801 examples of celebrations in sentences

Hence, before the thirteenth century, we find celebrations of simple feasts, of semi-doubles and of doubles.

His sexual libido was of the quality that stimulated his soldiers to sing celebrations of his exploits.

The Temple was for great ceremonies and celebrations, like a mediaeval cathedral,an object of pride and awe, adorned and glorious; the synagogue was a sort of church, humble and modest, for the use of the people in ordinary worship,a place of religious instruction, where decent strangers were allowed to address the meetings, and where social congratulations and inquiries were exchanged.

In the course of a speech which he made on that occasion, after referring to the fact that both his predecessors had taken part in similar celebrations, he said:

The chroniclers tell of constant festivals and celebrations.

But here too it wanted either the requisite power or the requisite energy: it succeeded, apparently, in checking the practice of baiting animals, but the appearance of sets of gladiators at private festivals, particularly at funeral celebrations, was not suppressed.

The southern rim of the Cuzco Basin is broken by no very striking peaks, although Huanacaurai (13,427 ft.), the highest point, is connected in Inca tradition with some of the principal festivals and religious celebrations.

To Drusus his father and Antonia his mother he offered horse-races on their birthdays, putting off to different days the festivals which would occur on the same dates, in order that there should not be two celebrations at once.

It wasn't till our celebrations were over that we noticed that anything was wrong in Fairfield.

They have a place on the programme at all celebrations of feast days; they appear at weddings and birthday anniversaries, and are quite as important as an orchestra at one of our social occasions at home.

He started the Shiv Jayanti celebrations in Goa and, in his tenure of 10 years, he fought several intellectual and political battles.

The Kaiser has had his first War birthday and, as the Prussian Government has ordered that there shall be no public celebrations, this confirms the rumours that he now wishes he had never been born.

When he had been named dictator by Lepidus the first time, he had sent him immediately after the praetorship into Hither Spain; and when he returned he had honored him with triumphal celebrations though Lepidus had conquered no foes nor so much as fought with any,the excuse being that he had been at the scene of the exploits of Longinus and of Marcellus.

The celebrations of the past week have set us all upon a royal tack.

The House was more interested to hear that the Peace celebrations will include a Naval procession through London, and that there will be a display in the Thames of war-ships of various classes, including, possibly, some of those captured from the enemy.

There were five celebrations of this game at Athens, of which the most noted was at the Panathenaea, where horsemen often contended.

Members were a little comforted, however, by the announcement that a Committee of the Cabinet is already considering the whole question of Peace-celebrations.


But the mandates for such celebrations reach not the heart: flowers were gathered, and flags planted, with the scrupulous exactitude of fear;* yet all was cold and heavy, and a discerning government must have read in this anxious and literal obedience the indication of terror and hatred.

The Assembly listened to this tolerating oration with impatience, passed to the order of the day, and called loudly for Decades, with celebrations in honour of "the liberty of the world, posterity, stoicism, the republic, and the hatred of tyrants!"

Of twelve articles of an act said to be concessive, eight are prohibitory and restrictive; and a municipal officer, or any other person "in place or office," may controul at his pleasure all religious celebrations.

*** Hackney will supply electricity to consumers at a special rate during the Peace celebrations.

As a rule, no danger attended these curious celebrations, but occasionally somebody's clothes caught fire, which was quickly put out.

Again, a very ancient Irish poem, enumerating the May Day celebrations, mentions among them a bonfire on a hill (tendal ar cnuc); and another old authority says that these fires were kindled in the name of the idol-god Bel. From an old life of St. Patrick we learn that on a day in spring the heathen of Ireland were wont to extinguish all their fires until a new fire was kindled with solemn ceremony in the king's house at Tara.

He enjoyed both driving and riding, frequented balls and masqueradesa finished dancerand took part in popular celebrations also, masquerading regularly on St. Bridget's Day as Pierrot.

801 examples of  celebrations  in sentences