2802 examples of challenges in sentences

A coxcomb of the first water, Sir Timothy receives a sharp rebuff when he opens his suit, and accordingly he challenges Bellmour, but fails to appear at the place of meeting.

They included coats, shirts, collars, neckties, foils, cigars, and the like ad libitum; and very little else except three challenges, ten writs, and seventy-four unpaid bills, elegantly disposed around the looking-glass.

That is the last feather, the one straw too much, and the excitable little Candlestick-maker at once challenges his opponents to deadly combat.

They exchanged the most superb defiances, the most audacious challenges, and proceeded from one country to another to run each other through the body proudly.

"Why, my dear, his lordship has been employed all this morning in writing challenges.

He had hitherto contrived, by some means or other, though he dealt very largely in challenges, never to have come to actual battle.

His talk is how many mourners he furnished with gowns at his father's funeral, how many messes, how rich his coat is, and how ancient, how great his alliance; what challenges he hath made and answered; what exploits he did at Calais or Newport; and when he hath commended others' buildings, furnitures, suits, compares them with his own.

Thus, the sentinel at the guardhouse challenges and repeats the answer to the corporal, as prescribed hereafter (par. 200); the corporal, advancing at port arms, says: "Advance (so and so) with the countersign," or "to be recognized," if there be no countersign used; the countersign being correctly given, or the party being duly recognized, the corporal says: "Advance (so and so)," repeating the answer to the challenge of the sentinel.

"I don't believe," and Mr. Grimm's listless eyes were fixed on those of the escaped prisoner, "I don't believe that Prince Benedetto d'Abruzzi will deny his identity?" There was one of those long tense silences when eye challenges eye, when wit is pitted against wit, and mind is hauled around to a new, and sometimes unattractive, view of a situation.

[Illustration: A long tense silence when eye challenges eye.]

It was a proud monopoly, which, after all, had weathered challenges from the likes of Goa Monitor (Papa Baba Sequeira-owned, Jagdish Rao -published, Mario Cabral Sa-edited and Alfred De Tavares -chief reported.)

However, that it did not maintain and live up to the challenges of modern day journalism is a fact that caused its very decline.

Today Vauraddeancho Ixtt (Worker's Friend) is the only weekly that has survived (since 1933) and is thriving to meet the present day challenges of the fast moving media.

Scope & Challenges?

These are some of the serious challenges that needs immediate attention.

Such challenges apart, it has been a great party always and I had a wow of a time.

, Ernie challenges the world.

Arthur S. Pederson (Wr) & Charles Scribner's Sons (PWH); 11Oct63; R323778. DICKINSON, JOHN. Hold fast the middle way; an outline of economic challenges and alternatives.

Challenges to American youth.


Nor has it been possible for western civilization to take advantage of the drastic changes and challenges arising out of the current world revolution.

Caring for the physical, physiological and cultural needs of populations in the United States, Britain, Japan and other growing commercial-industrial nations presented difficult challenges.

Siegfried challenges, 56; Nibelungs support king of, 61; Nibelungs angry with, 69; nobles escort Kriemhild, 73; often called Nibelungs, 75; warnings conveyed to, 77; see hostility of Huns, 79; kindly treated by Etzel, 79; murder of squires of, 80; bloody fight of, 81; bravery of, 82; slaughter of, 83; name Gunther's son king, 85; Hagen a hostage for, 124.

Challenges Charlemagne, 141; defeats Ogier and Renaud, 142; fights and argues with Roland, 142, 143; Otuel, nephew of, 143. FER'RA-GUS.

Follower of Hettel, 25; athletic skill of, 26; wounds Hagen, 27; fosters Ortwine, 27; to be Gudrun's deliverer, 31; challenges Normans, 32; kills Gerlinda, 33. WAX'MUTH.

2802 examples of  challenges  in sentences