes.

Pamphlets, hymn books, and catechisms especially adapted to the work were written by churchmen, and placed in the hands of discreet missionaries acceptable to the slaveholders.

If any of them when they come to me shall not have learned the catechism, I will take care that they do it, and will give them a reward when they have accomplished it.

[Footnote 1: Positivist Catechism, 1852

" CHAPTER X THE PRINCIPAL During 1877 and 1878 the United Presbyterian Church was much occupied with a discussion that had arisen in regard to its relation to the "Subordinate Standards," i.e. to the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

It must be remembered that no Dissenting preacher could legally officiate without previously 'subscribing' to the doctrinal articles of the Church of England or their equivalents in the Westminster Assembly's catechisms.

The rosary, the crucifix, the shrine, the banner, the procession, were catechisms and tracts invented for those who could not read, wherein the substance of pages was condensed and gave itself to the eye and the touch.

What do you think Josey would have been, if Mrs. Brooks had been her mother?" "I don't know, quite; unhappy, I am sure; for Mrs. Brooks's own children look as if they had been fed on chopped catechism, and whipped early every morning, ever since they were born.


"The Catechisms of the Rev. T. Wilson stand foremost in the rank of this mode of teaching, and the series fills a hiatus in this department of literature.

" THE CHILD'S BOOK OF FACTS, Comprising the First, Second, and Third Catechisms of Common Things.


Kit was thankful for this indulgence, and sat reading the Church Catechism, until the man entered again.

A teacher in a Sabbath School promised to supply all the children in his class with a catechism, who had none.

One of the little girls went home from the school after the books were given out, and said: "Mamma, if I had told a lie to-day, I would have got a catechism.

They told me on the way how their mother had bought each of them a new catechism on last market day, and they said, if I once saw how pretty their books were, I would not look at my old one any more.

Our teacher asked us all, when we went in, if we had any catechisms, and those who said they had not, received one from the teacher as a present.

If each of Abraham's pupils under such a catechism did not become a very Aristides in justice, then an illustrious example, patriarchal dignity, and practical lessons, can make but slow headway against human perverseness!

The catechism was the next exercise, and they manifested a thorough acquaintance with its contents.

If each of Abraham's pupils under such a catechism did not become a very Aristides in justice, then an illustrious example, patriarchal dignity, and practical lessons, can make but slow headway against human perverseness!

If each of Abraham's pupils under such a catechism did not become a very Aristides in justice, then illustrious examples, patriarchal dignity, and practical lessons, can make but slow headway against human perverseness!

Tahitian mythology does not agree with geology, any more than does the catechism; for though the scientists aver that these separate isles were not united until ages after their formation, a legend ran that at one time the union was complete, but that a sea-god conceived a hatred for the inhabitants of the Presqu'ile of Taiarapu, the fearless clans of the Teva-i-tai and the Te-Ahupo.

Our philosophy, our catechisms, and our rules have not uprooted the convictions and thought methods of centuries.

"I will not go to Sabbath school to-morrow," said Florence Drew, as she threw aside her catechism and sat herself sullenly by the window.

At the end of a long catechism by Mr. KING regarding the literature issued by the War Aims Committee, Mr. OUTHWAITE inquired if it could be sent to Members of the House.

Let the latter set the two former by the ears and make them very unhappy for four acts, during which he must promulgate all manner of shocking maxims, interlarded with poisons, daggers, oracles, &c.; while the good characters repeat their catechism of moralities.

The going to early mass, the holding their dog-eared catechisms as if they were relics, the instruction from the priest, even if he were only old Father Dolomierit all put such a little air of devotion into their faces that it imposed (as it did every year) upon their companions, which was a vastly gratifying effect.

Between catechisms and instructions Madame Joubert would have "La Vie des Saints" read aloud, to stimulate their piety and to engage their thoughts; for the thoughts of first communicants are worse than flies for buzzing around the forbidden.

A certain would-be bibliopole, desirous of emulating the Constables, Boyds, and Colburns of this century, lately opened a couple of windows at Johnston, and exhibited the beautiful wood-cuts on the title page of the Shorter Catechism to the wondering amateurs of the fine arts there with so much success, as to induce him to become printer and publisher.

From the moment that we began to learn our catechisms at school we believed it, of course, every word of it.

If "God" is only the name which we give to the vast, unknown Power which lies behind the visible phenomena of the universe, if He is only a dim shadow projected by our own minds, or a collection of attributes whose names we have learned from the Catechism, our prayers will soon come to an end.

Our teacher asked us all, when we went in, if we had any catechisms, and those who said they had not, received one from the teacher as a present.

Very possibly you will not unite with me; but these little catechisms are, once in a while, indispensable, to vindicate one's course to one's-self.

"To which is added the Assembly of Divines Catechism."New-England Primer, p. 1.

In all that he thus originates, he is himself a Novum Organon of knowledge, and capable of teaching others, especially those officious men who would help him with their second-hand authorship, and their paltry catechisms of common-places.

We teach a certain foundation to every onethe Catechism, of course, two languages perfectly, the elements of physical science, and a great deal of history.

(You can't understand the Catechism without history, and vice-versa); but after that we specialize.

When men that can learn the hardest trade in a few years have not learned a catechism, nor how to understand their creed, under twenty or thirty years' preaching, nor can abide to be questioned about such things, doth not this show that they have slighted them in their hearts?

Subsequently, she studied the Siamese language also, and translated a Catechism and one of the Gospels into that tongue.

There were two or three fine old colonial houses, which are standing now and are not likely to be improved upon; but most of the dwellings were of the orthodox New England village pattern, built, I suppose, to square with the theology of the Shorter Catechism, or perhaps with the measurements of the New Jerusalem, the length and breadth and height of which are equal.

