2547 examples of caution in sentences

To which the beautiful Judith, with a preparatory caution to the young O'Calligans, replied by saying, that she had never been tried; and if that was all the foundation for such a charge, the best way to prove its falseness was to immediately test her friendship.

Slowly, and with the caution he always used, Joe started on his journey across the wire.

Realizing that he must use every caution, Joe Strong had two things to think of.

But one word of caution.

Emigrants are the chief sufferers, I was told, by such transactions, from their want of caution, and ignorance of the arts of the accomplished deceivers who conduct them.

Excessive caution was necessary, perpetual vigilance was imperative; a single imprudent measure might be fatal in such exigencies.

This successful retreat from the Hudson over the Delaware was another exhibition of high military qualities,caution, quick perception, and prompt action.

And we walked then for six hours, and went sometimes creeping, and oft stoopt, and ever with a great caution.

In the same spirit Plato and Aristotle, and no less strongly the oracle of the landlords, the Carthaginian Mago, caution masters against bringing together slaves of the same nationality, lest they should originate combinations and perhaps conspiracies of their fellow-countrymen.

Severe wounds had not taught her caution.

It should however be understood that in "tailoring," as in other "sweating" trades, the lowest figures quoted must be received with caution.

Through caution, she had not brought a candle.

And, as darkness fell, Tallow Dick was cautiously picking his way alongside the steep wall of the Gap toward freedom, and picking it with stealthy caution, foot by foot; for up there, to this day, big loose rocks mount halfway to the jagged points of the black cliffs, and a careless step would have detached one and sent an avalanche of rumbling stones down to betray him.

There it was upon the sand, and holding the candle nearer to it with a certain caution, as though it would spring up and bite me, I saw it was a great full black beard, more than a foot long, but going grey at the tips; and had at the back, keeping it together, a thin tissue of dried skin, like the false parting which Aunt Jane wore under her cap on Sundays.

, gives a special caution to great-bellied women, "that they do not admit such absurd conceits and cogitations, but by all means avoid those horrible objects, heard or seen, or filthy spectacles."

On this account we had to proceed with great caution, keeping always two men at the head of the ship, and one in the main-top, to look out for shoals and breakers; and as a farther precaution, we sailed only during the day, and came to anchor every night.

The Injuns see 'em as quick as I did, and the way they turned and put back was a caution to anything I ever see.

"As he drew near the thicket, he dismounted from his pony and approached the jungle with great caution.

The whole reads more naturally as a caution against the inconsiderate use of final causes in science, and an illustration of some of the manifold errors and absurdities which their hasty assumption is apt to involve,considerations probably analogous to those which induced Lord Bacon rather disrespectfully to style final causes "sterile virgins."

Nevertheless the sight gave him such a start that he proceeded with even greater caution.

The proposal was thought to be such as ought neither to be rejected, nor yet assented to without caution.

Fabius Maximus sent as dictator against Hannibal, whom he frustrates by caution and delay.

Marcus Minucius, the master of the horse, a rash and impetuous man, inveighs against the caution of Fabius, and obtains an equality of command with him.

In questioning civilians caution is observed not to disclose information that may be of value to the enemy.

The great caution, advisable at all times, of limiting appropriations to the wants of the public service is rendered necessary at present by the prospective and rapid reduction of the tariff, while the vigilant jealousy evidently excited among the people by the occurrences of the last few years assures us that they expect from their representatives, and will sustain them in the exercise of, the most rigid economy.

2547 examples of  caution  in sentences