1863 examples of cheat in sentences

There are some men who are not entirely corrupt,some who do not cheat systematically, and lie by the compass and the rule.

THE STONE As soon as Setoc arrived among his own tribe he demanded the payment of five hundred ounces of silver, which he had lent to a Jew in presence of two witnesses; but as the witnesses were dead, and the debt could not be proved, the Hebrew appropriated the merchant's money to himself, and piously thanked God for putting it in his power to cheat an Arabian.

To cheat at gambling is the inevitable fate of these parasites.

The proprietor, however, at once recognized the pedlar, and after taxing him with the cheat he had practised on the former occasion, wound up his lecture by stating, in true American style, that if he again succeeded in cheating him he would forego the amount of his tavern expenses.

Vanity and interest both uniting to persuade Farquhar to marry, he did not long delay it, and, to his immortal honour let it be spoken, though he found himself deceived, his circumstances embarrassed, and his family growing upon him, he never once upbraided her for the cheat, but behaved to her with, all the delicacy, and tenderness of an indulgent husband.

Matters are come to a pretty pass if free Englishmen, who are pleased to cheat and be cheated according to the fashion of this world, mayn't do so neighbourly and kindly without some canting rogue starting up to control them.

This indecisive and unimportant movement has been the subject of various comment; the official reports were burned in the conflagration at Richmond, or captured, and the elaborate plans drawn up by Lee of his intended movement against General Reynolds, at Cheat Mountain, have in the same manner disappeared.

The movement against Cheat Mountain, which failed, was undertaken with a view of causing the enemy to contract his lines, and enable us to unite the troops under Generals Jackson (of Georgia) and Loring.

The tired wayfarer, who is weary with the dust, the din, and stony footing of the Actual and the Present, may sometimes fondly imagine, that, if he could return to the far Past, he would find all smooth and golden there; but it is a pleasant delusion of that glorious arch-cheat, the Imagination.

Telescopes look up in the market on that morning, and bear a monstrous premium; for they cheat, probably, in those scientific worlds as well as we do.

But how could Squire Davenport so wickedly try to cheat us of our little property?" "My dear boy," said the tramp, shrugging his shoulders, "your question savors of verdancy.

"If that be so, then art thee bound to prove her innocent, that I may not say to all the world, thee mightest have put her honour to the test and dared notchoosing rather to cheat thyself and be cheated by her, than know thyself dishonoured.

And, in any case, even though things have gone with you tolerably well, the longer you live the more clearly you will feel that, on the whole, life is a disappointment, nay, a cheat.

As to the girls, we hold it no sin to cheat them.

And is it not now fairly come toWho shall most deceive and cheat the other?

In being cheated, as to cheat.

They put on the interest, and cheat in the weighments and measurements.

I will prove that that was no merely pretty phrase, meant cunningly to cheat you of your forgiveness for a coarse insult.

She had married him for position and fortune; and now by his follies, by his extravagance, and by that greed of gold which is inevitable in the spendthrift and profligate, he had gone near to cheat her out of both name and fortune.

She had it, and she held it, with a grasp that nothing but death could loosen; nay, that all-foreseeing mind of hers might contrive to cheat grim death itself, and to scheme a way for protecting this wealth, even when she who had gathered and garnered it should be mouldering in her grave.

'Tis prodigality that buys deceit, Where both the giver and the taker cheat.

To cheat me so!

The cheat; based upon the story by Hector Turnbull.

A chance to cheat.

It can never cheat you, and when the gentleman accosts you with such words as: "Dear friend!

1863 examples of  cheat  in sentences
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