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810 example sentences with  cherokee

810 example sentences with cherokee

And when the plates were cleared away and only the pipes and wine remained, Peyronie sang us a song in French, and Spiltdorph one in German, and Polson one in Gaelic, and old Christopher Gist, who stuck in his head to see what was toward, was pressed to pay for his entertainment by giving us a Cherokee war-song, which he did with much fire and spirit.

The land, at about seven or eight miles from the sea, is tolerably high; and the further you go westward, the more it rises, till at about one hundred and fifty miles distance from the sea, to the west, the Cherokee or Appallachean mountains begin, which are so high that the snow lies upon them all the year.

Their country lies between Spanish Florida and the Cherokee mountains, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the Indians of the Cherokee nation, being come down, the Governor told him that "he need fear nothing, but might speak freely," answered smartly, "I always speak freely, what should I fear?

Not far beyond my halting-place of two days before I came to a Cherokee rosebush, one of the most beautiful of plants,white, fragrant, single roses (real roses) set in the midst of the handsomest of glossy green leaves.

From that point, as far as I went, the road was lined with Cherokee roses,not continuously, but with short intermissions; and from the number of redbirds seen, almost invariably in pairs, I feel safe in saying that the nest I had found was probably one of fifteen or twenty scattered along the wayside.

Here, on this Tallahassee road, were miles of Cherokee roses, with plenty of the climbing scarlet honeysuckle (beloved of humming-birds, although I saw none here), and nearer the city, as already described, masses of lantana and white honeysuckle.

At a bend in the road opposite the water-lily swamp, while I was cooling myself in the shade of a friendly pine-tree,enjoying at the same time a fence overrun with Cherokee roses,a man and his little boy came along in a wagon.

Happily, too, it was nowApril 4the height of the season for flowering dogwood, pink azalea, fringe-bushes, Cherokee roses, and water lilies.

(The work was a humorous romance, unique in its kind, and I am told is much tasted in a Cherokee translation, where the jokes are rendered with all the serious eloquence characteristic of the Red races.)

They looked longingly over the fertile prairies of the Cherokee Strip country, stirred the camp-fire embers emphatically, and sent another dispatch to Washington asking for a chance to get in.

The utmost confidence prevailed, and hearty cheers were given as the cavalcade crossed the Kansas State line and commenced its long and dreary march through the rich blue grass of the Cherokee Strip.

To-day, Oklahoma extends right up to the southern Kansas line, and the Cherokee Strip, on whose rich blue grass hundreds of thousands of cattle have been fattened, is now a settled country, with at least four families to every square mile, and with a number of thriving towns and even large cities.

A large number of white men, many of them respectable citizens, and many of them outlaws and refugees from justice, have married fair Cherokee, Choctaw and Creek girls, and these men, while not recognized by the heads of the tribes, are able to draw from the Government, in the names of their wives, the large sums of money from time to time distributed.

To the Senate of the United States: I transmit to the Senate, for their consideration and advice, the articles of a convention concluded at this place on the 6th instant between the Secretary of War and the chiefs and headmen of the Cherokee Nation west of the Mississippi, duly authorized by their nation.

To the House of Representatives of the United States: In compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 2d of April last, I transmit a copy of the letter from the Cherokee Council to Colonel Hugh Montgomery, the agent, requested by the resolution, with a report[018] from the Secretary of War.

Relating to alleged blockade by the naval forces of Brazil, imprisonment of American citizens by Brazil, etc.] [Footnote 018: Relating to a survey for a canal through the Cherokee country.]

To the House of Representatives of the United States: I herewith transmit to the House of Representatives a report from the Secretary of War, which contains the information requested by a resolution of the 8th instant, respecting the proposals that were made by certain Indians, therein described, of the Cherokee Nation for the cession of their lands to the United States.

To the Senate of the United States: I communicate to the Senate a treaty entered into with the Cherokee Nation as early as 1804, but which, owing to causes not now understood, has never been carried into effect.

VitalDouble the DetourReturn to St. Mary'sLetters"Indian girl"New volume of travelsGuess' Cherokee alphabetNew views of the Indian languages and their principles of constructionGeorgia questionPost-office difficultiesGlimpses from the civilized world.

The Senate who, at the same time, had the important Cherokee treaty of New Echota before them, did not give it their assent till the 20th of May, and then ratified it with some essential modifications, which have not had a wholly propitious tendency.

The Cherokee question assumes a definite crisis.

CHEROKEE EMIGRATION.A letter from Gen. Scott of this date, to the Governor of Georgia, states that, of the two parties of Cherokees, or those who are for and against the treaty of New Echota, only about five hundred (including three hundred and seventy-sixty Creeks) remain east of the Mississippi, and of the anties a little over five thousand souls.