Its most earnest champions were Rowland Hill and Mrs. Hannah More; but it is worthy of note that this excellent lady, justly honoured as a pioneer of elementary education, confined her curriculum to the Bible and the Catechism, and "such coarse works as may fit the children for servants.

each; and at the end of the first year, if the girl has behaved well, another guinea is given her, with a Bible, a Prayer-book, the Whole Duty of Man, and Secker's Lectures on the Catechism.

(The Child ponders upon this answer with a view to a fresh catechism upon the equine passion for entertainment, and the desirability, or otherwise, of gratifying it.)

"Before he was up to your age," she would lay down, "he was fitted to say off Catechisms and to read newses.

SCHUMACHER, M. A. How to teach the catechism.

The care and feeding of children; a catechism for the use of mothers' and children's nurses.

My faith; a preliminary proof of the proposed catechism explanation.

MCGUIRE, MICHAEL A. Father McGuire's New study help Baltimore catechism, no.2. Pictures: W. G. Schnelle.

Catechism of Gregorian chant.

The care and feeding of children; a catechism for the use of mothers' and children's nurses.

A short explanation of Dr. Martin Luther's small catechism; a handbook of Christian doctrine.

Collect and catechism were duly committed to memory, prayers regularly read in the family, the Sabbath rigorously observed, a stiff and precise order reigned through the whole household; but it wanted the charm and life of spiritual feeling.

For years they had not seen the inside of a church; nevertheless, mingled with men who were loose of tongue and life, there still remained many Sabbath-keepers and Bible-readers, who studied their catechisms on Sundays, and disliked almost equally profane language and debauchery.

But the literature on this subject was as confusing and unsatisfactory as the longer and shorter catechisms and the Thirty-nine Articles of our faith.

When women understand that governments and religions are human inventions; that Bibles, prayerbooks, catechisms, and encyclical letters are all emanations from the brain of man, they will no longer be oppressed by the injunctions that come to them with the divine authority of "Thus saith the Lord.

I also remember that when I was examined by the clergyman for confirmation, it troubled me much that he only put questions which tested my memory concerning the Catechism and other formulas, instead of trying to find out whether I had any actual faith in that about which I was to be called to profess faith: I was not then aware that his sole duty was to try my knowledge.

"Really, mother," Dicky interposed, his face darkening, "you're going a little too far with that catechism.

He had often told me, as, I doubt not, he did all his acquaintance, that he would marry, as soon as his life was despaired of: accordingly, a few days before his death, he underwent the ceremony, and joined together those two sacraments, which, wise men say, should be the last we receive; for, if you observe, matrimony is placed after extreme unction in our catechism, as a kind of hint of the order of time in which they are to be taken.

C. Of course, when country freedom was everything, and we knew nothing of rational intercourse; but when all the most intellectual houses are open to me, it is intolerable to be buried alive here with nothing to talk of but clerical shop, and nothing to do but read to old women, and cram the unfortunate children with the catechism.

I can't stand your prim school-children, drilled in the Catechism, and your old women who get out the Bible and the clean apron when they see you a quarter of a mile off.

After breakfast, whatever is available trots off to din the Catechism and Genesis into the school-children's headsthe only things my respected forefather cares about teaching them.

Thus, slenderly equipped with knowledge, the priest, with his ritual, missal, and a catechism, and the bishop, with his crozier and bell, went forth to do battle for the Lord.

"Alcohol and Hygiene" and the "Catechism on Alcohol" are among the studies.

(See "History of American Missionary Association," also "A Catechism.") Second Topic.

*** CHAPTER XI THE VISION IS THE CRYSTAL Master Gerard, however, did not seem to be aware of her presence, for he continued his catechism steadily.

Mr. LAW joyfully jumped at the chance of ending the daily catechism once for all.

The slaves were not allowed to attend schools of any kind; and school facilities immediately following Emancipation were very poor; when the first teacher, Miss Smith, a Yankee, came to Sparta, Georgia and began teaching Sunday School, all of the children were given testaments or catechisms which their parents were afraid for them to keep lest their masters whip them, but

but then I asked him a great many questions: our conversation was rather like the catechism: the moment I stopped asking him questions, he began asking me!" CHAPTER XII.

There, too, his marriage banns had to be publishedand it was a presentable offence to marry without banns; there he had to have his children christened and his wife churched; there he was compelled to send sons, daughters or apprentices to be catechized,[120] and there himself learn the principles of religion (if he were ignorant of them), for without a knowledge of the Catechism and the Ten Commandments he could not receive communion.

Nor are schoolmasters to use other grammars or catechisms than those officially prescribed.

CYRIL OF JERUSALEM, ST., patriarch of Jerusalem, elected 351, and a Father of the Greek Church; in the Arian controversy then raging was a Semi-Arian, and was persecuted by the strict Arians; joined the Nicene party at the Council of Constantinople in 381; was an instructor in church doctrine to the common people by his catechisms (315-386).

Kilian was in constant surprise, and made out many catechisms, but he got little satisfaction.

This work ought to be arranged as a catechism: in fact all cookery books, all receipt books, should be in the form of Question and Answer.

This pamphlet forcibly suggested to me the necessity for a slave church catechism, and also, indeed, if it were possible, a slave Bible.

I will drum the whole catechism into thee when we drink together tomorrow.

It is, as the author intended it to be, "less learned and elaborate than the usual systematic works, and at the same time more detailed, connected, and explicit than the 'Conversations' or 'Catechisms.'" It avoids "all prolixity of language and the use of less intelligible terms;" and, to speak plainly, the illustrative applications throughout the work are familiar as household words.