636 examples of chastities in sentences

They are pervaded likewise by an earnestness and solemnity which are perfectly Hebraic; and each performance is presented in a style decorated with all the costly jewels of imagination and fancy,a style of far purer and more genuine English than any of his subsequent writings, which are often marred, indeed, by gross exaggerations, and still grosser violations of good taste and the chastities of language.

Simplicity N. simplicity; plainness, homeliness; undress, chastity.

Purity N. purity; decency, decorum, delicacy; continence, chastity, honesty, virtue, modesty, shame; pudicity^, pucelage^, virginity.

[Cymbeline]; a soul as white as heaven [Beaumont and Fletcher]; 'tis Chastity, my brother, Chastity [Milton]; to the pure all things are pure [Shelley].

[Cymbeline]; a soul as white as heaven [Beaumont and Fletcher]; 'tis Chastity, my brother, Chastity [Milton]; to the pure all things are pure [Shelley].

Since she had thus watched over them she had begun to look like her old self, with her little white face, the face of a nun vowed to chastity; her calm ash-colored eyes, which expressed the resignation of her thirty years of servitude.

But our most Court received Poets saies, That painting is pure chastities abator.

Others reward, as those old Romans used to do; if a woman were contented with one man, Corona pudicitiae donabatur, she had a crown of chastity bestowed on her.

There an evil desire of violating Lucretia by force seized Sextus Tarquinius; both her beauty, and her proved chastity urged him on.

But a far greater honour to his death was the public sorrow, especially remarkable in this particular, that the matrons mourned him for a year as a parent, because he had shown himself so vigorous an avenger of violated chastity.

These terrors, however, terminated in this, that Oppia, a vestal virgin, being found guilty of a breach of chastity, suffered punishment.

Vent your fury on our backs and necks; let chastity at least be secure.

Were these the rewards of chastity?

To him the life of his daughter was dearer than his own, if she had been allowed to live in freedom and chastity.

Their wives and children attended them, piteously asking to whom they were leaving them, in a city where neither chastity nor liberty were respected.

That Verginia was the only person whose chastity had been in danger in time of peace; that Appius had been the only citizen of dangerous lust.

" A nobler, a gentler, a purer, a sweeter soul,a soul less elated by prosperity, or more constant in adversitya soul more fitted by virtue, and chastity, and self-denial to enter into the eternal peace, never passed into the presence of its Heavenly Father.

She and her associates were such as had been Vowed to a Life of Chastity and Religion, but had been Compelled by Others to Break their Vows.

Madnes nor folly, and add lust to them, Durst not in fury, heate, or Ignorans, Have tempted my unquestioned chastity Without a fowrth abetter, jealousy.

Possible That this shoold bee in man, nay in man vowed Unto a strickt abstemious chastity!

Bewty, vertue, purity, syncerity, softnes, sweetenes, innocens, and chastity.

This is a Juberly, a yeare of Joy, For chastity and spotles Inocens. Tread.

Did one of these violate her vow of chastity, she and her fellow criminal were at once put to death; but did she claim that the child she bore was of divine parentage, and the contrary could not be shown, then she was feted as a queen, and the product of her womb was classed among princes, as a son of the sun.

Now they were using great strictness to preserve the chastity of their daughters.

And because monks and nuns made three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, it was appointed that those who entered into the new order might be rich and honourably married and live at liberty.

636 examples of  chastities  in sentences