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110 examples of  chine  in sentences

110 examples of chine in sentences



SASH RIBBONS | | | | Roman, Ecossais, Broche and | | Chine Ribbons, | | | | JUST RECEIVED.

| | | | Striped, Checked and Chine | | | | SILKS, | | | |

'You mean charmeuse, or crepe-de-chine, perhaps?' 'Call it what you like, only get it.

At three o'clock, that hour when so often a summer's day reaches its stilly climax and the heat-dance becomes a thing visible, West Cabanne Terrace and its kind slip into sheerest and crêpiest de Chine, click electric fans to third speed, draw green shades, and retire for siesta.

| | | | Striped, Checked and Chine | | | | SILKS, | | | |

| | | | Plain and Plaid Poplins, | | Satins de Chine, | | Empress Cloths, | | Royal Velvets, | | Serges, etc. |

A Chine of MUTTON roasted, with stew'd SELLERY.

Pick the meat from the lobsters, and beat the fins, chine, and small claws in a mortar, previously taking away the brown fin and the bag in the head.

Trim off a portion of the fat, should there be too much, and if it is to look particularly nice, the chine-bone should be sawn down, the ribs stripped halfway down, and the ends of the bones chopped off; this is, however, not necessary.

Shape them by chopping off the thick part of the chine-bone; beat them flat with a cutlet-chopper, and scrape quite clean, a portion of the top of the bone.

Cut the cutlets from a neck of lamb, and shape them by cutting off the thick part of the chine-bone.

THE CHIEF POINTS SOUGHT FOR IN THE CHOICE OF A HOG are breadth of chest, depth of carcase, width of loin, chine, and ribs, compactness of form, docility, cheerfulness, and general beauty of appearance.

Now, however, it has undergone as great a change as any breed in the kingdom, and by judicious crossing has become the most valuable we possess, being a very well-formed pig throughout, with a good head, a pleasant docile countenance, with moderate-sized drooping ears, a broad back, slightly curved, large chine and loins, with deep sides, full chest, and well covered with long thickly-set white hairs.

He has a broad snout, short head, eyes bright and fiery, very small fine pink ears, wide cheeks, high chine, with a neck of such immense thickness, that when the animal is fat it looks like an elongated carcase,a mass of fat, without shape or form, like a feather pillow.

The boar, when selected as the parent of a stock, should have a small head, be deep and broad in the chest; the chine should be arched, the ribs and barrel well rounded, with the haunches falling full down nearly to the hock; and he should always be more compact and smaller than the female.

The chine 7 lbs.

Read this: "Begue struck Isore upon his black helmet through the golden circlet, cutting him to the chine; then he plunged into his body his sword Flamberge with the golden hilt; took the heart out with both hands, and threw it, still warm, at the head of William, saying, 'There is your cousin's heart; you can salt and roast it.'"

"I'm so glad I brought my white crêpe-de-chine," said Aunt Isabel, as she dressed for the occasion.

"You know how some girls are, Bobby; they'd come with a dozen crêpe de chine and georgette dresses and about three clean blouses for school-room wear.

Take a Fillet of Beefe which is the tenderest part of the Beast, and lieth only in the inward part of the Surloyne next to the Chine, cut it as big as you can, then broach it on a broach not too big, and be carefull you broach it not thorow the best of the meat, roast it leasurely and baste it with sweet butter.

But man, cursed man, on turkeys preys, And Christmas shortens all our days: Sometimes with oysters we combine, Sometimes assist the savoury chine.

Food Reformers will find a comfortable home in a most delightful situation, near Cliffs, Chine and Winter Gardens at Loughtonhurst.

Thomas, pray entertaine this footman in the butterie; let him drinke and refresh himselfe, and set the cold chine of Beefe before him: he has ranne hard.

They had been, plainly, sea-gnawn for countless ages; and may, at some remote time, have been all joined in one long ragged chine of hills, the highest about 1000 feet.

Silent, modest, dejected, the gentle savages used to vanish into the woods by paths known to their kinsfolk centuries agopaths which run, wherever possible, along the vantage-ground of the topmost chines and ridges of the hills.

