549 examples of chaff in sentences

Those shepherds who, in summer, drive their flocks to the mountain pastures, and, while watching them night and day, have seen them frightened by bears and storms, and scattered like wind-driven chaff, will, in some measure, be able to appreciate the self-reliance and strength and noble individuality of Nature's sheep.

They're thracin' themselves to some DURPHY, O'NEILL, or McCANN, or O'TAAFFE, I'll go bail the bowld conqueror MURPHY 'S too owld to be caught wid sich chaff.

It would take short work for the disciplined hosts the new Northern general was training, to sweep such chaff from the field of war.

" "We came out of the church," continued the earl, "and I felt sure of her; but when we came into the Piazza and she saw the life of the place, the fountain playing, the banners flying, the pigeons wheeling, and heard the band, she began to laugh and chaff.

Of this I would not complain if he would have the ingenuousness to inform the reader, in a nota bene, on what page the new idea could be found, so that, if he paid for the book, he should be spared the trouble of hunting for the kernel in the bushel of compiled and often incongruous chaff, in which the author has dexterously hid it.

Thus the cake and the meal equal the whole difference between the buying and selling price, so that all the roots, chaff, and attendance go entirely to the account of manure.

It threshes wheat and other kinds of grain at the rate of from 400 to 500 bushels a day; it conveys the straw up to a platform across what we call the "great beams," where it is cut into chaff and dropped into a great bay, at the trifling expense of sixpence, or twelve cents, per quantity grown on an acre!

Their theories, their controversial successes, their learned arguments, their appeals to the imagination, all seemed to go down, and to be swept away like chaff, before the breath of straightforward common sense and honesty.

But the grain of wheat in his bushel of chaff was that Miss Hazelwood seemed to be fascinated by Braybridge from the first.

"Forgive my strange manner just now, Porphyrius Petrovitch, I was hasty," began Raskolnikoff, who had regained all his self-possession, and who even experienced an irresistible wish to chaff the magistrate.

The chaff flew in clouds, and quickly, from these machines, millions of bushels of wheat were soon on their way to the markets of the world.

Divine Florence means divine Florence, but Bird of Paradise is chaff.

There is such a lot of chaff going on in that outer room, that a fellow falls into the way of it whether he likes it or no.

I worked for chaff, and earning wheat Was haughty and betrayed.

I tasted wheat, and hated chaff, And thanked the ample friend; Wisdom is more becoming viewed At distance than at hand.

She went out with it to Bill Merston, and met his chaff with careless laughter.

There is something so penetrating and clear in Mr. Hawthorne's intellect, that now I am acquainted with it, merely thinking of him as I read winnows the chaff from the wheat at once.

Like the liveried giants at the entrance, these laugh, ogle, chaff, and criticise the wearers of Leghorn hats, black veils, and white head-gear, freely.

You, who have achieved a great act of will" But what he said was borne away like chaff.

As the poor girl kneels and stoops forward to whiten and clean the steps her crinoline goes up as her head goes down, and her person is exposed to the gaze of policemen and errand-boys, who are not slow to chaff her upon the size and shape of her legs.

Here's to the old bird that is not to be caught with chaff.

An Idaho guide whose services were retained by some wealthy young easterners desirous of hunting in the Northwest evidently took them to be the greenest of tenderfoots, since he undertook to chaff them with a recital something as follows: "It was my first grizzly, so I was mighty proud to kill him in a hand-to-hand struggle.

And into their picnic plans they drew Zara, and barred Tristram out, with chaff.

So, with much gayety and chaff the repast came to an end, and the ladies, who were all old friendsno strangers now among themdisposed themselves in happy groups about one of the drawing-rooms, while they sipped their coffee.

The rest vanish away into oblivion like chaff before the windnever mind what their achievement, what their boast.

549 examples of  chaff  in sentences