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1016 example sentences with  celtic

1016 example sentences with celtic

Bonamy,[AK] on the other hand, is of opinion, that soon after that conquest, a corruption of vulgar Latin by the Celtic formed the Romance, which he takes to be the language always meant by authors when they speak of the Lingua Romana used in Gaul.

Duclos,[AN] guided, I imagine, by du Cange,[AO] whose opinion appears to be the most sober and best authenticated, maintains that the vulgar Latin was undoubtedly the foundation of the Romance; but that much of the Celtic gradually insinuated itself in spite of the policy of the Romans, who never failed to use all their endeavours in order to establish their language wherever they spread their arms.

Among this variety of conjectures and acute controversies, I find it however agreed on all hands, that the vocabulary of the Roman, and the idiom of the Celtic, have chiefly contributed to the formation of the Gallic, Romance, which is sufficient to prove that it partakes of a common origin with that of the Grisons.

[Footnote S: A parallel instance of the formation of a language by Roman colonies is the idiom of Moldavia; which, according to Prince Cantemir's account of that country, has still many traces of its Latin origin, and which, though engrafted upon the Dacian, and since upon the Sclavonian dialects of the Celtic, may still be considered as a sister language to that I am, here treating of.]

But in the west of Europe, a host of other demons, far more formidable, were brought into play, who had their origin in Celtic, Teutonic, and even in Eastern fables; and as their existence, as well as influence, was boldly asserted, not only by the early christians, but even by the reformers, it was long before the rites to which they were accustomed were totally eradicated.

Celtic literature is not a morbid literature.

The third great Celtic Cyclethe Arthurianbears close resemblances, as Campbell, of "The West Highland Tales," has shown, to the Fian Cycle, and had evidently a common origin.

Some of the short poems have appeared in the "Glasgow Herald" and "Inverness Courier"; the three tales appeared in the "Celtic Review."

In Strathpeffer district the tale is well known, and it is referred to in "Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition."

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Troy, Mixed Celtic memories with the Phrygian mount, And Highland linns with Castalie's clear fount.

There is a difference, however, between dying and being "kilt," which we need not point out to those noble champions of liberty who are also of the Celtic persuasion.

For a moment we find her almost overwhelmed by an inroad of the wild Celtic tribes from the forests of Central Europe; but, fortunately for her, the other Italian states were equally crushed.

Transalpine Gaulthat part lying north and northwest of the Alps from Romecomprised in Caesar's day three divisions: Aquitaine to the southwest, Celtic Gaul in the middle, and Belgic Gaul to the northwest.

Briefly noticing the antecedent history of plant-worship, it would seem to have lain at the foundation of the old Celtic creed, although few records on this point have come down to us.

Thus the very name of Druidism is a proof of the Celtic addiction to tree-worship, and De Brosses,[10] as a further evidence that this was so, would derive the word kirk, now softened into church, from quercus, an oak; that species having been peculiarly sacred.

Clausentum, which even to-day, is not without charm was as I understand it, the mother of Southampton, a Roman, perhaps even a Celtic foundation, for its name Clausentum is certainly of Celtic origin.

Clausentum, which even to-day, is not without charm was as I understand it, the mother of Southampton, a Roman, perhaps even a Celtic foundation, for its name Clausentum is certainly of Celtic origin.

The situation of Clausentum, too, was rather Celtic than Roman.

Indeed we are almost as ignorant of Roman as we are of Celtic Winchester.

Commendation, on the other hand, may have had a Gallic or Celtic origin, and an analogy only with the Roman clientship.

He singled out a warrior of inferior grade, toward whom he made at a gallop, and, insulting him by word of mouth, after the ancient fashion of the Celtic warriors, cried: "Frank, I am going to give thee my first present, a present which I have been keeping for thee a long while, and which I hope thou wilt bear in mind;" and launched at him a javelin which the other received on his shield.

Our epic poems are of German origin, and the Table Round is of Celtic origin.

When he speaks of Britons and British he always means the Celtic peoples of the island.

