1009 examples of chewing in sentences

" Reflectively chewing a clove, the Ritualistic organist reclines on the pauper grave of a former writer for the daily press, and cogitates upon his companion's leaning to Spiritualism; while the other produces matches and lights their lanterns.

" He regarded her with his jaw dropped in the act of chewing.

It's hard for a young girl to have patience for old age sitting and chewing all day over the past.

A magnificent young horse thrust his head familiarly over the fence near by, and under the shade of a great tree Primrose, with her graceful calf beside her, was lazily chewing her cud.

Mastication, or Chewing.

The act of chewing is simple and yet important, for if hurriedly or imperfectly done, the food is in a condition to cause disturbance in the digestive process.

Saliva for experiment may be obtained by chewing a piece of India rubber and collecting the saliva in a test tube.

While we are chewing and swallowing our food, no doubt a certain amount of water and common salt, together with sugar which has been changed from starch by the action of the saliva, gains entrance to the blood.

The proper chewing of the food is an important element in digestion.

Bad teeth and toothless gums mean imperfect chewing of the food and, hence, impaired digestion.

He has none of the small vices, such as smoking, drinking, chewing, or swearing; and his bitterest enemy never accused him of any of the greater ones.

When at attention there must be no gazing about, no raising of hands, no chewing or spitting in ranks.

I've got fifty of the Sixteenth all chewing their carbine bullets behind me.

It absorbed him by its masterful stress, overwhelming every sense, trembling, thundering, clanking, flashing, catching his eye with turning wheels and chewing press-mouths, and enveloping him in something tremulously homelike and elemental.

These were handed around to the guests, who sat quietly chewing the corners of them as they sipped their beer.

For instance, she left a bottle of bees standing on the table in her room, and Aunt Phoebe's dog Silky, who had been in the habit of going into the room and chewing Hinpoha's painted paddle, knocked the bottle over and let the bees out, getting badly stung in the process.

He was never away from home, except to attend to his business at market; and she had never seen him spelling over the sporting-papers, as her father had been wont to do, night after night, with a perplexed brow and an anxious face, making calculations upon the margin of the print every now and then with a stump of lead pencil, and chewing the end of it meditatively in the intervals of his lection.

" "I think not," said I, smiling, "so long as the Red Axe of the Mark has a polished edge and Gottfried Gottfried can send it sheer through an ox's neck as he stands chewing the cud.

I ask you to grant me but one boonthat I may die with her!" "Nay, my friend, gentlest squire of dames, defender of the oppressed, I have better things in store for you and your maid than that!" He paused and looked a long while at me, as it seemed, chewing the cud of revenge upon that which he had to say to me.

The customs of these Indians are for the most part much the same as those of Hispaniola and the neighbouring islands; but those people of Veragua and the country about it, when they talk to one another are constantly turning their backs and always chewing an herb, which we believed to be the reson that their teeth were rotten and decayed.

"Love, "MELBA" I think that time it was the solemn procession of mourners following the dead body of Elaine who were chewing gum; but we always had to be prepared for it among our American "supers," whether they were angels or devils or courtiers!

She's only chewing gum!" One of my earliest friends among literary folk was Mr. Charles Dodgsonor Lewis Carrollor "Alice in Wonderland."

Meantime, send up three slices of mutton half raw; we will do a little chewing, not much.

He promised to stop smoking, glad that the widow neglected to mention chewing tobacco, which was his everyday comfort.

Casey got out his plug of chewing tobacco and pried off a blunted corner.

1009 examples of  chewing  in sentences