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5057 examples of  cheered  in sentences

5057 examples of cheered in sentences

Suett was then actually dying, yet would he have his joke, and his last moments were cheered by the horse-laugh of the rabble assembled to spell the bulletin suspended to "the second-floor bell," attested by the mark of the old woman who attended him.

" Somewhat cheered by this promise, Billie retreated into the sun-flooded dining-room, and, going over to a window under which flowers bloomed gayly in boxes, looked out at the pretty view.

Groaning, he arose and, limping forth of the cave stood in the glory of the moon, voiceless now by reason of his ever-growing terror; conscious only of his passionate desire to find again the youth whose gentle voice had cheered him often in the dark, whose high courage and tender care had never failed.

'Tis cheered by love, but tortured by hopeless agony.

The Arcadian shepherds drew pleasure from their reeds; the solitude of Achilles was cheered by his lyre; the English peasant delights in his pipe and tabor; the mellifluous notes of the flute solace many an idle hour; and the charming of snakes and other venomous reptiles, by the power of music, is well attested among the Indians.

But he thrust it aside, and they cheered ten times more, and fell into each other's arms, and wept and kissed each other.

Now it was very terrifying for him at first to be in the midst of that flying crowd, as the animals went tearing over the plain, which seemed to shake beneath their thundering hoofs, while their human leader cheered them on with his shrill, repeated cries.

His laughter cheered one like wine.

He was cheered by the warmth of her piety and her unwavering faith, while his more logical and better disciplined mind would no doubt moderate and tone down her excess of introspection and rapt emotion.

In 1819 the hearts of the missionaries were cheered by a native, Moung Hau, coming out and openly professing Christianitythe first fruit gathered after seven years of labour.

Day by day she searched for food, not only for her husband, but for the other white prisoners; and though worn out with pain and sorrow, cheered them, looked after their every want, and continually applied to the officials for some improvement in their lot.

They sang, they cheered, they yelled the Institute yells.

The piece of acting that most cheered me was Mr. GRAHAME HERINGTON as the philanderer's manservanta very tactful and observant performance.

The French soldiers cheered their leader, and he has been praised everywhere for his action.

" I had never before parted even from Eunanรฉ with any feeling of regret; but on this occasion an impulse I could not account for, but have ever since been glad to remember, made me turn at the last moment and add to Eveena's earnest embrace a few words of affection and confidence, which evidently cheered and encouraged her deputy.

[102] Continual waters [103] welling cheered the waste, 390 And plants were wholesome, now of deadly taste: Nor Winter yet his frozen stores had piled, Usurping where the fairest herbage smiled: Nor Hunger driven the herds from pastures bare, To climb the treacherous cliffs for scanty fare.

That dismal Moor In spite of all the larks that cheered our path, I never can forgive it: but how steadily You paced along, when the bewildering moonlight Mocked me with many a strange fantastic shape!

He seemed to feel more strongly the presence and the goodness of his heavenly Father; and his young spirit was cheered to endure his present desolate situation, and strengthened to meet whatever future trials might await him.

He looked again at the boy, and thought how much Oriana's life would be cheered by such a companion.

" The boy was loudly cheered, and went to his seat.

" Mrs. Wood went to her seat, and though the boys and girls had listened very attentively, none of them cheered her.

Everyone present cheered wildly, and he began in a singsong voice: "I am a Band of Mercy boy, I would not hurt a fly, I always speak to dogs and cats, When'er I pass them by.

In an account of the funeral of Edwin, the comedian, in The Diary of Nov. 9, 1790, that son of drollery is thus described: 'A man who had so often cheered the sullenness of vacancy, and suspended the approaches of sorrow.'

The crowd cheered madly when he had finished, and followed him across the street to the bar of the City Hotel.

Again the crowd cheered.

" Again and again the crowd cheered, and there were encouraging calls for Bundy; but the First National Bank stolidly preserved its Sabbath front.

Mr. Barton had the chastened pleasure of telling Mr. Hawley about Hiram's loan, and of reminding him that he had neglected a fair opportunity to become a co-benefactor of that upright and open-handed youth; whereupon the ruined Hawleydeservedly ruined, the tale implied"moved on, dejected and sad, while Mr. Barton returned to his establishment cheered and animated.

Once all was wild enthusiasm and glad uproar; now men's lips were set, and women's smileless as they cheered; fewer handkerchiefs whitened the air, for wet eyes needed them; and sudden lulls, almost solemn in their stillness, followed the acclamations of the crowd.

" As the spirit spoke his voice grew cheery, his old face shone, and in a burst of hearty enthusiasm he flung up his cap and cheered like a boy.

"Look at her, I say, look at her!" The people in his vicinity stared, smiled, and finally cheered.