The Arkansas Little Rock Gazette, of this date, states that the long existing feud in the Cherokee nation, which has divided its old and new settlers, has terminated in a series of frightful murders.

Its language is this: "We briefly alluded in our last to a report from the west that John Ridge, one of the principal chiefs of the Cherokee nation, had been assassinated.

John A. Bell, and Sand Watie, Cherokee chiefs, publish in the Arkansas Gazette, an appeal to public justice, on the murder of the Ridges and Boudinot, which took place on the 22d of June previous.


One day as I was returning from it with my empty pail, a tidy, black-eyed woman came up to me and said, "I'm a Cherokee Indian, the wife of one of the three drovers that sold the Brunners them long-horned cattle that was delivered the other day.

There, too, was proof of his last resting-place, just as had been told me in sight of Jakie's grave, by the Cherokee woman in Sonoma.

These have until now been rejected, and their rejection, I have been induced to believe, has been owing more to the ascendency acquired by individuals who are unwilling to go than to the deliberative opinion of a majority of the Cherokee people.

Such, in exterior, were many of the members of the famous Cherokee Club, and such the future legislators of that great national indignity, which had procured them a contemptible pre-eminence in the black book of public opinion, by the style and title of the "Union Lords."

Of Guess, the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, it was observable in the picture, and observed in the text, that his face had an oriental cast.

Ma's mother was a Rockmore and her husband was a Cherokee Indian.

She was mixed with Cherokee Indian and Negro.

Cherokee messenger; a life of Samuel Austin Worcester.

Ed Earl Repp (A); 24Dec64; R351717. Cherokee strip stampeders.

The Cherokee Kid, life story of Will Rogers.

SOWLE, MELISSA W. A political history of the Cherokee nation, 1838-1907.

The Cherokee strip.

The Cherokee strip; a tale of an Oklahoma boyhood.

Indian Justice, a Cherokee murder trial at Tahlequah

Ed Earl Repp (A); 24Dec64; R351717. Cherokee strip stampeders.

Old frontiers; the story of the Cherokee Indians from earliest times to date of their removal to the West, 1837.

A political history of the Cherokee nation, 1838-1907.

Cherokee cavaliers; forty years of Cherokee history as told in the correspondence of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot family.

Cherokee cavaliers; forty years of Cherokee history as told in the correspondence of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot family.

Elias Boudinot, Cherokee, and his America.

The Cherokee strip.

The Cherokee strip; a tale of an Oklahoma boyhood.

Sevier's Cherokee Campaigns.

He was on the great war trace of the southern Indians, and his scouts speedily brought him word that they had exchanged shots with a Cherokee war party, on its way to the settlements, and not far distant on the other side of the river.

This last estimate is just about ten times too strong, for the only country visited was that of the Overhill Cherokees, and the outside limit for the population of the devastated territory would be some four thousand souls, or a third of the Cherokee tribe, which all told numbered perhaps twelve thousand people.]

The length of the journey, the absolutely untravelled nature of the country, which no white man, save perhaps an occasional wandering hunter, had ever before traversed, the extreme difficulty of the route over the wooded, cliff-scarred mountains, and the strength of the Cherokee towns that were to be attacked, all combined to render the feat most difficult.

Thus Major Joseph Martin, while an Indian agent, tried to speculate in Cherokee lands.

When the Americans reconquered the southern States many tories fled to the Cherokee towns, and incited the savages to hostility; and the outlying settlements of the borderers were being burned and plundered by members of the very tribes whose chiefs were at the same time writing to the governor to complain of the white encroachments.

"Sir,I was this day informed that there is forty large Cannoes loaded with men women and children passed by here down the Cherokee River who on their way down they took a Dellaway Indian prisoner & kept him till they found out what Nation he was ofthey told him they had come from Long Island and were on their way to Illinois with an intent to settleSir I have some reason to think they are a party of Rebels.

He then claimed the soil as his under the Cherokee deed; and disposed of it to the settlers who contracted to pay ten dollars a thousand acres.

The Chickasaws thereafter remained friendly; but, as usual, the Cherokee and Creek chiefs who chose to attend were unable to bind those of their fellows who did not.

The Indians naturally sided with the Spaniards against the Americans; for the Americans were as eager to seize the possessions of Creek and Cherokee as they were to invade the dominions of the Catholic King.

With the Indians who were thus present the whites went through the form of a treaty under which they received large cessions of Cherokee lands.

The aggressions by the Franklin men on the Cherokee lands bore bloody fruit in 1786.

