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386 example sentences with  centralizing

386 example sentences with centralizing

Bolshevism, centralizing and bureaucratic, follows the same lines as the imperial policy of almost every Tsar.

But, in the absence of a representative system, the centralizing tendency inseparable from the position of such a government proved to be irresistible.

And the strength of this centralizing tendency was further enhanced by the military character of the government which was necessitated by perpetual frontier warfare against the barbarians.

Without the Town-Meeting, or its equivalent in some form or other, the Federal Union would become ipso facto converted into a centralizing imperial government.

States so unlike one another as Maine and Louisiana and California cannot be held together by the stiff bonds of a centralizing government.

This despotic characterthis tendency, if you will pardon the phrase, towards the Asiaticization of European lifewas continued by inheritance in the Roman Church, the influence of which was beneficent so long as it constituted a wholesome check to the isolating tendencies of feudalism, but began to become noxious the moment these tendencies yielded to the centralizing monarchical tendency in nearly all parts of Europe.

But we can perceive how inferior Carthage was to her competitor in military resources, and how far less fitted than Rome she was to become the founder of centralized and centralizing dominion that should endure for centuries, and fuse into imperial unity the narrow nationalities of the ancient races that dwelt around and near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea?

Yet, in 1066, William the Conqueror was able to form for a moment a strong and centralized monarchy in England.

This centralizing policy led Manuel to order all the money which the Greek commercial communities had hitherto devoted to maintaining local squadrons of galleys for the defence of the islands and coasts of the Aegean to be remitted to the treasury at Constantinople.

It may be thought by some that Manuel acted wisely in centralizing the naval administration of his empire; but the great number, the small size, and the relative position of many of the Greek islands with regard to the prevailing winds render the permanent establishment of naval stations at several points necessary to prevent piracy.

Manuel and Otho ruined the navy of Greece by their unwise measures of centralization; Pericles, by prudently centralizing the maritime forces of the various states, increased the naval power of Athens, and gave additional security to every Greek ship that navigated the sea.

The same fiscal views which induced Manuel to centralize the naval administration when it was injurious to the interests of the empire, prompted him to act diametrically opposite with regard to the army.

The emperor John had added greatly to the efficiency of the Byzantine military force by improving and centralizing its administration, and he left Manuel an excellent army, which rendered the Eastern Empire the most powerful state in Europe.

If, using the word in its widest sense, we may say that the imagination is the creative function, we may call the will the centralizing principle.

To bear the burden of a centralized government taxes must be equal and movement free, but here was a rapidly centralizing nation, the essence of whose organism was that taxes should be unequal and that movement should be restricted.

The services of Richelieu to France did not end with centralizing power around the throne.

After the death of Alexis, a few more years are given to the Czar to follow out his improvements, centralize his throne, and extend his territories both on the Baltic and in the East.

He looked upon Hamilton as a royalist at heart, and upon his bank, with other financial arrangements, only as an engine to control votes and centralize power at the expense of the States.

Down to the Civil War the Democrats had things largely their own way; since then, the Republican partylineal descendant of the Federals, through the Whigshave borne sway until within very recent years, when there has developed a strong reaction against the centralizing tendency compacted by the rallying of the people about the government to resist disunion in 1860-65.

V. combine, unite, incorporate, amalgamate, embody, absorb, reembody^, blend, merge, fuse, melt into one, consolidate, coalesce, centralize, impregnate; put together, lump together; cement a union, marry.

render central, centralize, concentrate; bring to a focus.

There was not one which had not in former times a constitutional life, not one which Austria did not deprive of it by centralizing all power in her own court.

We struck down the centralizing tyrant to the dust; we drove him and his double-faced eagle out from our country; our answer to his impious treachery was the declaration of our independence and his forfeiture of the crown.

They do not interfere with the taxation or with the internal administration of these provinces; and the last organic law of the Empire, the Tanzimat, is nothing but the re-declaration of the rights of municipalities, guaranteeing them against the centralizing encroachment of the Pashas.

Centralizing-Influence of Machinery.

The first effect of machinery is to give a new and powerful impulse to the centralizing tendency in industry.

Whether the science of the future may not supply some decentralizing agency, which shall reverse the centralizing force of modern industry, is not a wholly frivolous speculation to suggest.

The sweating industries, as we have seen, are as a rule those which escape the centralizing influence of the factory System, and where the employรฉs work, either singly or in small groups, unknown to one another, and with few opportunities of forming a close mutual understanding.

But though it has been calculated that about one-third of English commerce is now in the hands of joint stock companies, this by no means exhausts the significance of the centralizing force in capital.

