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282 examples of  cheerless  in sentences

282 examples of cheerless in sentences

" "Every season has its charms," said Spalding, "Even the winter, with its cold, its dead and cheerless desolation, has its robe of chaste and peerless white, which, as well as that of the spring-time, the summer, and the autumn, has been the theme of song.

And he found it, as many others have done, but cheerless sexton's work, this digging up of boyish recollections.

" He led the way inside, and the girl followed him to a dirty, cheerless room behind the shop which was furnished with a sofa-bedstead, a table, and a chair.

Troops in the line and in bivouac spent the most cheerless Christmas Day within their memories.

LINES TO HARUN AND YAHIA Th' affrighted sun ere while he fled, And hid his radiant face in night; A cheerless gloom the world overspread

A cheerless morning, and the few people that were about looked damp and low spirited.

It was a damp and cheerless little hole, down in the corner of a dirty court.

The little kitchen looked so cheerless and bare that dull morning that it reminded me again of a passage in that rude, racy song of the Lancashire weaver, "Jone o' Greenfeelt" "Owd Bill o'

At that moment, too, Dick Lee came tiptoeing in from his cheerless garret, and looking astonishingly spruce.

The hymn which has led to these remarks is still good, although, like the loveliness of the red and lowering west, it gives sign of a gray and cheerless dawn, under whose dreariness the child will first doubt if his father loves him, and next doubt if he has a father at all, and is not a mere foundling that Nature has lifted from her path.

Because the high places and the beautiful things of earth were not for him was no reason why he should sit and mourn his fate in cheerless inactivity.

And thus, in the early dawnunattended, with the sadness of death in her pallid facethe lady of the Giustiniani floated away from her beautiful homeaway from happiness and loveinto a future cheerless and dim as the dawn lights that were faintly tinging the sea.

The view was cheerless in the extreme.

Years passed onlong, dreary, cheerless years.

And the colossal set-piece of the evening having been duly exploded, no sequel whatever could expect anything better than relegation to the cheerless limbo of anticlimax.

This done, he turned on his side and knuckled in peculiar rhythm the back of the bunk, a solid panel which slipped smoothly to one side, permitting the man to tumble out into still another room, a cheerless place, with floor of stone and the smell of a vault.

Victor's glance ranged the cheerless room.

The night was fast approachinga bitter, cheerless night with a driving wind that seemed to promise snow.

Its gleams and sparkles positively pursued him as he turned his face towards the road and his own dark, cheerless house.

"She took my forlorn, cheerless room and made it into a home for me," said Thurston.

Now the wind was very violent from the sea, and threatened to blow down our tent, the which, indeed, it achieved at last as we made an end of a cheerless breakfast.

"What a cheerless jest!"

But in all the rest of the Netherlands, excepting the provinces already mentioned, no form of government existed, but that fierce feudality which reduced the people into serfs, and turned the social state of man into a cheerless waste of bondage.

~Hours.~ Matchless, melting eyes of brown, This is but a cheerless town; You should beam 'neath warmer skies, Matchless, melting, dark brown eyes.

At thirteen Bobby, the eldest, was doing a peasant's full day's labor; at sixteen he was chief laborer on his father's farm; and he describes the life as "the cheerless gloom of a hermit, and the unceasing moil of a galley slave."

In their new homes in the cheerless climate of New England we see traits which did not characterize the Dutch settlers of New York; we find no patroons, no ambition to be great landed proprietors, no desire to live like country squires, as in Virginia.

Euphrates hence devolves A mighty flood to water half the East: And there, in Gothic solitude reclin'd, The cheerless Tanais pours his hoary urn.

It was grey, damp, and dismal, one of those days which in the Highlands are often so very cheerless and dispiriting.

" An ill-shaped and repulsive piece of work it certainly is; crude and cheerless, but marked with signs of unmistakable power.

For many moments an intense silence reigned, as if naught existed there but the cheerless forest trees.

The white light on it is cast up hard and cheerless from below, as when snow lies upon the ground, and the children look up with surprise at the strange whiteness of the ceiling.

Of course the scene was cheerless and unsightly now; lumpy brown patches of earth showed through the unequally melting snow, where the grass-plot should have been; a few naked and ugly sticks were all the promise of the hollyhocks' yellow glory; the bare grape-vine showed on the dingy lattice like a tangled mesh of weather-stained ropes; and "there were no birds in last year's nest" to make the martin-box look social.

He stepped to the side and looked over; the harbour was only a little way astern, and Sunwich itself, looking cold and cheerless beyond the dirty, tumbling seas, little more than a mile distant.

"Is it any cause for wonder, that under this cheerless influence our poetry is either silent or unsold?

In the cheerless interior of one of these freight cars (much the same kind of car as that in which we were confined during the trip from Brussels to Aixapparently used as a horse-stall on the previous trip, and with no bedding beyond a damp pile of straw in one corner) the American noticed a young German private.