Cheered by this nearer presence of human life, our young gentleman presently gathered his benumbed powers together, arose, and after a while began slowly and feebly to climb a stony hill that lay between the rocky beach and that faint but encouraging illumination.

Next day, at a time when I knew Raoul would be working in his office, I went to see him there, and cheered him up as well as I could.

The iron-men cheered and groaned, according to their humour, as they whirled past their antagonist.

good lass!" cried the crowd, and cheered her.

Even the iron-workers cheered him with that fine unselfishness which true sport engenders.

This being a beautiful day, my spirits were cheered by the mere effect of climate.

They cheered each other as best they could, drank a lot of the fresh milk and ate some nuts.

The evening before the wedding Uncle John and the Major claimed Arthur for their own, and after an hour's conference between the three that left the young fellow more happy and grateful than ever before, he was entertained at his last "bachelor dinner," where he made a remarkable speech and was lustily cheered.

For two years Paul remained at Rome, a fettered prisoner it is true, but cheered by friendly visits, and attended by Luke, his "beloved physician" and biographer, by Timothy and other devoted disciples.

They then issued from the gates to retake the fortifications, which were well defended, cheered and encouraged by the heroic Maid, who stimulated them to daring deeds.

Joan mounted her horse, made preparations for the assault, cheered the soldiers, working far into the night; and the next day the city surrendered, and Charles, attended by Joan and his nobles, triumphantly entered the city.

"She had seemed rather worried in the early part of the evening, but later on she cheered up.

Having elevated and cheered Redbud's spirits, by this profound philosophy, and further enlivened her by declaring that she must leave Apple Orchard on the morrow, Miss Lavinia descended.

What dreadful bowlings, and what hideous roar, Disturb those peaceful shades where erst the bird That glads the night, had cheered the listening groves With sweet complainings!

They were cheered by the presence of his daughters, and were free from financial worries.

The party were anxious she, too, should have a prize, and as she happened to have a thimble, the Dodo commanded her to hand it to him, and then, with great ceremony, the Dodo presented it to her, saying, "We beg your acceptance of this elegant thimble," and they all cheered.

He seemed cheered by the idea, and asked me if I'd like to see the potatoes he had dug up that eveningthey were "a wunnerful fine lot," he said.

" This cheered me considerably, and did somewhat return my faith in Don Sanchez, who certainly was the most extraordinary gentlemanly rascal that ever lived.

No sense of satisfaction in having attained a difficult objective cheered us up.

He had offered his hand, and all the ambitious views which it opened, to each of the Miss Berrys successively, but they refused to bear his name, though they still cheered his solitude: and, strange to say, two of the most admired and beloved women of their time remained single.

Flights of cockatoos, of parrots, of pigeons, and of bitterns; birds also whose notes had cheered us in the wilderness, all had taken the same road to a better and more hospitable region.

Finally they reached a well-grassed region which greatly cheered them with the prospect of success it held out.

" They caught off their caps and cheered wildly.

And now come and see grandmother, she will be cheered by your arrival.

Cheered by the sight, and invigorated by the fresh breeze blowing in this healthful region, they pressed forward, and soon drew near the mansion, which they found was approached by four noble avenues.

by our fathers reared As champion of the world's opprest; Whose moral force the tyrant feared; Whose flag all struggling freemen cheered; In clutching at an empire's crest

The House, as usual, cheered this fine sentiment to the echo, and, to show how thoroughly it had gone home, Mr. ADAMSON, the Labour leader, immediately pressed for an increase in the salaries of Members of Parliament.

When Carteret had spoken, and the crowd had cheered him, they felt that they had done all that courtesy required, and he was good-naturedly elbowed aside while they proceeded with the work in hand, which was now to drive out the negroes from the hospital and avenge the killing of their comrade.

However, I worked hard, till indeed my strength was almost exhausted, and kept my boat as much to the northward, that is, towards the side of the current which the eddy lay on, as possibly I could; when about noon, as the sun passed the meridian, I thought I felt a little breeze of wind in my face, springing up from S.S.E. This cheered my heart a little, and especially when, in about half an hour more, it blew a pretty gentle gale.

But they all cheered enthusiastically except Llewellyn.

We are all much cheered by this performance.

Two hours before lunch we were cheered by the sight of our night camp of the 18th December, the day after we made our depรดtthis showed we were on the right track.

And Wealth spread out his costly feast, And gaily all partook: The choicest viands cheered each guest, As all with pleasure look.

It was the following day that he cheered her by displaying a new attention to his apparel, and it was before the ensuing Friday night dance that he had submitted his hands to her for embellishmenttalking casually of love at first sight.

" "Happy days!" cheered the private.

Then the Winnebagos nearly split their throats cheering, and Agony, who had slipped back to them, cheered louder than all the rest, advertising to all within earshot that she was a Winnebago and belonged to the winning entry.

