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109 examples of  centimes  in sentences

109 examples of centimes in sentences

There was a purse in the inside coat pocket containing two bills, one for ten dollars and one for five, and there were two or three dollars in silver and four five-centime pieces in a small coin purse which he carried in his trousers' pocket.

Between the extremes of Italy and England stands France, the wife receiving one franc twenty-five centimes a day, each child under sixteen years of age twenty-five centimes, and a dependent parent seventy-five centimes.

Between the extremes of Italy and England stands France, the wife receiving one franc twenty-five centimes a day, each child under sixteen years of age twenty-five centimes, and a dependent parent seventy-five centimes.

Between the extremes of Italy and England stands France, the wife receiving one franc twenty-five centimes a day, each child under sixteen years of age twenty-five centimes, and a dependent parent seventy-five centimes.

A kilogram of rice, which used to cost 70 centimes, can be found now only at 80 crowns.

At the date of which I am writing, expressed on a percentual basis, the French franc is worth 47 centimes of the sterling and 36 of the dollarthat is to say, of gold.

The Italian lira is worth 28 centimes of the sterling and 21 of the dollar.

If Denis retained him as chief accountant, this was, firstly, from a feeling of gratitude for his long services; but, apart from that matter, the extraordinary thing was that Morange had never discharged his duties more ably, obstinately tracing every doubtful centime in his books, and displaying the greatest accuracy over the longest additions.

He was aware that the envious eyes of the proprietor of the Grand Hôtel Splendide were upon him; he would show him that here was a guest more majestic, more worthy of honour than even the Prince of Zeit-Zeit!a Highness, in short, so extraordinary as to cause that August personage to resemble, in some incomprehensible way, the sum of one franc fifty centimes!

I've nice ones at half a franc each, Or thirty centimes, if you will.

And look at these beads, only forty centimes, All carved, and most beautif'ly neat.

50 cents per diem, which was a little over 80 centimes each.

Telegrams, 1/2 d = 5 cents, per word, the address being charged for the same as the rest; but no telegram can cost less than 50 centimes.

" D'Apreval, who had not the least idea, turned to his companion: "What are you paying for poultry in Fécamp, my dear lady?" "Four francs and four francs fifty centimes," she said,

You vanish, not ten centimes worth the worse For all our noise, so far as we can tell; The blest "Stand easy" comes; with many a curse We hurry to the tents named after Bell.

The table runs thus: 100 centimes equal one franc; and 20 francs, one napoleon.

Five to ten centimes (1 to 2 cents) would buy 7 or 8 large Brazilian nuts and 6 to 8 fine juicy pears, or as many delicious plums, of which I was extremely fond.

One piece was a large whitish coin marked 10c., and worth 2 cents in our money; others were centimes, which are equivalent to but one fifth of our cent!

That night I received a note from Monsieur Le Roux, hardware merchant and incidentally our landlord, thanking me for sixteen francs seventy-five centimes paid in advance to his workman, and asking me to name a day on which he could call to mend our broken stove.

Where is the seventy-four francs, six centimes for the fleas your dog stole?

The two hundred francs, three centimes for the indigestion your rations gave my pig?

Martine was to have entire control of this last purse; and they might trust to her economy, they were sure that she would save the centimes.

An assignee had indeed been appointed, but he had served only to confirm the disaster, since not a centime of assets had been discovered.

It is all written down; I am not at all uneasy; mademoiselle will not wrong me by a centime.

All I had was two francs and some-odd centimes!

Everything here, it must be remembered, has some association with the Duomo and was brought here for careful preservation and that whoever has fifty centimes might take pleasure in seeing it; but the great silver altar is from the Baptistery, and being made for that temple is naturally dedicated to the life of John the Baptist.

On Good Friday evening in the lovely dying April light I paid thirty centimes to be taken by tram to Grassina to see the famous procession of the Gesù Morto.

And then I sank luxuriously into a corner seat in the waiting tram, and, seeking for the return journey's thirty centimes, found that during the proceedings my purse had been stolen.

But all this has now been done away with, and the entrance to the cloisters is from the Piazza, just to the left of the church, and there is a turnstile and a fee of fifty centimes.

For 40 centimes one may purchase a bottle of vin de gard, a thin tipple, doubtless; but what kind of claret could one buy for fourpence a quart at home?

Graves I have seen priced at 50 centimes, Barsac at 60, and eau de vie is plentiful at 1 franc 20!

At eleven o'clock the sharp boy whose stock-in-trade consisted of three trays of snails stuffed à la Bourgogne has sold all the large ones at 45 centimes a dozen, all the small at 25, and quite two-thirds of the medium-sized at 35 centimes.