Ferruginous, streaked, naked, and cheerless rocks arose around them, and even that snowy beacon, the glowing summit of Vรฉlan, which had so long lain bright and cheering on their path, was now hid entirely from view.

" This part of the journey was cold and cheerless enough.

It was only by hiding myself away in corners that I could enjoy any liberty of spirit, and though my thoughts were often cheerless when I remembered the relative freedom of home life, I preferred to linger with them rather than to weary myself in breaking the little laws of a society for which I was in no way fitted.

"And in any case," tightening her grip on my arm as we passed into the bright enormous corridor and caught sight of Mrs. Franklyn waiting in the cheerless hall below, "I'm very glad you're here, Bill, and Mabel, I know, is too.

It struck her, as she crossed the river, that the wind was very cold, and that the day was grey and cheerless, now the clouds had hidden the sun.

These houses contain apartments more or less cheerless and badly furnished, according to the price (always exorbitant, however small it may be) demanded for them, and are devoted exclusively to the storage of empty bottles and demijohns, to large boxes of vegetable- and flower-seeds, to great piles of books, speeches, and documents not yet directed to people who will never read them, and to an abominable odor of boiling cabbages.

A weary pilgrim, left in cheerless gloom, To grope his midnight journey to the tomb; His life a tempest, death, a wreck forlorn, In sorrow dying, as in sorrow born.

The sun that brief December day Rose cheerless over hills of gray, And, darkly circled, gave at noon A sadder light than waning moon, Slow tracing down the thickening sky Its mute and ominous prophecy, A portent seeming less than threat, It sank from sight before it set.

And if it was cheerless and colorless now, it had had its big moments.

It is very cheerless to talk in an office, and nearly all my business is transacted with solicitors and counsel who are known to me, so there is no need for such formalities.

The academic halls present to the view nothing but dingy walls, rough floors coated with the dust and mud of days or weeks, and, winter and summer, the huge porcelain stove in one corner,that immovable article of cheerless German furniture, where wood is put in by the pound, and no bright glow ever discloses the presence of that warmest friend of man, a good fire.

Besides, it would have been hard to be cheerless in that sunny little house, with its queer old furniture of three-legged tables, high-backed chairs, and chintz curtains where red mandarins winked at blue pagodas on a deep-yellow ground, and birds of insane ornithology pecked at insects that never could have been hatched, or perched themselves on blossoms totally unknown to any mortal flora.

The morning fixed upon for their departure for Sudbury turned out to be cold and cheerless; and Clarence felt very gloomy as he sat beside his sister at their early breakfast, of which he was not able to eat a morsel.

Sylvia looked at the tall, dingy houses, the frowzy little shops, the swarms of dirty-nosed children, shrill-voiced, with matted hair, running and whooping in the street, at the slatternly women yelling unobeyed orders to them out of half-glimpsed, cheerless interiors, smelling of cabbage and dishwater.

In the gray dawn of a cheerless morning the trio started off, and by continual tramping, and an occasional lift from a carter reached a public house where they lingered for some hours, and then went on again until the next night.

On the 26th of the same month Benvenuto della Volpaia wrote, repeating what the Pope had written in his brief, and adding that his Holiness desired him to select some workshop more convenient for his health than the cold and cheerless sacristy.

On Hagar's peaceful grave it falls, and glancing from the polished stone shines across the fields upon the old stone house, where all is cheerless now, and still.

To these slumbers succeeded the hours which, by the regulations of our prison, I was obliged, though awake, to spend in solitary and cheerless darkness.

All outside the door was dark, cheerless, solitary, and still.

There was nothing to be seen but the empty walls, which stood there looking cheerless, vacant, and miserable.

Its voice came chill and cheerless into the dusky room, where the fire was now glimmering near its death, and the only sounds were those of Gershom's rushing pencil, the whispering of Marshall and his friend, and old Mother Scritcher feebly whimpering in her corner.

I can but infer from her obstinate and persistent silence that she wishes to sever all ties between herself and me, and I have resigned myself to the prospect of a lonely and cheerless old age.

The day came, only to bestow more distinctness on the cheerless prospect.

His outlook was cheerless enough.

He is barely conscious of progress, only when the brakeman with measured tone shouts the name of the station; he looks up from his paper or rouses from his doze, looks out at the cheerless prospect, and then settles himself for another thirty miles.

Their dinner was a sad and cheerless meal; the mother feeling all a woman's solicitude for a friendless girl; the son filled with a tumult of sorrow, remorse, love, and pity.

Nor would he listen to her entreaties that she might be permitted to follow her husband, declaring that "she should not live with a heretic"; and thus her days passed on in a gloomy and cheerless monotony, ill suited to her excitable temperament and splendid tastes.

A lonely, cheerless life, where every affection must be crushed as unholy, and every pleasure denied as a crime!

