265 examples of chillun in sentences

Ain't strict on chillun now like the old folks was.

Dere was a hep uv dem white William Chillun.

When we had six chillun me and mah wife moved tuh Kansas.

"Yas'm chillun ah'm piecing mahsef a bedspraid from dese heah backy sacks.

I was sick but they put me on a little bed and me and all the little chillun rode in a 'Jersey' that one of the old Negro mammies drove, along behind the wagons, and our young master, Colonel Bob Chaney rode a great big black horse.

I remember how scared us chillun was when we crossed the Red River.

All the grown folks went to the field to work and the little chillun would be left at a big room called the nursing home.

We wouldn't see our mammy and daddy from early in the morning till night when their work was done, then they'd go by Aunt Mandy's and get their chillun and go home till work time in the morning.

Miss Sallie told the niggers when they come to take him to the grave yard, to let her know when they got him in his coffin, and when they sent and told her she come out with all the little white chillun, her little grandchillun, to see Uncle Tony.

They tell me they was the boss man's chillun.

Left the chillun and the old folks here.

"After my chillun died, I never went to the field no more.

All the chillun I nussed is married and grown now.

but you know old folks didn't 'low chillun to stand around when they was talkin' in dem days.

"Chillun was better in them days 'cause the old folks was strict on 'em.

Chillun is raisin' theirselves today.

"We was more 'ligious than the chillun nowadays.

She'd say, 'You chillun get in the house; the Yankees are comin'.'

I know they come in and whipped my grandma and when they come in we chillun went under the bed.

You know when we chillun saw em ridin' in a hurry we went in the house and under the bed.

But in them days they fed the chillun mostly on bread and syrup.

"If we chillun in them days had had the sense these got now, I could remember more bout things.

"Ise had eight chillun.

He had plenty corn, taters, pum'kins, hogs, cows ev'ything, but he didn' gi us nuthin but strong plain close and plenty to eat; we slept in ole common beds and my pa made up little cribs and put hay in dem fur de chillun.

" "I had twelve chillun but right now missus, I can only 'member dese names:

265 examples of  chillun  in sentences