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316 example sentences with  charmer

316 example sentences with charmer

But, ah, my charmer, whence this disorder?

Can I hope that the heart of my charmer is not indifferent to her Damon!"

The Snake-Charmer City of Morocco Fish found in Hot Springs Water-Snake The Aoudad TRAVELS IN MOROCCO.

In both choices the King seems to have been equally unfortunate; and it may be doubted whether he could be 'happy with either were t'other fair charmer away.'

Such presently became the condition of our young gentleman that at the end of the month he knew not whether his present life had continued for weeks or for years; in the charming infatuation that overpowered him he considered nothing of time, every other consideration being engulfed in his desire for the society of his charmer.

"And how is our pretty charmer this afternoon?"

Marry your charmer and be damned; and if you'll serve me by taking her thus in hand, I'll pay you twenty

The Charmer, a Collection of Songs Scotch and English.

Still deign to play the charmer, dear, Blush while you're thinking of me, Breathe coyest wordlets in mine ear, But don't confess you love me!

Bud had drifted away from them to glut his eyes upon the picture of the snakes writhing around the charmer.

Such flexibility was naturally much helped by his amiable feeling towards woman, whose nervous system, he was convinced, would not bear the continuous strain of difficult topics; and also by his willingness to contribute a song whenever the same desultory charmer proposed music.

When I parted with my charmer, (which I did, with infinite reluctance, half an hour ago,) it was upon her promise that she would not sit up to write or read.

Thou shalt have fair play, my charmer.

Didst thou not, by the conclusion of my former, perceive the consternation I was in, just as I was about to reperuse thy letter, in order to prevail upon myself to recede from my purpose of awaking in terrors my slumbering charmer?

No sooner had she made this dreadful out-cry, but I heard her lady's door, with hasty violence, unbar, unbolt, unlock, and open, and my charmer's voice sounding like that of one going into a fit.

Lest the half-lifeless charmer should catch cold in this undress, I lifted her to her bed, and sat down by her upon the side of it, endeavouring with the utmost tenderness, as well of action as expression, to dissipate her terrors.

A tight-rope dancer, a snake charmer, an itinerant showman with a performing goat, monkey, or dancing bear, may make his appearance before the admiring crowd.

If Mr. Bell loves the Constitution, Mr. Breckinridge is equally fond; that Egeria of our statesmen could be "happy with either, were t'other dear charmer away."

But celebrity was assured to him before long, though he was in no haste to welcome the meretricious charmer, as her favours have to be shared with too many wire-pullers.

Quite naturally, the by no means ascetic young ecclesiastic desired greatly to see for himself the Venetian charmer, and he journeyed to Florence, bent upon judging for himself.

My fondest charmer, queen divine!

The fair charmer finally marries a count, and her lover, plunged into adequate despair, can barely exert himself to answer a false accusation trumped up by the revengeful Monbray.

As in the French romances of the Scudรฉry type the missives were quoted at length and labeled with such headings as, "The Despairing D'Elmont to his Repenting Charmer," or "To the never enough Admir'd Count D'Elmont," and signed with some such formula as, "Your most passionate and tender, but ('till she receives a favorable Answer) your unknown Adorer."

Val and I have done nothing but laugh all day long;" and she began kissing him too. "'How happy could I be with either, Were t'other dear charmer away!'

A blonde woman with a wry smile, an experienced charmer, sat down at the next table.

So Theo sat on a green sofa and smoked a cigarette, hoping that she looked like a snake charmer with the sinuous, serpentine smoke-loops weaving and writhing round her head.

A snake-charmer exhibited his little society, which performed very clever tricks, and also allowed the most poisonous serpents to twine themselves round his body, and the largest scorpions ran over his arms and legs.

The little charmer has too good taste for that.

Thy gentle prattle at the pane Makes timorous Fancy smile: Then let me hear that tender strain; Blithe charmer, stay a while.

Such a charmer as your fiancรฉ is!"

If she had under this pseudo-philosophical question a veiled purpose analogous to that of the less subtle charmer whose avowed expedient is to get "a man to talk about himself" the manoeuver was eminently successful.

