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61 examples of  chimney-sweep  in sentences

61 examples of chimney-sweep in sentences

Give yourself the same ancestors and surroundings as your chimney-sweep and wherein would you be superior to him?

Probably my idea of enjoyment would not accord with the chimney-sweep's, but at the same time I don't look down on the poor beggar because he hasn't been as fortunate as I in getting his bread well buttered.

" "Then why do you not recognize it in your chimney-sweep?

In order to punish her for her intolerable arrogance, Isabella, Francisco's daughter by his former wife, who is designed to wed Antonio, is introduced to a chimney-sweep, Guiliom, masquerading as a noble of high degree.

Enter Guiliom in his own dress; crying Chimney-Sweep.

Chimney-sweep,by your leave, Gentlemen. Ant.

Close by her side stood a little chimney-sweep, as black as coal and also made of china....

Then the little shepherdess cried, and looked at her sweetheart, the chimney-sweep.

When the chimney-sweep saw that she was quite firm, he said, "My way is through the stove up the chimney." ...

They could see for a very long distance out into the wide world, and the poor little shepherdess leaned her head on her chimney-sweep's shoulder and wept.

"He can be riveted," said the chimney-sweep....

Once he read to her that wonderful sad tale of Hans Christian Andersen's which treats of the china chimney-sweep and the shepherdess, who eloped from their bedizened tiny parlor-table, and were frightened by the vastness of the world outside, and crept ignominiously back to their fit home.

And the old grandfather was glad, at bottom, he had it in his neck so that he couldn't nod and separate the shepherdess from the chimney-sweep.

"My dear," the colonel said whimsically, "I am afraid we are rather like the shepherdess and the chimney-sweep of the fable I read you very long ago.

The tale was of the colonel's selecting, and it dealt with a shepherdess and a chimney-sweep.

It was a troop of chimney-sweeping boys, With wooden music and obstrep'rous noise, In tarnish'd finery and grotesque array, Were dancing in the street the first of May.

There was Bushy-Tail, the sly old Fox acting as a chimney-sweep.

Arundel Castle and the chimney-sweep legend, 127.

Wrestle with a chimney-sweep and you will need a bath.

At first, with the inexperience of youth, she used to plunge her painted face into soapsuds and scrub vigorously till her own complexion appeared, a good deal overheated and temporarily shiny; but before long she had yielded to Alphonsine's entreaties and representations and had adopted the butter method, long familiar to chimney-sweeps.

If you could add to it the sooty appearance of a coal-heaver, or a chimney-sweep, it would sit, upon this more precious than velvet garb, like spangles and lace.

In 1860, bleaching and dyeing works were brought within the Factory Acts, and several other detailed extensions were made between 1861 and 1864, in the direction of lace manufacture, pottery, chimney-sweeping, and other employments.

One can see you are as clean as a chimney-sweep!

" The board consented to hand over Oliver to the chimney-sweep (the premium being reduced to £3 10s.), but the magistrates declined to sanction the indentures, and it was Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker, who finally relieved the board of their responsibility.

Yes, married to a chimney-sweep, evenand out of my way.'

He was black as a chimney-sweep, but he reported good progress and grinned at our discomfort from the smoke and heat.

Once upon a time there was a little chimney-sweep, and his name was Tom.

Chimney-sweeping and hunger and beatings, he took all for the way of the world, and when his master let him have a pull at the leavings of his beer Tom was the jolliest boy in the whole town.

Then the little girl knew him, she said, for the little chimney-sweep who had come into the bedroom.

Fortunately, she went indoors for her scissors, and Dick, regardless of the proprieties, made his escape forthwith, thus avoiding also the ignominy of carrying back to London a nosegay as big as a chimney-sweep's on May-day.

How Karen tried to go to church again, how she prayed and was sorry, and how an angel came to comfort her, and how happy she became NAUGHTY MARIAN MORNING HOUR THE CHIMNEY-SWEEP PLEASANT AMUSEMENTS THE CAGED BIRD ~THE YOUNG GLEANER.~ CHAPTER FIRST.


As he continued to watch the passers-by, there came along a poor chimney-sweep, with his soot-bag and brush; his feet were very red, and looked as if they were bitten with the frost, for his shoes only half-covered his poor swollen feet, and he had no stockings on.

