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3355 examples of  charlotte  in sentences

3355 examples of charlotte in sentences

Illustrated by Charlotte Steiner.

SEE Jackson, Charlotte C. SINATRA, FRANK.

Illustrators: Charlotte Becker & Ellen Segner.


By Charlotte Armstrong.

Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (A); 9May69; R461236. LEWIS, B. ROLAND.

University of Chicago (PWH); 18Aug69; R472333. KENNEDY, CHARLOTTE REED.

Charlotte Schuchardt Read (E); 14Oct69; R470457. KOZLENKO, WILLIAM.

by Charlotte Ware.



The unlike twins and the animals, by Charlotte Becker.

SEE Bronte, Charlotte.

At home with children; the guide to pre-school play and training, by Charlotte Gano Garrison & Emma Dickson Sheehy.

Pictures by Charlotte Stelner.

FRANCIS, CHARLOTTE A. Fundamentals of chemistry and applications, by Charlotte A. Francis & Edna C. Morse.

SEE FRANCIS, CHARLOTTE A. FRANCIS, MERRITT M. Fundamentals of chemistry and applications.




We spend our years, by Charlotte Kruger.


By Charlotte Jackson.

Charlotte Jackson (A); 22Jul74; R582018.

By Charlotte Murray Russell.

Charlotte Murray Russell (A); 18Jul74; R582023.

By Charlotte Steiner.

Charlotte Steiner (A); 21Aug74; R583921.

By Honore De Balzac, translation: Joan Charles, pseud. of Charlotte Woolley Underwood.

Charlotte Woolley Underwood (A); 10Mar77; R656755. R656756.

Workers wanted; a study of employers' hiring policies, labor & management preferences, & practices in New Haven and Charlotte.

By Charlotte Steiner.


Lady Susan Charlotte Tweedsmuir (W); 12May58; R214515. BUCHANAN, ESTELLE D. Bacteriology for students in general and household science.



SEE Auffray, Anne Marie Charlotte Suzanne du Genestoux.



(In The Charlotte observer, Sept. 15-Oct. 17, 1935) ยฉ 15Sep-17Oct35; A5-69459.




author: Charlotte von Troeltsch.

VON TROELTSCH, CHARLOTTE. SEE Troeltsch, Charlotte von.

VON TROELTSCH, CHARLOTTE. SEE Troeltsch, Charlotte von.

SEE Lederer, Charlotte.


Told & illustrated by Charlotte Lederer.

SEE Barske, Charlotte.

Illustrated by Charlotte Becker.

SEE Barske, Charlotte.

Illustrated by Charlotte Becker.

My Aunt Charlotte before she died had told me not to.

Not being a shot herselfas Charlotte isshe saw that, as far as she was concerned, a shooting expedition with the Smithsons would entail a great deal of solitary rumination in camp, while the rest of the party pursued the red bear to his den, or chased the nimble markhor up and down the precipices.

The Smithsons scuttled away in a great hurry to-day, their shikari, Asna (the best shikari in Kashmir), having heard that, owing to the lateness of the season, the bara singh have not even yet all shed their hornsso Charlotte is filled with high hope.

BIRCH-PFEIFFER, CHARLOTTE, actress, born in Stuttgart; acted in Berlin; wrote dramas (1800-1868).

GASKELL, MRS., nรฉe STEVENSON, novelist and biographer, born at Cheyne Row, Chelsea; authoress of "Mary Barton," "Ruth," "Silvia's Lovers," &c., and the "Life of Charlotte Brontรซ," her friend (1810-1865).

Then there is Charlotte Bensonnot pretty, but stylish and so clever.

No doubt she will be rather your companion, for Henrietta and Charlotte Benson are desperately intimate, and have a room together.

Charlotte Benson, who was clever and efficient and exceedingly at home, cut up a cake that was before her, and gave the boys some strawberries, and offered some to me.

Then I turned mine down the table uncomfortably, and found Charlotte Benson looking at me too.

" "How sorry I am," said Charlotte Benson.

" Charlotte Benson seemed a little nettled at this, and exclaimed, "Mrs. Hollenbeck!

" "Yes, a family trait," interrupted Charlotte, at which everybody laughed, no one more cordially than Miss Leighton.

You don't object to that, I'm sure," and Charlotte Benson leaned forward and threw him a little kiss past the tutor, who wore a silent, abstracted look, in odd contrast with the animated expressions of the faces all around him.

Charlotte Benson and Henrietta laid strong-minded plans for the day, and carried them out faithfully.

Dinner was very quiet, and every one seemed dull, even Charlotte Benson, who ordinarily had life enough for all.

I think Miss Leighton would have been very glad to have stayed on the bed, and tried to sleep away the hours that presented no amusement; but Charlotte Benson laughed at her so cruelly, that she began to dress at once, and said, she had not intended what she said, of course.

