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54 example sentences with  chefs-d'oeuvre

54 example sentences with chefs-d'oeuvre

I need hardly say, that this was the great exterminating chef-d'oeuvre of Williams at Mr. Marr's, No. 29, Ratcliffe Highway.

There is scarcely an instance of a musician producing his chef-d'oeuvre after the age of thirty.

It is in vain that you have written the following letter, a chef-d'oeuvre in its way, to the president of "CITIZEN PRESIDENT,If I had not been detained at the Ministry of War on the day when the election took place, I should have voted with the minority of the Commune.

But soon afterwards, stratagems of every kind were put into requisition to escape from the researches of the Commune, which became more eager and determined, from day to day, after the publication of the following decree, the chef-d'oeuvre of the too famous Raoul Rigault: "EX-PREFECTURE OF POLICE.

chefs-d'oeuvre without number!

It would be endless to describe the various chefs-d'oeuvre which are contained in this valuable collection.

They were particularly required to prove their ability by executing what was termed a chef-d'oeuvre, which consisted in fabricating a perfect specimen of whatever craft they practised.

The execution of the chef-d'oeuvre gave rise to many technical formalities, which were at times most frivolous.

The aspirant in certain cases had to pass a technical examination, as, for instance, the barber in forging and polishing lancets; the wool-weaver in making and adjusting the different parts of his loom; and during the period of executing the chef-d'oeuvre, which often extended over several months, the aspirant was deprived of all communication with his fellows.

] At times, and particularly in those trades where the aspirants were not required to produce a chef-d'oeuvre, the installation of masters was accompanied with extraordinary ceremonies, which no doubt originally possessed some symbolical meaning, but which, having lost their true signification, became singular, and appeared even ludicrous.

Even in that chef-d'oeuvre of brilliant retrospective sketching, the description of her early life, it is the childhood and not the child that interests you.

The late Mr. Christie, the auctioneer, while selling a collection of pictures, having arrived at a chef-d'oeuvre of Wilson's, was expatiating with his usual eloquence on its merits, quite unaware that Wilson himself had just before entered the room.

The Mouse's Petition, by Miss Aikin, is a chef-d'oeuvre.

The original plantation of the park was the work of La Nôtre, who, it will be recollected, planned the garden of Versailles; but St. Cloud is considered his chef-d'oeuvre, and proves, that with the few natural advantages which it afforded him, he was enabled to effect more here than millions have accomplished at Versailleswhere art is fairly overmatched with her own wasteful and ridiculous excess.

"I went yesterday morning to Gosselin's [the publisher]; he received me with the most beaming face in the world, saying to me, 'Well, now, so it seems you have made a chef-d'oeuvre.'

This forms the subject and title of Racine's chef-d'oeuvre (1691), and was Mdlle.

The whole depends on the manner in which the name is brought out, which I value myself on, as a chef-d'oeuvre."

Large sums were offered him for this chef-d'oeuvre, but he rejected them all, and sent the picture to Dr. Wundel, who showed his beautiful present to the Prince Royal.

This tragedy, which has been justly regarded as the chef-d'oeuvre of his plays, was not, he has informed us, "huddled up in haste."

That morning's post had brought him his first letter from Marianan innocent girlish epistle, which was as delicious to Gilbert as if it had been the chef-d'oeuvre of a Sevigné.

If a profusion of introductory mottoes were any indication of the excellence of a book, this volume would be indeed a chef-d'oeuvre.

Par une heureuse inspiration, plus prompt que l'éclair il saisit un pinceau et en barbouille la plus belle figure du chef-d'oeuvre.

CHEF-D'OEUVRE, m., travail parfait, oeuvre capitale.

The Chinese never cook except on substantial principles; and it was the principle of contrast which regulated this sublime chef-d'oeuvre of the Ning-po artist.

