145 examples of chimeras in sentences

In short, the farce of dreams is of a piece In chimeras all; and more absurd or less.

Out of a night's grappling with chimeras, King had come to one and only one determination: he would go slowly, he would hold an iron check upon himself, he would throttle down a temper which more than once in his life, at moments of tempest, had blazed out uncontrollably.

Adverting to the world in general, (as these circles in the mind will spread to infinity) reflect with what strange injustice you have been treated in quarters where, (setting gratitude and the expectation of friendly returns aside as chimeras,) you pretended no claim beyond justice, the naked due of all men.

The recluse, isolated and lonely, consumed himself with phantoms, fancied devils, and "chimeras dire."

We stand aghast in view of the miseries and monsters, furies and gorgons, snakes and fires, demons, filth, lakes of pitch, pools of blood, plains of scorching sands, circles, and chimeras dire,a physical hell of utter and unspeakable dreariness and despair, awfully and powerfully described, but still repulsive.

Where is the head that has no chimeras in it?

Hence the reality of Mathematical Knowledge I doubt not but it will be easily granted, that the knowledge we have of mathematical truths is not only certain, but real knowledge; and not the bare empty vision of vain, insignificant chimeras of the brain: and yet, if we will consider, we shall find that it is only of our own ideas.

There were thousands of shameless Harpies, of pallid Gorgons, of barking Scyllas, of Chimeras that vomited ashes, and of monsters never before heard or thought of, with perverse aspects all mixed up in one.

What strange Chimeras wee Doe fancie in our sleepe!

What chimeras have changed your heart?

But, my dear child, what do you mean to do with these chimeras of reason?

The proof that great sentiments are nothing but chimeras of pride and prejudice, is, that in our day, we no longer witness that taste for ancient mystic gallantry, no more of those old fashioned gigantic passions.

I may here mention that Glamorgan, when he was marquess of Worcester, published "A Century of the "Names and Scantlings of such Inventions," &c., which Hume pronounces "a ridiculous compound of lies, chimeras, and impossibilities, enough to show what might be expected from such a man."

Let us open the door to madness, then; let us accept as possible the most absurd chimeras, let us live in the realm of nightmare, outside of laws and facts.

Christianopolitana, Campanella's city of the Sun, and that new Atlantis, witty fictions, but mere chimeras; and Plato's community in many things is impious, absurd and ridiculous, it takes away all splendour and magnificence.

The like effects almost are to be seen in such as are awake: how many chimeras, antics, golden mountains and castles in the air do they build unto themselves?

The weakness we lament, ourselves create; Instructed, from our infant years, to court, With counterfeited fears, the aid of man, We learn to shudder at the rustling breeze, Start at the light, and tremble in the dark; Till, affectation ripening to belief, And folly, frighted at her own chimeras, Habitual cowardice usurps the soul. IRENE.

worse Than Fables yet have feign'd, or Fear conceiv'd, Gorgons, and Hydras, and Chimeras dire.

Oh! glorious Youth Is the true age of prophecy, when Truth Stands bared in beauty, and the young blood boils To hurl us in her arms, before the blur Of time makes dim her rounded form, Or the cold blood recoils From the polluted swarm Of armed Chimeras that environ her.

In short, the farce of dreams is of a piece: 340 Chimeras all; and more absurd, or less: You, who believe in tales, abide alone; Whate'er I get this voyage is my own.

We are sorry that, by inserting some of his essays, we have filled the head of this petty writer with idle chimeras of applause, laurels and immortality, nor suspected the bad effect of our regard for him, till we saw, in the postscript to one of his papers, a wild prediction of the honours to be paid him by future ages.

The philosophical chimeras of Paoli soon vanished before a piece of crushing news.

May they for ever remain uninterrupted by the devastating chimeras of their neighbours; and if they seek reform, may it be moderate and permanent, acceded to reason, and not extorted by violence!Yours, &c. September 2, 1792.

Its roots strike deep in that strange element in human nature which dreads whatsoever is weird and uncanny in common experiences, and sees strange portents and dire chimeras in all that is unexplainable to the senses.

Is my happiness and hers to be sacrificed to the chimeras and crotchets that everybody in England but you has outlived?" "All this," replied the unflinching sire, "I have read in the papers, and my son shall not marry the daughter of a trader and cad who has insulted me grossly; but that, I presume, you don't object to.

145 examples of  chimeras  in sentences