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67 examples of chauncey in sentences

POPULAR TALES OF THE KABYLES [Translated by J. Rivière and Chauncey C. Starkweather] ALI AND OU ALI Ali and Ou Ali were two friends.

" CHAUNCEY DEPEW ON A RUNNING-BOARD Chauncey M. Depew, former United States Senator for New York, was in Geneva when the trouble began.

" CHAUNCEY DEPEW ON A RUNNING-BOARD Chauncey M. Depew, former United States Senator for New York, was in Geneva when the trouble began.

" The hyena set up a laugh like a man who is not tickled, but feels that it is up to him to laugh at a funny story that he can't see the point of at a banquet where Chauncey Depew tells one of his crippled jokes, and pa was getting nervous.

There is, Sir, somewhere within your government, a young adventurer, one Chauncey Lawrence, whose father is one of my oldest friends.


When Chauncey Depew, as a boy, bought a beautiful spotted dog at a fair and took it home, the rain came down and the spots began to run into stripes.

"I went last night in a carriage with four othersCaptain Chauncey of the navy; Mr. Cooper, the celebrated author of the popular American novels; Mr. Causici (pronounced Cau-see-chee), the sculptor; and Mr. Owen, of Lanark, the celebrated philanthropist.

"Mr. Cooper remarked that we had on board a more singularly selected company, he believed, than any carriage at the door of the President, namely, a misanthropist (such he called Captain Chauncey, brother of the Commodore), a philanthropist (Mr. Owen), a painter (myself), a sculptor (Mr. Causici), and an author (himself).

I'm going to a big dinner at the Chauncey

In addition, of course, she had the Shallums, the Chauncey Ellings, May Beringer, Dicky Bowles, Walsingham Popple, and the rest of the New York frequenters of the Nouveau Luxe; she had even, at the last minute, had the amusement of adding Peter Van Degen to their number.

The Marquis, Chauncey Hickox.


R59278, 6Mar50, R. Max Goepp (A) DEPEW, Chauncey M. SEE My memories of eighty years.


R103872, 8Dec52, Chauncey L. Royster (C) RUCK, BERTA.

SEE Tinker, Chauncey Brewster.

SEE Tinker, Chauncey Brewster.


SEE Boucher, Chauncey Samuel.

By Charles G. Osgood, Christian Gauss, Hugh Scott Taylor, Robert K. Root, Donald Drew Egbert, Walter E. Hope & Chauncey Belknap.

The next thing he knew, some Composer in Philadelphia had set the Verses to Music and they were sung on the Stage with colored Lantern-Slide Pictures of little Willie telling Papa "Good Night" in a Blue Flat with Lace Curtains on the Windows and a Souvenir Cabinet of Chauncey Olcott on the What-Not.

" When Daniel got into the lions' den and looked around he thought to himself, "Whoever's got to do the after-dinner speaking, it won't be me." Joseph H. Choate and Chauncey Depew were invited to a dinner.

"''S all right,' said he, 'you win; needn't go no farther!'" Mark Twain and Chauncey M. Depew once went abroad on the same ship.

ENGLISH POEMS Edited by EDWARD CHAUNCEY BALDWIN, Ph.D., and HARRY G. PAUL, A.M., Assistant Professors of English Literature in the University of Illinois.

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