Whatever local or linguistic interest may be manifested for the works of Groth in the Ditmarsch Platt-Deutsch, or for the sweet Alemannic songs of Hebel, the centralizing tongue is that in which Schiller and Goethe wrote.

It was Philip the Fair who, wishing to centralize the scattered efforts of these societies, established at Malines, in 1493, a sovereign chamber, of which he appointed his chaplain, Pierre Aelters, sovereign prince.

The wise use of capital would make a wholesome change, but Kit did not altogether like centralized control.

If powers broaden with the breadth of opportunity, if Occasion be the mother of greatness and not its tool, the centralizing system of Europe should produce more eminent persons than our distributive one.

It has already fallen down in some respects, and it has become necessary to centralize certain functions, quite as it has become desirable in several of our own matters.

Conscious ignorance by even the best informed delegates from one section as to affairs in another was a dissuasion from the centralizing of doubtful issues; and the secrecy of the convention's proceedings exempted it from any pressure of anti-slavery sentiment from outside.

Plenty of Art, I grant you, Sir; now, then, for vast libraries, and for mighty scholars and thinkers and statesmen,five for every Boston one, as the population is to ours,ten to one more properly, in virtue of centralizing attraction as the alleged metropolis,and not call our people provincials, and have to come begging to us to write the lives of Hendrik Hudson and Gouverneur Morris!

It is the nature of prosperous communities, and the fashion of modern times, to centralize too much their numbers and their powers.

The centralized bureaucracy which he succeeded in initiating was, of course, wretchedly imperfect both in constitution and equipment.

The centralizing of political power in the hands of Louis XIV. of France and his successors had been accompanied by a "standardizing" of human affairs which favored practical efficiency and the easier running of the social machine, but which was far from helpful to the self-expression of distinctly-marked individuals.

But if anything new or bright were so produced that could be transplanted, it was so easy to receive it among the established and every-day elegances of a freer living, give it a wider introduction, and so adopt and repeat and centralize it that the originators should fairly forget they had ever begun it.

Louis XIV. had judgment in his taste, and he knew that, to carry out his ideas of a royal palace, he must not only select suitable artists capable of control, but he must centralize their efforts.

(How to centralize attention.)

Once modern centralizing states asserted and enforced a monopoly on legitimate use of force, feuds became illegal and the concept acquired its current negative connotation.

The revolution includes centralizing power, changing the tax system, starting the educational system, constructing factories and railways, etc.

According to the bureau, the facility aims to centralize the inventory of seized goods such as minerals, cigarettes, clothing products, cars, and other goods subject for condemnation or auction.

Cardinal Becciu was as the height of his power as the sostituto, the pontiffโ€™s Chief of Staff, having wrested control of the Vaticanโ€™s financial reform away from Cardinal Pell and centralizing it largely in his own hands.

Centralizing allowed us to realize synergies and reduce resourcing,โ€ said Wolfenbarger.

Central to Cuomo's plan is to centralize the hospital systems to do away with the notion of public and private healthcare and make everyone share everything.

China returned to its own cultureโ€ฆDeng Xiaopingโ€ฆ set up Chinaโ€™s CCP Dynastyโ€ฆXi is able to centralize power to be a real emperor like most of Chinaโ€™s dynasty foundersโ€https://tiananmenstremendousachievements.

Countries that have mounted a strong, centralized responseโ€”South Korea, Germany, Chinaโ€”are doing a better job containing the virus, and therefore saving lines, than those that have not.

He leveraged technologies such as Powershell and SQL Agent Master Server to centralize and automate common daily operations, reporting and maintenance.

All this has led many governors to call on the federal government to centralize purchases.

How do we -- do we manage it in a centralized fashion with the appropriate social distancing measures?

It is far worse, however, that these vulnerable groups are now enduring the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic without much government attention, a centralized strategy or even safe shelters.

It's really out of control, and Xi has consolidated his grip by centralizing controls out of his office.

Just as the subjugation of people of color, people of the queer community, that too is in the service of centralizing power.

Lee responded by saying Buckโ€™s concerns show why federalism โ€” spreading power among the states, and not centralizing it in the federal government โ€” is important and helps to prevent anyone from having too much power.

The Main Tab also said wholesale marketplaces are playing a more important role this year, stating that 66 percent of retailers โ€œhave adapted wholesale marketplaces to centralize their discovery and buying journey.โ€

This new solution includes an embedded best-of-breed Web Application Firewall (WAF), advanced analytics, and one centralized management and control capability.

โ€œAt the new terminal, the passenger check point area will be centralized, meaning all passengers, whether US, Canada or UK bound, will go through the same security processing area once youโ€™ve checked in for your flight.