Thus while he stood, and, sighing, did survey The fields, and cursed the ill omens of the day, He saw Menalcas come with heavy pace; 10 Wet were his eyes, and cheerless was his face: He wrung his hands, distracted with his care, And sent his voice before him from afar.

The position to-night is very cheerless.

When she died and left her body, the Shadow Leader, who knows no pity, led her, as he led all others, to the cheerless halls of Proserpine, the queen of the Lower World.

But the winds still whistle through their cheerless cave, and the cold waves murmur on the shore of the wintry sea, and the ice mountains topple and crash, and no sound of living creature is heard in all that desolate land.

The first thing which he noticed was that the cabin was full of a pale morning light, cold and cheerless, although the shaded lights still burned in the roof.

An aged woman in a cheerless room, bending over the embers of a low fire.

I'll hie me to my lonely hall, and by its cheerless hob I'll muse on other days, and wishand wish I wereA SNOB.

I love them all! Still, as I mused, the naked room, The alien firelight died away, And, from the midst of cheerless gloom, I passed to bright, unclouded day.

could I see thy lids weighed down in cheerless woe; Too full to hide their tears, too stern to overflow; Oh!

Then all those royal sages, beholding the mighty Asura Vatapi, who had been transformed into a ram thus cooked for them, became sad and cheerless and were nearly deprived of themselves.

And beholding his brother already digested, Ilwala became sad and cheerless and joining his hands, along with his ministers, addressing the Rishi (and his companions), said, "What for have ye come hither, and what can I do for you?"

And the universe afflicted with the terror of the Kalakeyas, being destitute of Vedic studies and vashats and sacrificial festivals and religious rites, became entirely cheerless.

Unless, perhaps, the gods looked down from high Olympusthe poor immortalsand turned away, disconsolate, to the cheerless fields of asphodel.

"] The strong, sweet air above revived him, but the deck was wet and cheerless and the air chill.

The same men were in attendance at the office as before; but they seemed older and their politeness that of cheerless automatons.

a heavy and cheerless ridicule.

He had seen her short striped gown and blue woolen stockings, and smelled the cooking cabbage, but they never struck him with so great a sense of discomfort as they did to-day when he stood, hat in hand, wondering why home seemed so cheerless.

The dining-room into which he looked struck chill and cheerless in the dark yellow light which came through the lowered blinds.

This cheerless aspect was heightened by the total absence of native fires, a fact we had never before observed in such an extent of country, and truly significant of its want of fertility.

The fire had gone out while they were away, and the grate looked very black and cheerless.

That night was really the only cheerless one the men spent around the fire.

It has fathered the doubt which to-day sits, cheerless and chill, within the hearts and homes of thousands who once rejoiced in the warmth and light of God, but who now accept the alternative their teachers thrust upon them"all or none"and throw away the Blessed Book wherein God of old revealed Himself to them.

It was a dark and cheerless night in mid-winter.

It was a simple picture, but it was full of cheerless, mournful suggestions.

The recently kindled fire would not burn but would smoke; the air was cold and cheerless; two babies were crying in a neighbouring polog; the breakfast was not ready, everybody was cross, and rather than break the harmonious impression of general misery, I became cross also.

The room where he worked was a small box-like place off the living-room, a cheerless enough abode with a little high barred window in it as in a prison-cell, cardboard-boxes piled high with feminine garments, a sewing-machine, old dusty books, and a broken-down perambulator occupying most of the space.

The lonely rock rose in solitary barrenness, a bleak and mournful monument of some rude caprice of Nature, which has thrown it out to stand in cheerless desolation amidst the broad waters of the Atlantic.

The summer flowers have ceased to bloom For autumn frosts have blighted, And laid them in a cheerless tomb

He must have been a man who had a home and loved it, and his whole expression told unmistakably that he was imploring for strength to hold out till the end in that dreary, cheerless region of brown and grey.

I was doomed to meditate pretty steadily, I imagined, on the beauty of the landscape in these parts, and I was rejoiced to know that it was not all cheerless prairie or gloomy woodland.

We traversed the long cheerless hall to the front door, and I sent him before me into the woodland.

Thatโ€™s what Iโ€™d call a pretty cheerless job,โ€”watching summer cottages in the winter.โ€

He could not livemoulded, as he was, of all sweet elementsapart from social influences, from the regard, the affection, the approbation of his kindand he died of heart-starvation; fortunate, indeed, in that he was mercifully permitted so to die, rather than have lived, as less fervent natures might have done, in cold and cheerless apathy.

For her the singer's love and devotion is infinite: separation from her would be worse than death; her death would leave the world cheerless, and to her he owes any thoughts of good or beauty that he may have.

Bernardine had suffered a cheerless childhood in which dolls and toys took no leading part.

He might be seen any fine day trudging along in company with his photographic apparatus, and a desolate dog, who looked almost as cheerless as his chosen comrade.

His boots were without soles, and in his cheerless attic room he patched them with birch bark and card board as well as he could.