Finally the Celtic cavalry, of whom Caesar had gained possession along with the elephants, withdrew to Antony's side again.

She sang as she worked in the house, her sweet, ribbony voice filling the room with a gladness and rapture that made her mother, with her mystical Celtic temperament almost apprehensive.

Wherefore, it may be doubted whether at any time the curly-haired young Cuban had that playful affection for his Celtic comrade, which a habit of giving little velvet taps to Galahad's cheek made a show of.

" "Let us go to Madame Schneider!" cried two or three, and amid huzzas and confused cries, among which was heard a stentorian Celtic call for drinks, the crowd again began to move.

To these two original diversities may be reduced all those impertinent classifications of Gothic and Celtic tribes, white men, black men, red men.

Even a drop of the warm enthusiastic Celtic would be better than none.

All the work of William Sharp that he published under the pseudonym of "Fiona Macleod" belongs to this Celtic Renaissance.

Instead of looking to the land of dreams and the misty past, like the Celtic writers, Masefield and Gibson, two younger English poets, have found in the everyday life of the present time the themes for their verse.

CELTIC DRAMATISTS Strong national feeling, interest in the folklore and peasant life of Ireland, and ambition to establish a national theater, have led to a distinct and original Irish drama.

This play was one of the first Celtic dramas to be produced, and in its present revised form (1912) it is one of the most engaging of the Irish plays.

Riders to the Sea has been pronounced the greatest drama of the modern Celtic school.

Some of the best poetry, full of the fascination of a dreamy far-off world, has been written by the Celtic poets, Yeats, Russell, and Fiona Macleod.

The Celtic dramatists form a separate school.

Yeats's Celtic Twilight.

What does the phrase "Celtic Renaissance" signify?

Celtic Dramatists.

Caesar, being informed of this, and perceiving that he had met with good success in all parts of Gaul, and reflecting that, in former campaigns, [Celtic] Gaul had been conquered and subdued; but that he had never gone in person to Aquitania, but had made a conquest of it, in some degree, by Marcus Crassus, set out for it with two legions, designing to spend the latter part of the summer there.

Their name is derived from their height, Alp being an old Celtic appellation for "a lofty mountain"; Caesar crosses them with five legions, G. i. 10; sends Galba to open a free passage over them to the Roman merchants, G. iii.

The light hair and blue eyes of the warriors, and the hair of old age on the heads of children, which excited the astonishment of the Romans, are not Celtic characteristics.

Pusio, a Celtic horseman, discharged a stone against the wall which so shook the superstructure that it immediately fell and dragged down the man who was leaning upon it.

After that he asked them, making the Celtic war his excuse, not to come to greet him at home nor to be angry if he did not continue to eat with them.

Her Celtic blood was pounding gloriously now.

Celtic music was playing.


Sprung from an old Yorkshire family, Charles Stephen Dale was yet sufficient of a Cockney to justify both his friends and his enemies in crediting him with the Celtic temperament.

Thus, while his Celtic รฆstheticism permitted him to eat nothing but raw meat, because he mistrusted alike "the reeking products of the manure-heap and the barbaric fingers of cooks," it was surely his modernity that made him an agnostic, because bishops sat in the House of Lords.

The South Western station is close to another fine relic of the past, though this cannot claim to have any Celtic or pre-Celtic foundation.

The South Western station is close to another fine relic of the past, though this cannot claim to have any Celtic or pre-Celtic foundation.

But alas! fifty years of the council school and its immediate predecessor has done more to destroy this ancient form of English than ten centuries of intercourse between the Anglo-Celtic races.

"Pummery" is an oblong entrenchment enclosing about twenty acres, variously ascribed to Celts, Romans and Danes, but almost certainly Celtic, with Roman improvements and developments.

That, by the way, is a Celtic suffix; it would be interesting to know if the word has continued in constant use since British times.

Within is a fine Celtic cross erected to commemorate those who perished in the Formidable in 1915.

The "dover" in the town-name is probably the pre-Celtic root which meets the traveller when he arrives at Dover and greets him again in unsuspected places from the "dor" in Dorchester and the Falls of Lodore to the "der" in Derwent and smoky Darwen.

