69 examples of charwoman in sentences

It appears that she was in the habit of making a large quantity of blackberry jam, and finding that less fruit had been brought to her than she required, she said to the charwoman, "I wish you would send some of your children to gather me three or four pints more."

Ulysses, for example, we are told, like a modern charwoman, excelled at lighting a fire, whilst Achilles was an adept at turning a spit.

" This stout woman was a certain Madame Joseph, a widow of forty and a charwoman by calling, whom Benard, the husband, had at first engaged to come two hours every morning to attend to the housework, his wife not having strength enough to put on a child's shoes or to set a pot on the fire.

She had ended by turning up at Rougemont, her native place, in bad health and such a state of wretchedness, that for the sake of a living she went out as a charwoman there.

The last play cited, The Silver Box, may perhaps be thought an exception to this rule; but, though the experience of the hapless charwoman is pitiful enough, hers is a simple soul, so inured to suffering that a little more or less is no such great matter.

You had a charwoman when you felt idle or when you chose to put the house into the back-yard for an airing.

With the charwoman, a pair of gloves for coarser work, and gas stoves, you 'made naught' of domestic labour.

Alas, in common with so many others of her class, the charwoman took refuge from care in constant inebriety.

"Can I speak with you, sir?" said the charwoman.

Dor'othy, charwoman of Old Trapbois the miser and his daughter Martha.

Or suppose I am called upon to praise the charwoman who has just come into my house, and who certainly deserves it much more.

"Mrs. Bilton was the woman whom I recommended to you as a charwoman, soon after you were settled down at Redsands.

"No one directly and immediately, except an old charwoman, who has a legacy of five-and-twenty pounds.

A. Certainly, as my father was a sweep, and my mother a charwoman.

" In connection with this same barracks, our charwoman told Amenda, who told Ethelbertha, who told me a story, which I now told the boys.

At the end of a quarter of an hour, the victor, having borrowed a packet of pins and a looking-glass from our charwoman, who had slept in the house, went upstairs, while the remaining fourteen sat down in the hall, and fanned themselves with their bonnets.

As I explained at the commencement, it was told to me by Ethelbertha, who had it from Amenda, who got it from the charwoman, and exaggerations may have crept into it.


Once a week a charwoman comes to help this servant.

He could hear the voices of a charwoman and of the lad who had helped him to arrange the gallery, talking in the kitchen.

The door was open and the charwoman just inside, so that the boy had no occasion to ring.

The charwoman appeared.

'Well, if you'll wait there, ma'am'the charwoman opened the door of the dismantled sitting-room'I'll speak to Mr. Fenwick.'

Ask her to come in.' He himself retreated into the darkness of the studio, clinging, so the charwoman noticed, to the back of a chair, as though for support.

But I do say that these women had the true nurse-callingthe good of their sick first, and second only the consideration what it was their "place" to doand that women who wait for the housemaid to do this, or for the charwoman to do that, when their patients are suffering, have not the making of a nurse in them.

69 examples of  charwoman  in sentences