At eleven o'clock the sharp boy whose stock-in-trade consisted of three trays of snails stuffed à la Bourgogne has sold all the large ones at 45 centimes a dozen, all the small at 25, and quite two-thirds of the medium-sized at 35 centimes.

People flock into cafés, the arcades of the Palais Royal, and splendid covered passages; and as soon as the rain ceases, scores of planks are thrown across the gutters in the centre of the streets, which species of pontooning is rewarded by the sous and centimes of the passengers.

He was taken and shot, and in his pocket was found a note of his breakfast of the preceding day, amounting to 57 francs 80 centimes.

Un sou; cinq centimes.

Dix sous; cinquante centimes.

She had hardly 10 francs, and the bill amounted to 19 francs, 75 centimes.

It was like going for a holiday, with comfort at the end of the journey instead of bargaining for centimes.

Whether it was the stimulus given by this memo, or whether it was merely a case of giving up the drink and becoming a reformed character, rate of exchange had, I found when I went to carry out orders, risen to and stuck at the dizzy height of twenty-three francs and twenty centimes to the pound.

His Majesty's Government has drawn in the long run (the very long run) the sum of one hundred and twenty-one francs and eighty centimes, thus making more than twice as heavy a profit as I had.

With all best wishes and enclosing stamps for eighty centimes as representing your share of the proceeds (including fee for opinion), I remain, Yours sincerely, HENRY.

The price is low, a napkin costs only five or six centimes (about a halfpenny), and when dirty, they are taken back at half-price.

Those issued in the early part of the year have gradually descended from the rank of new publications, and may be found on every quay, spread out, for a few centimes, side by side with old weather-beaten books, odd volumes, refuse of libraries, which book-lovers daily finger through in the hope of finding some pearl, some rarity, in the worthless mass.

The mountains seem to be accomplices of the people who charge fifty centimes for an echo.

he said, indicating with his cane the canal before them, where a group of neat, poorly dressed, lower middle-class people looked proudly out from their triumphal progress in the ugly, gasping little motor-boat which operates at twenty-five centimes a trip.

Labor cost little; forty-five francs a month for the men from the oasis, fifty centimes a day for those who came from Bokhara.

A kilo for four kopeksthat is to say, twelve centimes!"

The crier's business is to announce to all whom it may concern that the animal is to be killed this very evening, and that its flesh will be sold to-morrow at 1 franc 25 centimes the kilo.

The next day, when I awoke, he paid me the balance, three francs and fifty centimes, which, according to him, remained from the twenty-franc piece.

He had been rather afraid of workmen in red sashes and with lime on their clothes, especially after Sophy had told him that a trip cost twenty centimes each.

"Twenty centimes!

On the stage I paid twenty centimes a kilometre, or six and a half cents a mile.

Dames, 1 franc 50 centimes.'

I kept up my regular round of economy and work, and one Saturday, when I had paid for my dinner at the Palais Royal restaurant, I found myself with fifty centimes in my pocket, and went on a long walk in the streets of Paris, to meditate on my immediate future.

For many centimes there has not been a more remarkable testimony of unfaltering trust in the faithfulness of God in supplying human wants, than is found in the life and labor of George Muller and his Orphan Home, in Bristol, England.

When the hat was passed they found the total returns upon their venture, including the portrait, were one franc and thirty centimes.

That is, they proclaimed in loud tones the prodigies that were to be disclosed and that the performance was about to begin; to the end that, in a little while, coppers and centime pieces jingled merrily in Philidor's coat pocket, the benches were filled and a crowd two deep stood behind.

Won't you come in?" She searched his face keenly and accepted his invitation, first handing him her fifty centime piece, which he dropped without comment into his pocket.

A water-cart is a large and expensive item, and as far as he could see it would end in his having to make good the loss out of his own pocket, which at that moment contained ten centimes and a corkscrew.

This last figure will appear very high, but the fact must not be lost sight of that it is a question of poor gas, the net cost of which varies between one and two centimes per cubic meter, and the calorific power of which is but 1,487 heat units per cubic meter of constant volume, and supposing the steam condensed.

The old man's eyes would water at sight of that stern, long-faced puritan, who never had much to say in the house, but went into high dudgeon over the slightest waste on the part of the domestics, scolding the farmhands for the merest oversight in the orchards, haggling and wrangling with the orange drummers for a centime more or less per hundredweight.

She knew the price of everything and could tell down to a centime just what it was costing her to live.

The French Government had promised to give an allowance of 1 franc 25 centimes a day to the women who were dependent on soldier husbands.