So up we went, splashing, clawing, slipping, stumbling, but never falling down; pausing every now and then to get breath for a fresh rush, and then on again, up a place as steep as a Devonshire furze- bank for twenty or thirty feet, till we had risen a thousand feet, as I suppose, and were on a long and more level chine, in the midst of ghastly dead forests, the remains of last year's fires.

[Anat.], nape, chine; heels; tail, rump, croup, buttock, posteriors, backside scut^, breech, dorsum, loin; dorsal region, lumbar region; hind quarters; aitchbone^; natch, natch bone. stern, poop, afterpart^, heelpiece^, crupper. wake; train &c (sequence) 281. reverse; other side of the shield.

Here, count: my wedding-dress of blond lace over a satin slip; and three velvetsthat makes four; two gauze and a crape embroidered with goldthat's seven; three satin, and three grosgrainthat's thirteen; gros de Naples and gros d'Afrique, seventhat's twenty; three marceline, two mousseline de ligne, two Chine royalehow many's that?three

For example, in L'Orphelin de la Chine a celebrated Chinese play, almost all the noble characters end by suicide; without the slightest hint anywhere, or any impression being produced on the spectator, that they are committing a crime.

[Footnote 2: See Jean Nieuhoff, L'Ambassade de la Compagnie Orientale des Provinces Unies vers L'Empereur de la Chine, traduit par Jean le Charpentier à

C. Voyage en Chine, vol.

144, he says: "L'arbre a vernis qui est une espece de bananier, et que les Siamois appellent 'rak,' fournit ce beau vernis qu'on admire dans les petits meubles qu'on apporte de Chine."

I am in debthorribly in debtgetting deeper and deeper every dayand I am going to sell myself to the only man who can pay my debts and give me fine houses, and finery like this,' plucking at the crêpe de chine gown, with its flossy fringe, its delicate lace, a marvel of artistic expenditure; a garment which looked simplicity itself, and yet was so cleverly contrived as to cost five-and-thirty guineas.

The Phédre and Athalie of Racine are certainly masterpieces, and little inferior to them are Iphigénie, Andromaque and Britannicus, but in the others I think he must be pronounced inferior to Voltaire; as a proof of my argument I need only cite Zaïre, Alzire, Mahomet, Sémiramis, l'Orphelin de la Chine, Brutus.

crêpe de chine, trimmed with satin.

She was full of compunction, but she knew Undine would forgive her, and find something amusing to fill up the time: she advised her to go back and buy the black hat with the osprey, and try on the crepe de Chine they'd thought so smart: for any one as good-looking as herself the woman would probably alter it for nothing; and they could meet again at the Palace Tea-Rooms at four.

Let me see, there was one made in princess style, and one empire gown, and one that had a pull-back in the skirt, and one was a tub dress, whatever that is, and there was a crepe de chine and a basque and peau de soie effect andanderwell, I know you'll excuse me from mentioning any others, as I don't know very much about dresses; it took me quite a while to look those up, and I must get on with the story.

" Sylvia looked about her at the cut-glass and silver utensils on the lace-covered dressing-table, at Aunt Victoria's pale lilac crêpe-de-chine négligée, at the neat, pretty young maid deft-handedly rubbing the perfumed cream into the other woman's well-preserved face, impassive as an idol's.

A venison pasty and a chine of beef are good every where; and so are crammed capons and fat chickens.

The hero no longer defeated armies by his single sword, clove giants to the chine, or gained kingdoms.

Oh, yes, and a crepe-de-chine waist of pale green!"

At dessert he and his wife sang the airappropriate to the occasionfrom the Voyage en Chine, which we caught up with more power than precision: "China is a charming land Which surely ought to please you.

I had never descended the St. Lawrence before, but I knew there were more rapids a-head, perhaps another set of the Cascades, but at all events the La Chine rapids, whose situation I did not exactly know.

The velocity with which I was going convinced me of my near approach to the dreadful rapids of La Chine.

I found myself at the village of La Chine, 21 miles below where the accident happened, and having been driven by the winding of the current a much greater distance.