[Illustration: CHIMNEY-SWEEP]

The poor chimney-sweep weptfor so much kindness had touched his heart, and he sobbed out his thanks as well as he could, and took his leave after receiving some small pieces of silver, which.

Are you thinking of the unfortunate chimney-sweep?

"It helps 'em to find their feetlike lighting the fire when the chimney-sweep's boy got stuck in the chimney.

The priests were very much amused, and the German said:"This is the first time I ever learned chimney-sweeping!"

We always accepted a companion, of whatever kind, while walkingfrom chimney-sweeps to barons.

Even men whom on general grounds he disliked and despisedsuch as Lord Beaconsfield and Bishop Wilberforcefound a saving clause in his judgment if he could truthfully say, "He helped me with the chimney-sweeps," or, "He felt for the wretched operatives.

Whereupon little Sloppet, who was organ-blower and verger and beadle and sexton and bell-ringer on Sundays, besides being postman and chimney-sweep all the week, would go out very briskly and valiantly and send him mournfully away.

" "I would sit down to dinner with a chimney-sweep, if he were a favourite of yours, Marianor Mrs. Holbrook; I suppose I must call you that now.

Mrs. Tadman ventured a mild warning about the fire when she wished him good night; but as she did not dare to hint that there had been any neglect in the chimney-sweeping, her counsel went for very little.

She was taken up by London society,which must always be taking up something, whether it be a chimney-sweep that composes music, or an elephant that dances the valse à deux temps; and she fluttered from party to party, a sort of Tom Moore in petticoats,with this difference, that Moore left his meek little wife at home, while Lady Morgan trotted her husband out after her on all occasions.

Every school-boy had heard something of his doings, and as he walked the street, everybody recognized him, from the chief justice to the chimney-sweep.

CHAPTER III Two little girls, one little boy, and one little dog, all as black as chimney-sweeps, the girls with their arms in the air, now came wildly racing aft.

Here is a little Napoleon, who is not climbing up the Alps, but climbing down from his bed, and who, on this occasion, meets a black spirit, in the person of a chimney-sweep.

This is the history of the great and of the little Napoleon; the great meets Hannibal, the little the chimney-sweep.

You cried out with horror, and were about to run away, but I held you back and told you that these chimney-sweeps were poor boys, and that their parents were so poor that they could not support their children, but were compelled to send them to Paris to earn their bread by creeping into and cleaning our hot and dirty chimneys, with great trouble, and at the risk of their lives.

My story touched you, and you promised me never to be afraid of the little chimney-sweeps again.

This noise was made by a chimney-sweep who had just come down the chimney and now stood in your room.

Seeing this, the chimney-sweep came to your assistance, and took the little prince in his arms to help him into bed.

At this moment, your nurse entered the room, and your brother who had just awakened, cried loudly when he saw Louis in the arms of a chimney-sweep.

"This is the story of little Napoleon and the chimney-sweep!

Here is a woman who has no other property,like a lady in Charleston I knew of, who owned fifteen chimney-sweeps and rode in her carriage.

If he had known that I was in so reduced a state that I should have enjoyed a colloquy with a chimney-sweep, and not despised exchanging opinions with a dustman, he would not have thought my admission worth much.

"Where on earth have you chimney-sweeps been?" she cried.

Every one has heard of the tulip-mania of Holland,when the Dutchmen, nobles, farmers, mechanics, sailors, maid-servants, and even chimney-sweeps and old-clothes-women, dabbled in bulbs,when immense fortunes were staked upon the growth of a root, and the whole nation went mad about it, although there was never a bank nor a paper florin yet in existence.[C]

Mrs. Black was quite haughty, and made me feel like a chimney-sweep.

Why, in America, there isn't a man from the President to a chimney-sweep, from a major-general to the blackest nigger in the cotton fields, who wouldn't do ten times that much for any woman!

To my bewildered and disordered brain, Aladdin's palace seemed suddenly to rise before me in that wilderness of sealed houses and uninhabited streets; for, as I have said before, the very dogs had crept away that night into secure corners, and not even a pariah chimney-sweep, with his dingy blanket drawn close around him, nodded and dozed by a watch-box or slept on a door-step.