Molière, indeed, knew his own genius sooner, and was not less happy in procuring applause, though it often happened to him as to Corneille, "L'ignorance et l'erreur à ses naissantes pièces, En habit de marquis, en robes de comtesses, Vinssent pour diffamer son chef-d'oeuvre nouveau, Et secouer la têle à l'endroit le plus beau.

Ne va pas appliquer une froide analyse à ce chef-d'oeuvre de l'idéalisme et de l'amour.

(Les Chefs-d'oeuvre du cinéma, 54-66.

ARRIGON, L. J. Le chefs-d'oeuvre de Moliere.

Le chefs-d'oeuvre de Moliere.

Le chefs-d'oeuvre de Moliere.

<pb id='173.png' /> MEAUTIS, GEORGES. Les chefs-d'oeuvre de la peinture grecque.

(Les Chefs-d'oeuvre du cinéma, 54-66.

ARRIGON, L. J. Le chefs-d'oeuvre de Moliere.

Le chefs-d'oeuvre de Moliere.

Le chefs-d'oeuvre de Moliere.

<pb id='173.png' /> MEAUTIS, GEORGES. Les chefs-d'oeuvre de la peinture grecque.

O'Connell then executed several fine portraitstwo of Rachel, one of M. O'Connell, others of Charles Edward and Théophile Gautier, which were likened to works of Vandyck, and a portrait in crayon of herself which was a chef-d'oeuvre.

Perhaps her panels of the "Four Seasons" may be called her chef-d'oeuvre.

Is not a robbery of this nature the chef-d'oeuvre of its kind, and can it do otherwise than, make its perpetrator a hero in the eyes of his admirers?

At other times, it pirouettes upon the two fore feet, springing round at the same time like an opera-dancer; in fact, it would appear as if Taglioni, and all our most celebrated artistes, had taken lessons from the gazelle, so much do their chefs-d'oeuvre resemble its graceful motions.

Ce chef-d'oeuvre du Dieu vivant, l'avoir détruit!

A French critic has said happily of this poem: '"La Rose de l'Infante" est un chef-d'oeuvre, digne d'être illustré par Vélasquez.'

The French, indeed, have no doubt whatever of its being Sterne's chef-d'oeuvre; and one has only to compare a French translation of it with a rendering of Tristram Shandy into the same language to understand, and from our neighbours' point of view even to admit, the justice of their preference.

"Je n'hésiterais pas," he declares,[103] "à le proclamer le plus important des portraits du maître, un chef-d'oeuvre ne le cédant à aucun portrait d'aucun pays ou d'aucun temps." And certainly Giorgione has created a masterpiece.

La bonne Vieille is his chef-d'oeuvre in this style.

The Sleep of Antiope, chef-d'oeuvre of Correggio in the Louvre.

BOURDON, SEBASTIAN, a French painter, born at Montpellier; his chef-d'oeuvre "The Crucifixion of St. Peter," executed for the church of Notre Dame (1616-1671).

ZURBARAN, FRANCISCO, Spanish painter, born in Estremadura; did mostly religious subjects; his chef-d'oeuvre an altar-piece in Seville, where he lived and worked (1598-1662).

Their chef-d'oeuvre is perhaps "pooadugghiedugghie," which is their version of putangi-tangi, the paradise-duck.

The grisette from a certain point of view is the chef-d'oeuvre of Parisian industry; the bouquet of Parisian civilization.

You would have thought, to hear me, that for drawing, breadth, finish, color, composition, chiaroscuro, and every other merit that a painting could possess, this particular chef-d'oeuvre excelled all the masterpieces of Europe.

The former was begun in 1731, and the publication of its eleven parts was not completed until 1741, ten years later; but the periodical publication of novels was common at that epoch, and the chef-d'oeuvre of Le Sage, contemporary with it (1715- 1735), was double that time in appearing.

This piece has sometimes vied with le Jeu de l'Amour et du Hasard for the title of Marivaux's chef-d'oeuvre.

Le voici qui me cherche; ayez donc la bonté de me laisser le champ libre: il s'agit ici de mon chef-d'oeuvre.