Had the accident happened one hour later, I should have arrived opposite the village of La Chine after dark, and, of course, would have been destroyed in the rapids below, to which I was rapidly advancing.

On my arrival at La Chine, I offered a reward of 100 dollars, which induced a Canadian to go in search of it.

He found it, some days after, on the shore of an island on which it had been driven, and brought it to La Chine, where I happened to be at the time.

At the same period, a supper-dish, when the king supped with his mistress, Lady Castlemaine, was "a chine of beef roasted.

She had on one of those absurd pink muslin nightgowns, artfully designed to look like crêpe de chine.

You didn't make a mistake with that blue crêpe de chine, child.

There was a tolerance, almost a standard, of such actions among the men of Tahiti, though of course consuls, high officials, a banker or two of the Banque de l'Indo-Chine, and a few lawyers or speculators sacrificed their flesh to their ambitions or hid their peccadillos.

I strolled up the Broom road to the Annexe, and past Madame Fanny's restaurant to the garden of the Banque de l'Indo-Chine, and continued westward to the cemetery.

To keep oneself in this court is like coming down the La Chine Rapids where there is a rock to right, and a rock to left, and another perchance in front, and if you so much as graze one, where are you and your birch canoe?

Some time, far back, my Christmas fare Was turkey and a chine, With puddings made of things most rare, And plenty of good wine.

But now my joy is turn'd to grief, For Christmas day is here; No turkey, chine, or goose, or beef, No wine, no grog, no beer.

"Beautiful champagne broche silk crepe de chine blouse; open neck; one button; cost 2s.

"To lame the shoulder, divide the chine bone, cut off the thumb, pierce the diaphragm, or to tear off the hair and fracture the skull, was each punished by a fine of twenty shillings.

We walked together to see Shanklin Chine.

He was to lay with his boat off the bank of the island, making to sea before daylight, and returning after dusk, and was to take his station off a gap in the cliffs, known as Black Gang Chine, where a footpath from above descended to the beach.

In January, 1897, he was the Imperial actor-manager casting himself for a leading part in Un Voyage en Chine; in October of the same year he was "Cook's Crusader," sympathising with the Turk at the time of the Cretan ultimatum; and in April, 1903, the famous visit to Tangier suggested the Moor of Potsdam wooing Morocco to the strains of "Unter den Linden"always at Home, "Under the Limelight," wherever I roam.

The soft crêpe de chine of my skirts made no frou-frou.

"The pages were in the khaki uniform of the Cadet Corps of the 1st-5th crepe de chine, trimmed with cream lace and blue crepe de chine, trimmed with cream lace and blue ribbons, and carried directoire silver-knobbed sticks, tied with blue ribbon and pink roses, gifts of the bridegroom.

"The pages were in the khaki uniform of the Cadet Corps of the 1st-5th crepe de chine, trimmed with cream lace and blue crepe de chine, trimmed with cream lace and blue ribbons, and carried directoire silver-knobbed sticks, tied with blue ribbon and pink roses, gifts of the bridegroom.

SIAM, vaste État de l'Indo-Chine.

The chief attraction of Shanklin is the Chine.

In the Chine is a chalybeate spring, highly impregnated with iron and alum, and of course beneficial in cases of debility and nervous affections.

There was a chine of bacon, small ale, and a plentiful supply of good potatoes.

The farmer did full justice to the sweet picking off the chine, and then lingered over an old cheese.

Some-times his un-cle let him ride the mow-ing ma-chine, and at such times he was ve-ry proud.

a chine and a quarter of veal 8s.

A chine and a quarter of mutton 5s.

For instance, in the famous Chinese play, L'Orphelin de la Chine, almost all the noble characters end by suicide, without indicating anywhere or it striking the spectator that they were committing a crime.

Fanatisés par les incroyables conquêtes d'un de leurs chefs, le fameux Gengis-Kan; persuadés que la terre entière devoit leur obéir, ces nomades belliqueux et féroces étoient venus, après avoir soumis la Chine, se précipiter sur le nord-est de l'Europe.