Here's to the charmer whose dimples we prize, Now to the damsel with none, sir; Here's to the girl with a pair of blue eyes,

Truth enters into the heart of man when it is empty, and clean and still; but when the mind is shaken with passion as with a storm, you can never hear the voice of the charmer, though he charm never so wisely.

In short, not to pursue this process of elimination farther, and perhaps offend some friend of the class Hotel-Keeper, the Millard was not only about the cheese, per se,I punningly allude here to the creaminess of its society,but inevitably the place to seek my charmer.

This frightened the snake, and it crawled across the fence into the grass: notwithstanding, the birds flew over the fence into the grass also, and appeared to be bewitched, to flutter around their charmer, and it was not until an attempt was made to kill the snake that the birds would avail themselves of their wings, and fly into a forest one hundred rods distant.

I liked him to dismiss me, as the soldier dismisses his charmer at the sound of the bugle.

" VIII THE HOOKER-UP-THE-BACK Miss Sadie Corn was not a charmer, but when you handed your room-key to her you found yourself stopping to chat a moment.

My friends, indeed, often tell me, that I flatter my imagination with higher hopes than human nature can gratify; that I dress up an ideal charmer in all the radiance of perfection, and then enter the world to look for the same excellence in corporeal beauty.

One day he wrote: "She is a charmer; we are friends."

My charmer, since its death occurr'd, So many tears has shed, That her dear eyes, through pain and grief, And woe, admitting no relief, Alas, are swoln and red.

Truth enters into the heart of man when it is empty, and clean and still: but when the mind is shaken with passion as with a storm, you can never hear the voice of the charmer, though he charm never so wisely.

And in the course of this evolution, in the vain attempt to win beauty by gratitude and humility, the timid Hilliard, who seeks to propitiate his charmer by ransoming her from a base liaison and supporting her in luxury for a season in Paris, is thrown off like an old glove when a richer parti declares himself.

IV.I Am Married No sooner was I in London than I sought my charmer in her lodgings.

I waited on my charmer; and having imparted the contents of her brother's letter, the time of our marriage was fixed at the distance of two days.

He assured Mrs. Gauntlet that he should not neglect this invitation, and having learned that his Emilia (for so he already called her) was the only daughter of a deceased field officer, he set out early one morning for the village where his charmer lived.

Then he obeyed the impulse of his love, and circled the charmer in his arms without suffering the least frown or symptom of displeasure.

Dark Chloe now my homage owns, Skilled on the banjo and the bones; For whom I would not fear to die, If death would pass my charmer by.

L'abbรฉ prรฉtend avoir un secret pour charmer les poissons: d'oรน le pari, ร  la suite duquel l'abbรฉ s'approche de l'eau pour chatouiller un poisson avec une baguette.

" The swarthy charmer was restrained by the scandalous publicity with which this lady was receiving his mysterious insinuations.

Now that the charmer had left the stage, Rowe was forced to entrust the title character of Jane Shore to Nance, who vowed, no doubt, she was thoroughly bored at having to walk once again through a vale of tears.

There was no husband there to await her, but a very devoted knight in the person of Mr. Arthur Maynwaring, who, though he gave not his name nor the ceremony of bell, book, and candle to the union, played the part of spouse to the fair charmer.

But however sprightly and deftly did this charmer pirouette, she could not deny herself the luxury of appearing as a regular actress.

A few years later Booth married the charmer, and she, having become virtuous and prim, made the remainder of his life a bed of domestic roses.

She was dressed in the costume of an Egyptian snake charmer, a costume carried out to the smallest detail.

Kismet turned the tawny eyes of the snake charmer to the camel.

You see I'm a snake charmer, but I'm pretty good at camels too."

Say you'd like to belong to a pretty snake charmer."

The first prize goes to Miss Betty Medill, the charming Egyptian snake charmer."

"Form for the grand wedding march, the beautiful snake charmer and the noble camel in front!

"Aren't you glad we're going to be married and you're going to belong to the nice snake charmer ever afterward?

Together the snake charmer and the camel ascended the cheering aisle and stopped in front of Jumbo, who adopted a grave pontifical air.

Perry could not resist quoting softly: "'Oh, camel, wouldn't you like to belong to the pretty snake charmer for all your'" "Shut up!"

Charmer, The, v. 313.

CHARMER, fasciner, plaire extrรชmement.