It was a symbol of the economic vassalage of Serbia and Montenegro that the postage between both of these countries and any part of Austria-Hungary was ten centimes, that for letters between Serbia and Montenegro, which had to make the long détour through Austrian territory, was twenty-five.

c., centimes. conj., conjonction.

RÉAL, RÉAUX, m., petite monnaie d'Espagne, valant 25 centimes.

SOU, m., petite monnaie de cuivre, valant 5 centimes.

His bill, so far as a hurried and discreet glance could reveal, was 89 francs 50 centimes, not including the taxe.

The blue tickets were for those who had proved to the communal authorities that they could not pay; the yellow for those who paid five centimes for each person served.

Even on turf strewn with sandwich-papers and empty bottles, even in the presence of hideous peasant-women singing "Stand-er auf" for five centimes, we cannot but feel the influence of Alpine beauty.

And by way of improving its attractions a perpetual picnic is going on, and the ingenious natives have hewed a tunnel into the ice, for admission to which they charge certain centimes.

And some gave her ten centimes, others a real, one or two even a peseta.

In default of glass beads, the "pice," a Zanzibar piece, worth four centimes, and the "vroungouas," shells peculiar to the eastern coasts, are current in the markets of the African continent.

He was an amusing cross between a tricky little Paris gamin and a real child, and he hit off the characteristics of the various writers with as keen a touch of actuality as he could put into his stories of how many centimes he had won that morning at 'craps' from his friend Pierre.

By that time Joyce had decided how to spend every centime in the whole twenty francs, and Marie had not returned.

"For two centimes I'd come over there and drown you, you white beast!"

SOLIDUS, a Roman gold coin adopted by the Franks, and first coined by them in gold, but subsequently in silver, when it was equivalent to one-twentieth of the libra, or pound; as the "sol" or "sou" it depreciated greatly in value; was minted in copper, and on the introduction of the decimal system its place was taken by a five-centime piece; the "soldo" in Italy, and the Solidus L.S.D. owe their origin to this coin.

But now they are two for three baiocchi; and so I have to get two always, because there are no half baiocchi any morenothing but centimes.

and only costing fifty centimes, but put up in those lovely straw-woven decanters which cost us a real pang to fling out of the window after they were emptied.

"Only fifty centimes each.

Only fifty centimes each, and the certainty of winning!" Monsieur le capitaine was a great, rawboned corporal, with a pretty little maid-servant on his arm.

" "A man who for twenty-nine days out of every thirty pays his sixty-five centimes for two dishes at a student's Restaurant in the Quartier Latin, knows better than most people where to go for a good dinner when he has the chance," said Müller, philosophically.

The votary pays his five centimes and is armed by the presiding genius of the place with a huge two-pronged iron fork.

and we come to the College Saint Louis, once the old College Narbonne; and yet a few yards more, and we are at the doors of the Theatre du Pantheon, once upon a time the Church of St. Bénoit, where the stage occupies the site of the altar, and an orchestra stall in what was once the nave, may be had for seventy-five centimes.

one franc, one piece of fifty centimes, another of twenty centimes, and some sous.

one franc, one piece of fifty centimes, another of twenty centimes, and some sous.

They amounted to nine francs and seventy-five centimes.

"Only fifty centimes!" shouts another public orator; "the most ingenious little machine ever invented!

" "Four francs, fifty centimes, Messieurs," said the boatman, having made fast his boat to the landing-place.

"Four francs, fifty centimes!"

One franc, two sous, and a centime.

So Madame Marotte was carried off, bon gré, mal gré, to a dancing-booth, where gentlemen were admitted on payment of forty centimes per head, and ladies went in free.

Only forty centimes!

"Only forty centimes, M'sieur," said he.

He was silent for some moments; then took up his cry at the point where he had broken off, and started away with: "Antoine!state of the Bourselatest despatches from the seat of warnews of the dayonly forty centimes!" I took my paper to a quiet bench near the fountain, and read the whole account.

In the meantime, almost distracted by the patronage that assails him in every direction, the lemonade-vendor strides hither and thither, supplying floods of nectar at two centimes the glass; while the audience, skilled in the combination of enjoyments, eats, drinks, and vociferates to its heart's content.

When I found him in that pitiable condition he had exactly twenty centimes between him and absolute starvation.

And I, Sir Hector Ratichon, the confidant of two kings, three autocrats and an emperor, took that man to my bosomfed him, clothed him, housed him, gave him the post of secretary in my intricate, delicate, immensely important businessand I did this, Sir, at a salary which, in comparison with his twenty centimes, must have seemed a princely one to him.

Who deserves to be happy, if it is not our dear Herr Allitsen?" "You have given me twenty centimes too much," he said quietly.