The Chickamauga banditti watched from their eyries to pounce upon all boats that passed down the Tennessee, and their war bands harried the settlements far and wide, being joined in their work by parties from the Cherokee towns proper.

During this summer, to revenge the death of a couple of settlers, a backwoods Colonel, with the appropriate name of Outlaw, fell on a friendly Cherokee town and killed two or three Indians, besides plundering a white man, a North Carolina trader, who happened to be in the town.

Colonel John Logan had gathered a force to attack one of their war bands, but he happened instead to stumble on a Cherokee party, which he scattered to the winds with loss.

The Kentuckians wrote to the Cherokee chiefs explaining that the attack was an accident, but that they did not regret it greatly, inasmuch as they found in the Cherokee camp several horses which had been stolen from the settlers.

The Kentuckians wrote to the Cherokee chiefs explaining that the attack was an accident, but that they did not regret it greatly, inasmuch as they found in the Cherokee camp several horses which had been stolen from the settlers.

At that very time he was writing to a Cherokee chief [Footnote: Do.

Here he found that a couple of settlers had been killed by Indians a few days before, and he met a party of riflemen who had gathered to avenge the death of their friends by a foray on the Cherokee towns.

After some talk he persuaded the angry whites to choose four of their trusted men to accompany him as ambassadors to the Cherokee towns in order to find out the truth.

Martin intercepted one of these parties ten miles from a friendly Cherokee town; but another attacked and burned a neighboring town, the inhabitants escaping with slight loss.

The settlers drew no fine distinctions between different Indians; they knew that their friends were being murdered by savages who came from the direction of the Cherokee towns; and they vented their wrath on the Indians who dwelt in these towns because they were nearest to hand.

Among Sevier's troops was young John Kirk, whose mother, sisters, and brothers had been so foully butchered by the Cherokee Slim Tom and his associates.

He entered the hut where the Cherokee chiefs were confined and brained them with his tomahawk, while his comrades looked on without interfering.

He had come into the Indian country with one of the parties which intended to join Sevier, and while alone he captured a Cherokee.

Again and again during the summer of 1788 he led his bands of wild horsemen on forays against the Cherokee towns, and always with success.

He had no organized government back of him; but he was in the midst of his successful Cherokee campaigns, and he knew the reckless Indian fighters would gladly follow him in any movement, if he had a chance of success.

Rev. C.H. Moore 2.00 Cherokee.

An ancient and luxuriant hedge of Cherokee-rose started from this tree and stretched toward the northwest across the level country, until it merged into the green confusion of gardened homes in the vicinity of Bayou St. Jean, or, by night, into the common obscurity of a starlit perspective.

Between a quarter and a half-mile away, almost in a line with the Cherokee hedge, was a faint rise of ground, and on it a wide-spreading live-oak.

Many Cherokee children went to American schools.

The Long Island of the Holston: Sacred Island of the Cherokee Nation.

This led to the 2013 Jeep Cherokee midsize crossover.

Finally he made one symbol for every syllable in the Cherokee language.

He is of Cherokee Native American, English, German, Irish, Scottish, Swiss and Welsh descent.

Butter and cheese are seen on Cherokee tables.

Investigators determined an 18-year-old man from Pala was driving a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV at a high speed when the vehicle veered off the roadway and crashed into a tree, Smale said.

Refund requests for the above-mentioned permits/registration fees may be considered upon written request to the Fisheries & Wildlife Management Office at PO Box 1747, Cherokee, NC 28719.

Replaying the tactic from their first story, the investigative team hired a genealogist through the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma to look at Buell: The search showed his ancestors identified as white in census records.

Sec. 2A-1(a) states, “Real property is subject to civil forfeiture to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians when the real property is used to facilitate an offense stated in subsection (b).

Some tribes went before the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing unsuccessfully (Cherokee Nation v. State of Georgia) that they were independent nations on American soil.

“This project will have an impact on the EBCI, United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, and the Cherokee Nation seed bank collaboration.”

“This project will have an impact on the EBCI, United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, and the Cherokee Nation seed bank collaboration.”

Tyler Thomas, with his wife, Madison, and their daughters, Chandler and Evan, in front of the printing press used by the Cherokee Advocate (the last edition was printed on the press in 1906).

After having a chance to drive the Grand Cherokee this past summer at the vehicle launch in San Francisco, I was pleased to not only get another test drive but an extended three-week run.

Cherokee Commercial Cabinet105 P Rickman Industrial Dr, Canton, GA, (770) 345-6555 (

Cherokee Property Management225 Lone Star Dr Lot 20, Bogart, GA, (706) 552-3256 (

Cherokee Rose Construction Co, Edmond, OK, (405) 340-9508 (

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