After a proper time had elapsed, Mien-yaun was permitted the luxury of a private chat with his charmer.

The Viennese charmer.

The other dear charmer.

The other dear charmer.

The other dear charmer.

The other dear charmer.

The Other dear charmer.

'Butmy charmer, let us parley,' he remonstrated, striving to maintain a light tone.

And Lord Tony arriving with his charmer?

You want the pretty charmer yourself.

Another man's wife will do just as well, and if her owner comes armed to stop proceedings, the friends of the charmer stand by him.

IIamsurprised" "But, Your Honor," expostulated the iconoclast upon the back row, "I guess nobody is going to waste much time over this Turkish snake charmer!

Flavia tears her Hair for his inglorious Safety, curses and despises her Charmer, is fallen in Love with Crastin: Which is the first Part of the History of the Rival Mother.

Let others, my lovely Charmer, talk of a blind Being that disposes their Hearts, I contemn their low Images of Love.

'Tis to my lovely Charmer I owe that many noble Ideas are continually affix'd to my Words and Actions: 'Tis the natural Effect of that generous Passion to create in the Admirer some Similitude of the Object admired; thus, my Dear, am I every Day to improve from so sweet a Companion.

It is so far otherwise, that a general Fame for Falshood in this kind, is a Recommendation: and the Coxcomb, loaded with the Favours of many others, is received like a Victor that disdains his Trophies, to be a Victim to the present Charmer.

It is very probable the Lover goes home utterly astonished and dejected, sits down to his Scrutore, sends her word in the most abject Terms, That he knows not what he has done; that all which was desirable in this Life is so suddenly vanished from him, that the Charmer of his Soul should withdraw the vital Heat from the Heart which pants for her.

The common vice of those who are still grasping at more, is to neglect that which they already possess; but from this failing my charmer is free.

Some people go sailing on it for pleasure, and it has produced a breed of sailors who bear the same relation to the salt-water variety as a snake-charmer does to a lion-tamer.

Sir, since the day That you left me with my master In Diana's grove, and I Had with that divinest charmer To leave him, no eye has seen him.

" "A daylight charmer and a midnight alarmer.

Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, the mother of Love, the Queen of Laughter, the Mistress of the Graces and the Pleasures, could make no impression on the heart of the beautiful son of Myrrha, (who was changed into a myrrh tree,) though the passion-stricken charmer looked and spake with the lip and eye of the fairest of the immortals.

However woe-begone the young lover was, he does not seem to have been wholly lost to others of the sex, and at this same time he was able to indite an acrostic to another charmer, which, if incomplete, nevertheless proves that there was a "midland" beauty as well, the lady being presumptively some member of the family of Alexanders, who had a plantation near Mount Vernon.

One day it began to be whispered that at last Louis had been vanquishedthat, at a supper at La Muette, he had proposed the health of an "Unknown Fair," which had been drunk with acclamation by his boon-companions; and the Court was full of excited speculation as to who his mysterious charmer could be.

From her dormitory she saw him walk into the main room of the house in his airiest and cheeriest manner, bowing and smiling to right, bowing and smiling to left, winning Moqui hearts in a moment, a charmer of a Coronado.

It is rendered more so by being in the vicinity of my charmer's native abode.

It is not the day of union, but the day of final separation; the day which divides me from my charmer; the day which breaks asunder the bands of love; the day on which my reason assumes its empire, and triumphs over the arts of a finished coquette.

Believe me, your gudgeon nibbled because I sang him to the surfacejust as the snakes come out for the song of the snake-charmer.

"De votre aspect riant charmer ma souvenance!"

There are not many times where Jet gets to show this skill off, but it turns out the puffy-haired charmer is an equally fantastic liar.

โ€œThis Pacific resort is still a charmer,โ€ Dirnberger said.

Built in 1898, this historical charmer offers 4 bedrooms and a generous.

Built in 1898, this historical charmer offers 4 bedrooms and a generous bathroom with walk-in shower and claw foot tub.

Christine is so in love with Pearl there was no way she was letting her come back. and they wanted another horse for their girls to take in to 4H with Charmer.

The first task a would-be snake charmer must tackle is to get a snake.

This little charmer offers a lot of feat.