149 examples of changeable in sentences

This slang word usually means a milksop, but here it is equivalent to 'a butterfly', 'a weathercock'a man of changeable disposition.

Her mood was changeable.

" We found the flock of turkeys, and Miss Laura admired their changeable colors very much.

What would not any man exchange for that: for the faces one loves, for the scenes one holds most dear, for all that is beautiful and changeable and beyond description?

His mind is made of changeable stuff, that alters colour with every motion towards the light.

The blue water, the pale, changeable grayish-green of the low island woods, the deeper green of the pines, the unnamable hues of the sky, the sunshine that flooded it all, these were beauty enough;beauty all the more keenly enjoyed because for much of the way it was seen only by glimpses, through vistas of palmetto and live-oak.

He was just as changeable in his disposition as in his outward appearance.

Men over-violent in their dispositions are, for the most part, as changeable in them.

But I've seen you snub him well, too; you girls are such changeable creatures.

It is only from man's point of view that we can speak of space, and of extended, moveable, changeable things; for we can know nothing concerning the intuitions of other thinking beings, we have no means of discovering whether they are bound by the same conditions which limit our intuitions, and which for us are universally valid.

The month of March was more than usually changeable in its temperature, with disagreeable rains and much humidity, which nearly carried away the heavy amount of snow on the ground.

It would be different if the measure moved with changeable velocity.

Saturday, June 17.Northerly wind, temperature changeable, dropping to -16°.

From this account, some may begin to think that in treating of grammar we are dealing with something too various and changeable for the understanding to grasp; a dodging Proteus of the imagination, who is ever ready to assume some new shape, and elude the vigilance of the inquirer.

In the hands of some gentlemen, "the Principles of Latin Grammar," and "the Principles of English Grammar,"are equally pliable, or changeable; and, what is very remarkable, a comparison of different editions will show, that the fundamental doctrines of a whole "Series of Grammars, English, Latin, and Greek," may so change in a single lustrum, as to rest upon authorities altogether different.

A more beautiful, but smaller species, was the Redheaded Woodpecker, (P. erythrocephalus,) with head, neck, and throat of crimson, and other parts of his plumage variously marked with white and changeable blue.

"But women," he continued, "I must own I understand; Women are a contradictionhonorable and underhand Constant as the star Polaris, yet as changeable as Fate, Always flying what they long for, always seeking what they hate.

The rude, migratory life of the Dark Ages needed not the gymnasium as a means of physical culture, and was too changeable and evanescent to establish permanent institutions.

How changeable are our affections, according to different circumstances!

I have only room left to remark that the weather has been changeable, and that all the above tips are to be thoroughly relied upon.

But every thing is changeable.

Sharp, little, and merrya changeable little sprite.

The Changeable Hydrangea, H. hortensis, is of Chinese origin and a pretty growing plant that deserves to be a favorite; it blossoms in bunches of flowers at the extremities of the branches which are naturally pink, but in old peat earth, or having a mixture of alum, or iron filings, the color changes to blue.

As seemingly less changeable in quantity and value than anything else, as imperishable, as portable, as divisible, as both convenient and safe, the precious metals challenge superiority over every other product; and accordingly every contract and every debt is resolvable into gold and silver.

It does not stand, while other things alone move, but moves itself; its value is changeable,fluctuating from time to time according to the relation of supply and demand, and from place to place according to the perturbations of the trade of the world.

149 examples of  changeable  in sentences