Charlotte Benson and her friend, who were behind us, were enraged at this proceeding.

"What shall we all do? Charlotte, can't you think of something?" Charlotte, who had her own plans for a quiet evening by the lamp with a new book, of course could not think of anything.

"What shall we all do? Charlotte, can't you think of something?" Charlotte, who had her own plans for a quiet evening by the lamp with a new book, of course could not think of anything.

Charlotte Benson and Sophie administered stimulants; endeavored to ease his position with pillows and footstools; and did all the nameless soothing acts that efficient and good nurses alone understand; while I, paralyzed and mute, stood aside, scarcely able to bear the sight of his sufferings.

After all, he could not do much good, but it was something to feel there was a man to call upon, besides Patrick, who was stupid; and I saw Charlotte Benson's lip curl when Kilian's message was brought down.

"How can he get up two pairs of stairs," said Charlotte Benson, "when he cannot move an inch without such suffering?"

" "Put a bed in the library," said Charlotte Benson, and in ten minutes it was done; the servants no longer sleepy when they had any definite order to fulfill.

Charlotte was making him breathe sal volatile and Sophie ran to rub his hands.

Pretty soon the library-door closed, and Sophie and Charlotte were excluded.

Later, there came groaning from within the closed door, and Charlotte Benson wrung her hands and listened.

"How is he, Doctor?" said Charlotte Benson, bravely, going to meet them, while I hung trembling over the landing-place.

"Which means, that you are to be awake all night," said Charlotte Benson.

It was a little dull for Mary Leighton and for Henrietta, perhaps; possibly for Charlotte Benson, but she did not seem to mind it much; and I had never found R so enchanting as that fortnight.

Charlotte Benson liked to be Florence Nightingale in little, it was very plain; and naturally nothing made me so happy as to be permitted to minister to the wants of the (it must be confessed) frequently unreasonable sufferer.

For the first few days, while he was confined to his bed, of course Charlotte and I were obliged to content ourselves with the sending of messages, the arranging of bouquets, the concocting of soups and jellies, and all the other coddling processes at our command.

But when Mr. Langenau was able to sit up, Sophie (at the instance of Charlotte Benson, for she seemed to have renounced diplomacy herself,) arranged that the bed should be taken away during the daytime, and brought back again at night, and that Mr. Langenau should lie on the sofa through the day.

Sometimes when Charlotte Benson, as ranking officer, decreed that the patient needed rest, we took our books and work and went to the piazza, outside the window of his room.

As soon as he was out of pain and began to recover the tone of his nerves at all, I saw that he wanted me beside him more than ever, and that Charlotte Benson, with all her skill and cleverness, was as nothing to him in comparison.

Charlotte Benson with great self-devotion had insisted upon teaching the children for two hours every day, so that Mr. Langenau might not be annoyed at the thought that they were losing time, and that Sophie might not be inconvenienced.

At that time Charlotte always decreed that Mr. Langenau should lie on the sofa and go to sleep.

On this Friday morning, nearly two weeks after the accident, as I was following Sophie from the room (Charlotte having gone with Henrietta to capture the children), Mr. Langenau called after me rather imperiously, "Miss d'EstrรฉeMiss Pauline" It had been a stormy session, and I turned back with misgivings.

" "Why don't you talk that way to Charlotte and Henrietta and Mary Leighton?

After dinner, the servant brought in Mr. Langenau's tray untouched, and Charlotte Benson started up, and ran in to see what was the matter.

I think they were both snubbed: for ten minutes after, when I met Charlotte in the hall, she had an unusual flush upon her cheek, and Sophie I found standing at one of the parlor-windows, biting her lip, and tapping impatiently upon the carpet.

stop in my room on your way, I want to show you those embroideries that I was telling Charlotte Benson of last night.

Oh, I forgot: it was while you and Henrietta were sitting in the library, and Charlotte and I were walking up and down the piazza while it rained.

I never saw anything so cheap, and I was telling Charlotte that some of you might just as well have part of them, for I never could use the half.

"But what am I to do," cried Kilian, "when there are five angels, and I have only room for three?" "Why, two will have to stay at home, according to my arithmetic," said Charlotte, good-naturedly, "and I've no doubt I shall be remainder.

Everybody wanted to stay, and everybody tried to be quite firm; but as no one's firmness but mine was based on inclination, the result was that Sophie and I were "remainder," and Mary Leighton, Charlotte, and Henrietta drove away with Kilian quite jauntily, at half-past seven o'clock.

But before she went, Charlotte, who was really good-natured with all her sharpness and self-will, went into the library to speak to Mr. Langenau, and to show she did not resent the noonday slight, whatever that had been.

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