292 examples of charmer in sentences

In several of his poems and in the Decameron he alludes to her as being cold as a marble statue, which no fire can ever warm; and there is no proof, notwithstanding the ardor of Fiammetta as portrayed by her loverwho no doubt wished her to become the reality of his glowing picturethat he ever really received from the charmer whose name was always on his lips anything more than the friendship that was apparent to all the world.

Besides, you're a beauty," with tender brusqueness, "and a charmer that steals the hearts of men.

In another place, some traveller presents us with the Mandingueiros in the new character of charmer of snakes.

'Moses, in the name of God, forbids the Israelites to inquire of the demon Ob, which is translated in our Bible, charmer or wizzard, Divinator aut sorcilegus.'

Slow and sure with such an Argus-eyed charmer must be all my movements.

How near was my heart at that moment to my hand, throbbing to my fingers' ends, to be thus familiarly, although angrily, treated by the charmer of my soul!

And yet do you think the Harlowe-hearted charmer (notwithstanding the agreeable annunciation I came in with) would forgive me?No, truly; but pushing me rudely from the door, as if I had been nothing, [yet do I love to try, so innocently to try, her strength too!]

And now is my charmer shut up from me: refusing to see me, refusing her meals.

How tender, how innocent, how fervent, how beautiful, is this description of a lofty love, at rest in its happiness, in the society of the charmer, exultant in the certainty of that glorious sentiment which nothing can corrupt and nothing can destroy!

It is throughout, moreover, the distinguishing characteristic of such natures as that of Scipiostrange mixtures of genuine gold and glittering tinselthat they need the good fortune and the brilliance of youth in order to exercise their charm, and, when this charm begins to fade, it is the charmer himself that is most painfully conscious of the change.

When I have called upon my charmer to explain some parts of her letter, and to atone for others, I will send it, or a copy of it, to thee.

And now I have so much leisure upon my hands, that, after having informed myself of all necessary particulars, I am set to my short-hand writing in order to keep up with time as well as I can; for the subject is now become worthy of me; and it is yet too soon, I doubt, to pay my compliments to my charmer, after all her fatigues for two or three days past.

A sensible fellow!I wish my charmer were of the same opinion.

Mrs. Moore (said my charmer)

I besought Heaven to forgive my past offences, and prosper my future hopes, as I designed honourably and justly by the charmer of my heart, if once more she should restore me to her favour.

If Mr. Bell loves the Constitution, Mr. Breckinridge is equally fond; that Egeria of our statesmen could be "happy with either, were t'other dear charmer away."

As in the French romances of the Scudéry type the missives were quoted at length and labeled with such headings as, "The Despairing D'Elmont to his Repenting Charmer," or "To the never enough Admir'd Count D'Elmont," and signed with some such formula as, "Your most passionate and tender, but ('till she receives a favorable Answer) your unknown Adorer."

How many a lover has pursued thus ardently some charmer, only to find that when he has her, he has but a broken reed!

Each Moment from the Charmer I'm confin'd,

In short, not to pursue this process of elimination farther, and perhaps offend some friend of the class Hotel-Keeper, the Millard was not only about the cheese, per se,I punningly allude here to the creaminess of its society,but inevitably the place to seek my charmer.

Truth enters into the heart of man when it is empty, and clean and still: but when the mind is shaken with passion as with a storm, you can never hear the voice of the charmer, though he charm never so wisely.

RAVIR, enlever de force; charmer.

The other dear charmer.

The other dear charmer.

You want the pretty charmer yourself.

292 examples of  charmer  in sentences