15 examples of chillingham in sentences

At that same moment, also, the sparkling waters of Oyster Bay were gently caressing the classic contours of Cooper's Bluff, and upon that monumental headland, seated under sketching umbrellas, Flavilla and Drusilla worked, in a puddle of water colors; and John Chillingham Yates, in becoming white flannels and lilac tie and hosiery, lay on the sod and looked at Drusilla.

And in the misery of that moment's realization John Chillingham Yates showed the material of which he was constructed.

But both have entirely disappeared as wild animals, unless indeed the white cattle of Chillingham are really descendants of Caesar's dreadful urus and not merely domestic cattle lapsed into savagery.

The recent careful excavations have laid bare the evidence of what must have been a most imposing city, and many treasures of pottery, coins and ancient jewellery and ornaments, together with large quantities of the bones of animals, some of them identical with the wild cattle of Chillingham, have been brought to light.

Some three or four miles eastward along its banks, a walk through leafy woods brings us to Whittinghamthe final syllable of which, by the way, one pronounces as "jam," as one does that of nearly all the other place-names ending in "ing-ham" in Northumberland, contrary though it be to etymological considerationsexcepting, curiously enough, Chillingham, situated in the very midst of all the others.

At Bewick Bridge the little stream ceases to be the Breamish, and becomes the Till; as an old rhyme has it "The foot of Breamish, and head of Till, Meet together at Bewick Mill" Some miles to the northward, the Till reaches the little village of Chatton, having, on the way, passed a little to the westward of Chillingham Castle and Park, where is the famous herd of wild cattle.

They agreed, and with much deliberation the course was staked out with hazel wands between a wood and a river (Chillingham woods and the Till).

He laid siege to Norham, and captured it after a week's investment; and thereafter Wark, Ford, Etal, Duddo and Chillingham fell before him.

[Illustration: Valentine & Sons, Ltd. LANERCOST PRIORY AND STEPPING-STONES.] CHILLINGHAM CASTLE, NORTHUMBERLAND =How to get there.=Train from King's Cross.

=Nearest Station.=Belford (6 miles from Chillingham).

The castle at Chillingham, the seat of the Earl of Tankerville, is a remarkably picturesque building, erected in the reign of Elizabeth, on the site of an older fortress.

An ancestor of the Earl of Tankerville, Charles Lord Ossulston, came into the property in 1695 by marriage with the daughter and heiress of Lord Grey, Earl of Tankerville, a descendant of the Greys of Chillingham and Wark, who had much property in Glendale.

The herds of cattle at Chillingham are believed to be survivors of Bos primigenius, the wild ox of Europe, which is the supposed progenitor of our domestic cattle.


CHILLINGHAM, a village in Northumberland, 8 m. SW. of Belford, with a park attached to the castle, the seat of the Earl of Tankerville, containing a herd of native wild cattle.

15 examples of  chillingham  in sentences