All have the same meaningwater; and "an," strangely enough, is a later and Celtic word for the same element, the equally ubiquitous "afon."

Scholars tell us that the essence of her stories is of Celtic rather than of Breton origin.

The Breton or Celtic imagination had peculiar qualities of dreaminess, and magic and mystery.

To see how Arthur's Queen might be treated, we have but to turn to the pages of a contemporary, and learn from Chrestien de Troyes' "Knight of the Cart," how an even more considerable poet than Marie could deal with a Celtic legend.

The fact is that Marie's romances derive farther back than any Breton or Celtic dream.

BUCCA, goblin of the wind in Celtic mythology, and supposed by the ancient inhabitants of Cornwall to foretell shipwreck.

The word is compounded of two Celtic words, Cael ("Gaul" or "Celt") and don or dun ("a hill"), so that Cael-don means "Celts of the highlands.

CELTIC HOMER (The), Ossian, said to be of the third century.

In the same spirit he included the nation of Ireland in the "Celtic fringe" upon the west of England.

These were they who knew a little of the thing called history; and if they thought at all of such dead catchwords as the "Celtic fringe" for a description of Ireland, it was to doubt whether we were worthy to kiss the hem of her garment.

It was, at first, nothing but a coarse and irregular mixture of German and Latin, the former still in a barbarous and the latter already in a corrupted state; and amidst this mixture appear some fragments of the Celtic idioms of Gaul, without any literary tradition to regulate this mass of incoherence and confusion.

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"Do you know that to-night ended my happiness?" Mama's lips parted delicately; her eyes widened; her swift Celtic spirit encompassed his grief.

That glint of the eyes which Kate called Celtic flashed from Marna.

All that was Celtic in her was coming uppermost.

Under the name of Snake Stones (glain neidr) or Adder Stones the beads are still known in those parts of our own country where the Celtic population has lingered, with its immemorial superstitions, down to the present or recent times; and the old story of the origin of the beads from the slaver of serpents was believed by the modern peasantry of Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland as by the Druids of ancient Gaul.

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His name, when it was presently heard, accounted for the blond type by revealing a Franco-Celtic origin.

Some don't expect to see much traffic in October, particularly because Celtic Colours International Festival is digital this year.

Speaking to Sky Sports at Celtic's training camp in Dubai, Brown said: "It's killing the game, it's killing the celebrations.

Ten minutes later however, Kenny Dalglish showed exactly why heโ€™s a legend at both Celtic Park and Anfield, smashing home Joe Jordanโ€™s knock-down with a finish almost too good, kissing the โ€˜postage stampโ€™ of the Dutch goal.

Armstrong, 28, who was raised in Aberdeen and attended Hazlehead Academy, moved to the Saints from Celtic โ€“ and benefited from Fifaโ€™s rules around player development.

ARSENAL and Everton are reportedly tracking Celtic's free-scoring striker Odsonne Edouard.

The striking position is one position Celtic boss Neil Lennon is keen to add to.

Richardson says a number of musical genres will be represented -- everything from traditional Celtic music, acoustic jams and good old fashioned rock and roll.

She has been influenced by European classical music, singer-songwriter traditions, jazz, eastern European, Celtic and African traditional musics, French chanson and cabaret music, Portuguese fado and East Indian dance.

She has been playing celtic/traditional music for 18 years and forms part of the band Dulaman, also based in the Digby and Annapolis Royal area.

The exciting and dynamic transatlantic trio presents a rousing blend of Irish and American folk music and have already won over audiences on both sides of the ocean (including a recent residency at the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival & College).

The featured selections of classical works as well as a tango and a Celtic rock tune.

WILDWOOD Flute and Harp Duo unites exuberance and sensitivity in their playing, from their modern interpretations of joyful and rhythmic traditional Celtic tunes, to their sensitive renderings of evocative classical works.

Your College of Piping and Celtic Arts is famous all over Canada, and to have this concert here today, as small as it is, is a great privilege for me.