5057 examples of cheered in sentences

Then the races begin, two runners from each side darting down the track cheered by their companions.

Then, as a hound is slipped from leash, They cheered the common throng, And blew the note with yell and shout, And bade him pass along.

We are told by many who have visited this sea, that neither fish nor shells are to be found in it, and that its shores, frightfully barren, are never cheered by the note of any bird.

Cheered and stiffened by many bows and heel clickings and warming hospitality, we hurried off to an artillery position near the village of Olszanica.

He was cheered, however, by a plan he had, and by the inscription on Angela's miniature frame.

Turning, he cheered them on, and led them back up the hill; surrounded and enormously outnumbered, the regiments suffered terribly on their way back, Sir George Cathcart and many of his officers and vast numbers of the men being killed.

And now, will you be cheered, but not inebriated, here under the trees, in company with dainty cheese-cakes compounded by these hands, and jelly of Helen Heath's moulding, and automatic trifles that caught an ordaining glimpse of Mrs. Laudersdale's eye and rushed madly together to become almond-pasty?"

But more than once he joined her after church, walked home to the door with her, and cheered her simple soul with his familiar looks and tones, and words of praise that made Adriadne Scran' think Theseus Parker a little more than mere man, something altogether adorable.

But neither Mr. Selincourt nor Jervis Ferrars had been near for three days, and the invalid plainly moped, missing the companionship that cheered him most.

"You have cheered me more than I can tell you, and I won't ask you any more questions.

Later she had found us, abandoned by them, in time of direst need, and in danger of an awful death, and had warmed and cheered us back to hope and confidence.

From the side of the one that cheered the living room, swung a crane worthy of the great copper cheese kettle that hung on its arm.

They felt it was a historic occasion even at the time; cheered him at the end of it.

They cheered me, do you kenthose tired and dusty heroes of Britain along the French roads!

They cheered as they squatted down in a circle about us, me in my kilt, and Johnson tinkling away as if his very life depended upon it, at his wee piano!

Gie us a song, do now!" As I finished my first song my audience applauded me and cheered me most heartily, and the laddies along the banks of the Scarpe heard them, and came running up to see what was afoot.

There the fondest hopes of my life, the hopes that sustained and cheered me through many years, lie buried.

New Orleans is a surprising evidence of what men will endure, when cheered by the hopes of an ever-flowing tide of all-mighty dollars and cents.

One can only imagine the relief and comfort afforded to the ponies, but the dogs are visibly cheered and the human element is full of gaiety.

"When men need to be cheered up, they have to have something better than wine.

Much cheered outside on driving away.

While my eyes are cheered with what I see, my heart is saddened with what I hear.

Many blessed promises have been brought to remembrance, which have cheered me, and created sweet peace.

This I ran in safety, as did the rest who followed and we cheered at our pluck and skill.

The great lake at last came in sight, and they were cheered by the sight of its blue waters.

5057 examples of  cheered  in sentences