At the same time, the companies are refusing to ease restrictions in their mobile software that are blocking governments from building their own centralized, less private apps for contact tracing.

With electrification, considerations of pollution are centralized and can justify much higher levels of pollution control.

โ€œWWTโ€™s support of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace gives our customers a convenient solution for accessing thousands of cloud software solutions with our consulting and integration services from one centralized location in AWS Marketplace.โ€

Businesses can save time by streamlining and centralizing their ordering process with our custom-branded web-to-print portal.

Centralize all sensitive information such as passwords by placing them in a single file such application.

Centralizing procurement across the Ontario Public Service and the broader public sector is one of the most forward-thinking ways to do that.

Clearly, the classical solution of centralizing the data and then processing it at one location is impossible to implement, due to both communication and processing bottlenecks.

CRM software can give your company the ability to centralize and manage all your data to more effectively manage your customer interactions, be more productive across all departments and increase service levels and customer loyalty.

Does the hon. member agree that the centralizing vision of her party is completely outdated and that it definitely has something to do with the small number of people who vote for her party?

Allow me to voice my opinion on the part of this bill proposing a new Canada not for profit corporations act designed to place corporations within a more modern and more centralizing governance framework.

First of all, about 3 years ago Canada Post changed a lot of rural postal codes due to centralizing local sorting centres.

For this reason, music publishers have formed larger bodies to centralize and standardize the process of licensing and collecting royalties.

And, at the other end, we were able to centralize information about entire systems and end-to-end circuits."

In 2010, DFO reviewed the Departmentโ€™s decentralized backup processes and began an initiative to centralize the backup procedures in the National Capital Region.

In addition, the government is maintaining its centralizing agenda, which will have an impact on Quebec's economy.

In any case, Vaughan quotes only the most extreme of Prime Minister John A. Macdonaldโ€™s centralizing comments when he seeks the foundersโ€™ intent on these matters.

In centralizing all features of the system into the hourglass, the user should have an easier time navigating the system and having all functions located in a single figure.

In my opinion, the government's sole aim is to have a hand in everything in order to create a centralized, unified country at the provinces' expense.

In ten years' time it will likely become smaller and probably even more centralized.

It claims it is decentralizing, it claims it is willing to talk to everybody, but quietly and slyly, one bill at a time, it is giving itself all the tools to centralize.

It just tried to establish a centralized system, full stop.

It would be nice to centralize the error management to avoid this kind of behaviour.

Just the opposite, in some ways: as authority and information became distributed and hyperconnected, the pressure towards centralized decision-making and message control became stronger.

Larger than the slave issue was that the Northerners were trying to centralize more and more power into the nationalist government.

Launching the Ontario Investment Office to provide centralized and coordinated investment/reinvestment attraction services, including provincial funding opportunities and regulatory issues.

Lax vowels tend to be more centralized than the corresponding tense vowels (i.e., closer to schwa in the front/back dimension).

An umbrella organization, it was established to provide ideological direction and to enrich local centralizing and coordinating the work of Ukrainian national homes and community organizations with similar objectives all across Canada.

On the other, the government is keeping the decisions affecting them centralized.

The British Columbia Government has recently initiated a project to centralize data holdings accessed by researchers through its Data Integration Project, which may have implications for the Ministry of Educationโ€™s ongoing role in this area.

The government's philosophy of federalism is very clear, which is why we have a country that is more united and why we are not talking about waste, about scandal, about corruption and about the bad old days of the centralizing Liberal Party.

The Housing Master Plan outlines that Phase 2 will include a centrally located office suite which will be built to accommodate the Residence and Housing staff and centralize services for residents.

The intent of Marxism is to centralize all commerce with the government they become the agent for supplying all, as if you could only buy and sell through Amazon, only without the wide selection.

The MVC model has the benefit that flow-control between webpages is located in a centralized location (a Servlet) while the easier-to-use JSP technology is used for producing the actual dynamic webpages.

โ€œThereโ€™s certainly been speculation about the ministry centralizing things more strongly,โ€ she said.

They are centralizing control in the minister's office.

This presents much more agility to your businessโ€™ centralized infrastructure.

This space will enable them to centralize their operations, create the large scale sculpture, puppets, banners and art which they use in their pageants and events, and provide opportunities for creative workshops in the space.

Well, I would just like to correct what the member is saying or clarify when he says that we are centralizing jobs.

Whether a phenomena is considered centralizing or decentralizing depends upon the position of the observer.

You may also wish to see this binder to centralize other material on the topic.