57 examples of chaffer in sentences

He admitted that evil thoughts would enter the mind in any situation, and could not reasonably be expected to be kept out of his daughters' heads (being, as he said, but women): yet he conceived such a result as far less probable, if they were suffered to ramble about in the streets, and to chaffer with their customers, than if they were kept to sedate and diligent employment at home.

You, let us say, being a baron (and therefore noble!) have a mind to a certain other baron's castle, or wife, or both(the which is more usual) wherefore ye come to me, who am but a plain bowman knowing nought of the case, and you chaffer with me for the use of this my body for so much money, and thereafter I shoot my best on thy behalf as in mine honour bound.

This is the beautiful way in which Nature gets her muck, while I chaffer with this man and that, who talks to me about sulphur and the cost of carting.

They chaffer like happy imbeciles while civilization bleeds to death.

It has learned to go to market; it chaffers, it haggles, it envies, it murmurs; it is knowing, acute, sharpened; it never prattles.

What do I care for the Doctor Seraphic, With all his wordy chaffer and traffic? Doctor Serafino.

On going my rounds one day, I met accidentally with Captain Chaffers.

For he looked incensed at Captain Chaffers, as if he had introduced me to him for this purpose.

Captain Chaffers again seemed to be all astonishment that I should have known of this circumstance, and to be vexed that I should have mentioned it in such a manner.

And under what pretexts do we chaffer with the government of Mr. Lincoln for those energetic, persevering sympathies on which it has a right to count?

Our Captaine o'th traind band has been offring To chaffer Maidenheads with me.

trade with, deal with, have dealings with; transact business with, do business with; open an account with, keep an account with. bargain; drive a bargain, make a bargain; negotiate, bid for; haggle, higgle^; dicker [U.S.]; chaffer, huckster, cheapen, beat down; stickle, stickle for; out bid, under bid; ask, charge; strike a bargain &c (contract)

Shipp all your goods With these shee-chatteyles; putt this night to sea England they saye is full of whormasters; There will bee vent for such comoditye, There strompett them where they (you saye) weare born, Else you in Spayne may sell them to the stewes, Venyce or any place of Italy; They are everywhere good chaffer.

How many men who have suffered death for murder, could date their first steps towards it, from the time when in infancy they tortured a fly, or spun a cock-chaffer.

I am going to take all three of you in charge, giving the dependable young person a well-earned holidaya little journey in which she won't have to chaffer with the transit people.

kind As an April wind, Happier far for the dawn's good gold Than the chinking chaffer-stuff hard and cold.

All this the good old man perform'd alone, Nor spared his pains; for curate he had none: Nor durst he trust another with his care; Nor rode himself to Paul's, the public fair, To chaffer for preferment with his gold, 70 Where bishoprics and sinecures are sold: But duly watch'd his flock, by night and day, And from the prowling wolf redeem'd the prey; And hungry sent the wily fox away.

The miscellany, among other minor poems of Dryden, contained many of his occasional prologues and epilogues, the composition of which his necessity had rendered so important a branch of income, that, in the midst of his splendour of satirical reputation, the poet was obliged to chaffer about the scanty recompence which he drew from such petty sources.

Or else I watch the squirrels frisk And chaffer in the grassy lane; And all the while I mark your voice Breaking with love and pain.

They dare to chaffer with me!"

"I do not chaffer and bargain for my right.

"Ye'd make a purty soldier," scoffed Sweeny, a habitual chaffer, like most Irishmen.

On going my rounds one day, I met accidentally with captain Chaffers.

For he looked incensed at captain Chaffers, as if he had introduced me to him for this purpose.

That part of the Jewish quarter which remained standing after the great fire, and which is called the Old Lane, those high blackened houses, where a grinning, sweaty race of people bargains and chaffers, is a horrible relic of the Middle Ages.

57 examples of  chaffer  in sentences