I was able to see it through, and I cheered with a good will when the District Agents of the miners made speeches and urged us to stay oot till the masters gave in.

And beholding that hermitage inhabited by ascetics, and abounding in herds of deer and monkeys, Damayanti was cheered.

And on that day the 7th Regiment returned to garrison the city, and the anxious city cheered its return, and people slept more soundly for it, though all day long the streets echoed with the music of troops departing, and of regiments parading for a last inspection before the last good-byes were said.

The quiet canonical houses gave me the sense of stately and pious repose; of secluded lives, cheered by the dignity of worship and the beauty of holiness.

Though he had covered his head with his cloak, he was readily recognized and eagerly cheered; the burgesses left their houses and the tradesmen their shops to see him and follow him, shouting, "Hurrah!

The audience laughed and cheered, fully enjoying the rebuke.

The men cheered wildly, Broomberg's knife was snatched from his hand, and he himself bound hand and foot, while everybody crowded round to shake hands with the little professor, or to pat the noble dog who had saved his life.

But if he finds that I am right, then let him learn in what sort of man he is trustingwhat sort of champion of truth this religious press has cheered on.

The porter of the cathedral inhabited an extremely small dwelling, built up against the wall, and surrounded by high, dark buildings; but we were pleased to see that he had cheered this dismal place of abode by a gay parterre, several rich-looking flowers occupying pots beneath his windows.

He remembered how often he had got cheered there for his feats at cricket and football, and how often he and Upton in old days, and he and Wildney afterwards, had walked there on Sundays, arm in arm.

Doc's face fell at first, but he cheered up mightily after nosing it over for a moment, and allowed it might be so; in fact, that he was sure it was so, as far as those fellows were concernedthey lived in Chicago.

" "Hurray," cheered the others, much heartened by the prospect of any trace of the missing boy, however slight.

The genial R.T.O. cheered us up a little and kept the more resolute of our Arctic heroes in countenance by sporting a magnificent and irresistible fur head-dress; but an R.T.O. can do what would be regarded as nerve in you and me; and, moreover, here is the A.P.M. in the familiar flat cap, encircled with the traditional colour of authority.

He returned to a sullen audience, save where the Americans cheered him from their side of the corral.

" This thought cheered Sally through the trying moment of watching her friends drive away.

The little train came on like a shuttle through the blue loom of the air; they got on, and were shot forward through bright green fields, past expectant groves and flowering orchards, cheered by the elate singing of innumerable birds.

" For all that she was not greatly cheered, but edged away, still strangely disconsolate when I came near and tried to pet her.

But though they cheered at my words they would not cease from crying, "Show us Saint Helena, and if she bid us we will have mercy on the wolves of the Wolfsberg!"

The light from the cabin window, twinkling through the storm, cheered him a little, which was quite as unreasonable as his uneasiness.

"Only about five miles," Billy cheered.

He saw that the Pilgrim was looking extremely bloodthirsty and went out frequentlyBilly guessed shrewdly that his steps led to where the drink was not waterand the sight cheered him considerably.

I'll have her yet," he cheered himself when the twinge of parting was keenest.

The crowd cheered as the imprisoned waters leapt to freedom with a hollow roar, raising in pitch as the penstock filled and the wheels began to go round.

Many men and women had forsaken their beds to minister unto the needs of the suffering; delicacies were served bountifully, and hearts as well as stomachs were cheered; there were evidences of sympathy and honour on every hand.

The great lake at last came in sight, and they were cheered by the sight of its blue waters.

Thus, if we read the Book of Malachi carefully, we shall find much that throws light on Nehemiah's history; and we can easily imagine how much the prophet's sympathy and help must have cheered and strengthened the great reformer in his trying and difficult work.

He had restored, warmed and cheered her.

It had never come near himthe thought of seeking and saving her for himself-and when he found her perishing, and bore her over the water, and found shelter, and cheered and restored her, and as he now sat to protect her, the idea that she was or could be more to him, or different from what she had been, never approached him.

Sweaty, spent, covered with grease and dirt, they cheered with leaping hearts.

Popular officers were cheered, unpopular officers jeered at, angry voices raised outside headquarters, demanding to know why old Honikol Herkimer delayed the advance.

I sneaked in again, yet, of course, highly flattered and cheered; but a moment after there was a knocking at my door: it was the grandmother, my hostess, who came with a whole plate full of spice-nuts.

But I know your kind heart, my Emmeline; I know it will be satisfied, when I say your letters have indeed cheered my couch of suffering; have indeed succeeded not only in changing my thoughts from the subject that perhaps too much engrosses them, but sometimes even my poor mother's.

Captain Bactman smilingly shook his head, and then the two drank to one another's health, each on his own quarter-deck, and parted friends, while their crews manned what was left of the yards and cheered each other wildly.

May the remaining years of your life be cheered and animated by good abiding Christian hope.