81 examples of checkmating in sentences

Tryin' to make a "draw" with the wash bord, so as to "Uker" the ball, and "checkmate" the other club, he was "distansed," and his spectacles went flyin', smashin' the glass and shuttin' off his eyesite.

He told himself the Fates had decreed it, and the game had to be played out to the end, The principal thing now was to keep the pieces moving and prevent a checkmate, for that would mean ruin!

It was to be made with the queen, and must threaten checkmate.

Crime interests me only when it resembles a clever game of chess, with many intricate moves which all tend to one solution, the checkmating of the antagonistthe detective force of the country.

In swinging round to Petersburg, and again at the springing of the Petersburg Mine, Grant thought himself sure to make enormous gains; but Lee's insight into his purposes, and lightning celerity in checkmating these, foiled both movements, giving the mine operation, moreover, the effect of a deadly boomerang.

[Fr.], checkmate; half the battle, prize; profit &c (acquisition) 775.

repulse, rebuff, defeat, rout, overthrow, discomfiture; beating, drubbing; quietus, nonsuit^, subjugation; checkmate, stalemate, fool's mate. fall, downfall, ruin, perdition; wreck &c (destruction) 162; deathblow; bankruptcy &c (nonpayment) 808. losing game, affaire flambee.

Nay, it seems to be an object as arbitrarily adopted as that of checkmating our opponent's king; and, nevertheless, we are always intent on the means of attaining it, and think and brood over nothing else.

He gave heed to their representations, for he cunningly perceived that he might ride into the undisputed leadership of the great popular party, the Guelphs, and so checkmate his other allies, the aristocrats!

"It is audacity," agreed the leathern-faced old financier; "and it's audacity that we must find some way to checkmate.

You are not to checkmate me in three moves; and you are not to take my queen.

" "No, I assure you it is not checkmate.

He had lost; and now, after checkmate, he must resign his place.

In Kansas free-State emigration was outstripping the South in numbers and checkmating her in border strife.

" "Ah!" murmured the critic, as who should say, "checkmate!"

ti: How to force checkmate.

ti: How to force checkmate.

CONSERVING THE SOIL The Revolution rudely interrupted Washington's farming experiments, and for eight long years he was so actively engaged in the grim business of checkmating Howe and Clinton and Cornwallis that he could give little time or thought to agriculture.

However that may be, he had no sooner obtained a clear insight into the league of the princes than he set to work with his usual activity and knowledge of the world to checkmate it.

The courtroom where justice is administered was large, clean, airythe bench carpeted and adorned with a large, green, stuffed chair, in which I sat down, and, in imagination, summoned up advocates, jurors, prisoners, and people, and wondered how I should feel pronouncing sentence of death on a fellow-being, or, like Portia, wisely checkmating the Shylocks of our times.

He is charged with the duty of administering $7,000,000 worth of friar lands, and the whole public domain of the Philippine Islands, and with such minor duties as the checkmating of the machinations of numerous wealthy Filipinos who seek fraudulently to acquire great tracts through fraudulent claims to unperfected titles and by other improper means.

The once open range was now a chessboard of agricultural endeavor, with the pawns steadying ploughshares as they crept from square to square until the opposing cattle king suffered ignominious checkmate, his prerogative of free movement gone, his army scattered, his castles taken, and his glory surviving only in the annals of the game.

Unfortunately in some mysterious way the plans and proposals they discussed leaked out, allowing the other side to checkmate their best moves and woefully retard progress.

On her part, Madame Bonaventure guessed what was passing in his breast, and secretly enjoyed the idea of checkmating him.

The still-born constitution was Mr. Busby's proposed means of checkmating a rival.

81 examples of  checkmating  in sentences