282 examples of cheerless in sentences

Troops in the line and in bivouac spent the most cheerless Christmas Day within their memories.

LINES TO HARUN AND YAHIA Th' affrighted sun ere while he fled, And hid his radiant face in night; A cheerless gloom the world overspread

It was a damp and cheerless little hole, down in the corner of a dirty court.

At that moment, too, Dick Lee came tiptoeing in from his cheerless garret, and looking astonishingly spruce.

The hymn which has led to these remarks is still good, although, like the loveliness of the red and lowering west, it gives sign of a gray and cheerless dawn, under whose dreariness the child will first doubt if his father loves him, and next doubt if he has a father at all, and is not a mere foundling that Nature has lifted from her path.

"What a cheerless jest!"

But in all the rest of the Netherlands, excepting the provinces already mentioned, no form of government existed, but that fierce feudality which reduced the people into serfs, and turned the social state of man into a cheerless waste of bondage.

~Hours.~ Matchless, melting eyes of brown, This is but a cheerless town; You should beam 'neath warmer skies, Matchless, melting, dark brown eyes.

In their new homes in the cheerless climate of New England we see traits which did not characterize the Dutch settlers of New York; we find no patroons, no ambition to be great landed proprietors, no desire to live like country squires, as in Virginia.

For many moments an intense silence reigned, as if naught existed there but the cheerless forest trees.

The white light on it is cast up hard and cheerless from below, as when snow lies upon the ground, and the children look up with surprise at the strange whiteness of the ceiling.

Its voice came chill and cheerless into the dusky room, where the fire was now glimmering near its death, and the only sounds were those of Gershom's rushing pencil, the whispering of Marshall and his friend, and old Mother Scritcher feebly whimpering in her corner.

He is barely conscious of progress, only when the brakeman with measured tone shouts the name of the station; he looks up from his paper or rouses from his doze, looks out at the cheerless prospect, and then settles himself for another thirty miles.

Their dinner was a sad and cheerless meal; the mother feeling all a woman's solicitude for a friendless girl; the son filled with a tumult of sorrow, remorse, love, and pity.

Nor would he listen to her entreaties that she might be permitted to follow her husband, declaring that "she should not live with a heretic"; and thus her days passed on in a gloomy and cheerless monotony, ill suited to her excitable temperament and splendid tastes.

A lonely, cheerless life, where every affection must be crushed as unholy, and every pleasure denied as a crime!

Thus while he stood, and, sighing, did survey The fields, and cursed the ill omens of the day, He saw Menalcas come with heavy pace; 10 Wet were his eyes, and cheerless was his face: He wrung his hands, distracted with his care, And sent his voice before him from afar.

The position to-night is very cheerless.

I love them all! Still, as I mused, the naked room, The alien firelight died away, And, from the midst of cheerless gloom, I passed to bright, unclouded day.

could I see thy lids weighed down in cheerless woe; Too full to hide their tears, too stern to overflow; Oh!

Then all those royal sages, beholding the mighty Asura Vatapi, who had been transformed into a ram thus cooked for them, became sad and cheerless and were nearly deprived of themselves.

And beholding his brother already digested, Ilwala became sad and cheerless and joining his hands, along with his ministers, addressing the Rishi (and his companions), said, "What for have ye come hither, and what can I do for you?"

"] The strong, sweet air above revived him, but the deck was wet and cheerless and the air chill.

It was a dark and cheerless night in mid-winter.

It was a simple picture, but it was full of cheerless, mournful suggestions.

282 examples of  cheerless  in sentences