10557 examples of ceased in sentences

the slave who breathed it but once ceased thereby to be a slave.

During these terrible years most of Northumberland was a desolate waste; and divine service had almost ceased to be performed between Newcastle and Carlisle, even Hexham being deserted for a time.

Robert Stephenson went to school at Percy Street Academy, which for long has ceased to exist.

All went well for a time, but after some years the connection between the Government and Elswick ceased; the Ordnance and Engineering works were then amalgamated into one concern, and Mr. George Rendel and Captain Noblenow Sir Andrew Noble, and one of the greatest living authorities on explosiveswere placed in charge of the former.

Then patience ceased, and he was forbidden the house of his uncle.

There were the famine-stricken and the perishing, almost as wasted and helpless as those whose sufferings had ceased.

When it ceased I went to himhe was deadstarved to death in our presence.

At nightfall he ceased to breathe, and she was alone in the desolate camp, where she performed the last sad ministrations, and then her duty in the mountains was accomplished.

God is my judge, and it long ago ceased to trouble me that people shunned and slandered me.

A fairly good government was organized, and the executions ceased.

The sea-breeze being unimpeded by the intervention of land blew so strong that, when the flood ceased, we were enabled to proceed for some time against the ebb-tide.

And on the 4th in latitude 28 degrees the trade-wind ceased: the winds were however variable between South and South-East until we reached the latitude of 31 1/2 degrees and longitude 95 degrees 20 minutes; when the wind veered by North-East to North-West and West-North-West and we made rapid progress to the south-east.

" Reluctantly the frightened child turned his attention again to his little sister; ever and anon suppressed groans from his mother would reach his earsat last he heard a groan even fierce in its intensity; and then the sounds grew fainter and fainter until they entirely ceased.

The night to the poor shivering creatures in their hiding place seemed interminably long, and the sound of voices in the house had not long ceased when the faint light of day pierced their cheerless shelter.

But in the middle of the eighth century the Danes arrived to pillage the country, and no sooner were they driven out than the English came to continue the work of destruction, and never since has it ceased.'

'DEAR MISS GLYNN, 'I gather from your letter that religion has ceased to interest you,

After 1833, therefore, the collectors of United States revenue ceased to deposit it in the Bank of the United States, and put it in state banks ("pet banks") named by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The Tennessee Democratic State Central Committee, in an address, declared that the encroachments of their Northern brethren had reached a point where forbearance ceased to be a virtue.

By these it seems that hostilities with the Cherokees have ceased, and that there is a pleasing prospect of a permanent peace with that nation; but from all the communications of the governor it appears that the Creeks, in small parties, continue their depredations, and it is uncertain to what they may finally lead.

By the time I had expressed the surprise and satisfaction which Sergeant Lindsay's communication had given me, we had reached the house, when all conversation between us of a private nature ceased for the time.

Captain Stirling examined them both: the former to its source, the latter beyond the point where the water ceased to be brackish.

Perhaps the most merciful portion of her sentence was that which condemned her to suffer on the same day; and for this she was undoubtedly indebted to the impatience of De Luynes, who did not feel himself secure of the succession until she should have ceased to breathe.

It requires patience to stick to it until the wound has ceased to bleed, and the best, highest, truest type of love to make you want to do it.

A relative pronoun is a pronoun that represents an antecedent word or phrase, and connects different clauses of a sentence; as, "No people can be great, who have ceased to be virtuous.

The times were, indeed, changing when men like Waring and Pat ceased to ride the high trails and settled down to ranching under fence.

10557 examples of  ceased  in sentences