The tragedy of L' Orphelin de la Chine and that of Tancrede, the quarrels with Freron, with Lefranc de Pompignan, and lastly with Jean Jacques Rousseau, did not satiate the devouring activity of the Patriarch, as he was called by the knot of philosophers.

We folks dat's frum de kuntry may be behin' de sun We don't like city eatin's, wid beefsteaks dat ain' done 'Dough mutton chops is splendid, an' dem veal cutlits fine, To me 'tain't like a sphar-rib, or gret big chunk ub chine.

Ub all yer fancy eatin's, jes gib to me fur mine Sum souse or pork or chidlins, sum sphar-rib, or de chine.

I learned from him that he had killed eight fat Hogs for the Season, that he had dealt about his Chines very liberally amongst his Neighbours, and that in particular he had sent a string of Hogs-puddings with a pack of Cards to every poor Family in the Parish.

She rounded off every angle, broke down every scarp, and tucked the white bedclothes, till not a wrinkle remained, up to the chine of the spruces and the hemlocks that would not go to sleep.

The roughness runs forward on the chine or ventral line, until it passes gradually into the ordinary scales of the head.

[Footnote A: The keeper of a royal forest had for his fees the skin, head, umbles (i.e. inwards), chine, and shoulders.

He happened an accident, or some one stuck a dagger into himno great matter if he had stuck it through him, or cloven him to the chine with his own Red Axe!" CHAPTER XL THE TRIAL OF THE WITCH

à la Chine (Paris, 1782), i. 31; J.A. Dubois, Moeurs, Institutions et Cérémonies des Peuples de l'Inde (Paris, 1825), i. 245 sq

They spoke of a salmon or a gurnard as chined, a sole as loined, a haddock as sided, an eel as trousoned, a pike as splatted, and a trout as gobbeted.

The Island, as they climbed to its grassy chine, gradually revealed itself as a hill of two peaks, united by a long saddle-back.

So instead of the crêpe de Chine and miniver, which had been used for the black dress, I had for the white dress Bolton sheeting and rabbit, and I believe it looked better.

" Another, carrying just a little more of the wine of the country than his legs could bear, stood up unsteadily in his wagon and shouted, "If you (hic) come around these pa-arts again with that thres-in' ma-a-chine, I'll have the law on you,d'ye hear?"

" "Thencan this be the Island?" "Yes, the Island it is," said Peregrine, both speaking as South Hants folk; "this is the strange cave or chasm called Black Gang Chine.

What do you mean?" "People don't haunt the Black Gang Chine when their lives are secure from Dutch Bill," he answered.

BLACK GANG CHINE "Come, Lady; while Heaven lends us grace, Let us fly this cursed place, Lest the sorcerer us entice With some other new device.

On either side the cove or chine was closely shut in by treeless, iron-coloured masses of rock, behind one of which the few inhabited hovels were clustered, and the boat which had brought her was drawn up.

"Safe in Whale Chine.

" It seemed almost in connection with these words that at that moment, from some unknown quarter, where probably there was an entrance to the Chine, Sir George Barclay appeared with a leathern case under his arm.

It was light enough to dispense with the lanterns, and as they mounted higher the glorious sight of daybreak over the sea showed itself almost due east, the sharp points of the Needles showing up in a flood of pale golden light above and below, with gulls flashing white as they floated into sunlight, all seeming to Anne's thankful heart to be a new radiance of joy and hope after the dark roaring terrors of the Chine.

Say whatever you please about me, but there is no need to mention Barclay or Burford; and it would not be fair to the honest free-traders here to explain where their Chine lies.

Burford and another of his associates were to be carried off, handcuffed, with the escort to Winchester jail, but before the departure, the soldiers who had been sent to the Chine returned baffled; the place was entirely deserted, and Barclay had escaped.

On flesh days through the year, breakfast for my lord and lady was a loaf of bread, two manchets, a quart of beer, a quart of wine, half a chine of mutton, or a chine of beef, boiled.

On flesh days through the year, breakfast for my lord and lady was a loaf of bread, two manchets, a quart of beer, a quart of wine, half a chine of mutton, or a chine of beef, boiled.