109 examples of centimes in sentences

A kilogram of rice, which used to cost 70 centimes, can be found now only at 80 crowns.

At the date of which I am writing, expressed on a percentual basis, the French franc is worth 47 centimes of the sterling and 36 of the dollarthat is to say, of gold.

The Italian lira is worth 28 centimes of the sterling and 21 of the dollar.

Five to ten centimes (1 to 2 cents) would buy 7 or 8 large Brazilian nuts and 6 to 8 fine juicy pears, or as many delicious plums, of which I was extremely fond.

That night I received a note from Monsieur Le Roux, hardware merchant and incidentally our landlord, thanking me for sixteen francs seventy-five centimes paid in advance to his workman, and asking me to name a day on which he could call to mend our broken stove.

Where is the seventy-four francs, six centimes for the fleas your dog stole?

The two hundred francs, three centimes for the indigestion your rations gave my pig?

Everything here, it must be remembered, has some association with the Duomo and was brought here for careful preservation and that whoever has fifty centimes might take pleasure in seeing it; but the great silver altar is from the Baptistery, and being made for that temple is naturally dedicated to the life of John the Baptist.

People flock into cafés, the arcades of the Palais Royal, and splendid covered passages; and as soon as the rain ceases, scores of planks are thrown across the gutters in the centre of the streets, which species of pontooning is rewarded by the sous and centimes of the passengers.

She had hardly 10 francs, and the bill amounted to 19 francs, 75 centimes.

Those issued in the early part of the year have gradually descended from the rank of new publications, and may be found on every quay, spread out, for a few centimes, side by side with old weather-beaten books, odd volumes, refuse of libraries, which book-lovers daily finger through in the hope of finding some pearl, some rarity, in the worthless mass.

He had been rather afraid of workmen in red sashes and with lime on their clothes, especially after Sophy had told him that a trip cost twenty centimes each.

"Twenty centimes!

On the stage I paid twenty centimes a kilometre, or six and a half cents a mile.

Dames, 1 franc 50 centimes.'

This last figure will appear very high, but the fact must not be lost sight of that it is a question of poor gas, the net cost of which varies between one and two centimes per cubic meter, and the calorific power of which is but 1,487 heat units per cubic meter of constant volume, and supposing the steam condensed.

The French Government had promised to give an allowance of 1 franc 25 centimes a day to the women who were dependent on soldier husbands.

It was a symbol of the economic vassalage of Serbia and Montenegro that the postage between both of these countries and any part of Austria-Hungary was ten centimes, that for letters between Serbia and Montenegro, which had to make the long détour through Austrian territory, was twenty-five.

Even on turf strewn with sandwich-papers and empty bottles, even in the presence of hideous peasant-women singing "Stand-er auf" for five centimes, we cannot but feel the influence of Alpine beauty.

And by way of improving its attractions a perpetual picnic is going on, and the ingenious natives have hewed a tunnel into the ice, for admission to which they charge certain centimes.

"Only fifty centimes each.

Only fifty centimes each, and the certainty of winning!" Monsieur le capitaine was a great, rawboned corporal, with a pretty little maid-servant on his arm.

When I found him in that pitiable condition he had exactly twenty centimes between him and absolute starvation.

And I, Sir Hector Ratichon, the confidant of two kings, three autocrats and an emperor, took that man to my bosomfed him, clothed him, housed him, gave him the post of secretary in my intricate, delicate, immensely important businessand I did this, Sir, at a salary which, in comparison with his twenty centimes, must have seemed a princely one to him.

Who deserves to be happy, if it is not our dear Herr Allitsen?" "You have given me twenty centimes too much," he said quietly.

109 examples of  centimes  in sentences