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The Treasury Department is much distressed by the great genius for smuggling displayed by the Chinese immigrants.

He was immensely popular, quite sought after socially; but he declined half his invitations and lived a rather quiet existence in the small flat, with its Oriental decorations and violent post-impressions and fierce Chinese weapons, high up in Victoria Street.

And then he read a letter in a writing he didn't know; it was from Mavis Argles, the friend of Vincythe young art-student: Vincy had given her his address some time agoasking him for some special privilege which he possessed, to see some of the Chinese pictures in the British Museum.

The Chinese mode of punishing criminals has always seemed to me exquisite in its barbarity.

" "After this, when I read about Russian corruption and Chinese cruelty, I'll remember the way Uncle Sam treats the natives up" "and us, b'gosh!

Five midshipmen stood in the squalid, ill-odored back room of a Chinese laundry in the town of Annapolis.

At this summary proceeding both the Chinese helpers gripped their flat-irons firmly; and leaped forward to fight.

[Footnote 2: Changngo, the goddess of the moon, gives her name to the finely curved eyebrows of the Chinese ladies, which are compared to the lunar crescent when only a day or two old.]

[Footnote 3: Chow-wong was the last of the Shang dynasty, and infamous by his debaucheries and cruelties, in concert with his empress Takee, the Theodora of Chinese history.]

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There was a Chinese, the strangest figure of an Asiatic, with a thin mustache, and wearing always a black frock-coat and trousers, elastic gaiters, and a stiff, black hat.

I think he was stunned by the horror of the thing, that he, a man of Chinese letters, who had departed from the centuried custom of his pundit caste of remaining in their own country, who had left his family or clan to increase his store of lesser knowledge, should be denied the door by these inferior nations of the West.

He might have recalled Chien Lung, a Manchu emperor, who, when apologized to in writing by a Dutch governor of Batavia who had murdered almost all the Chinese there, replied that China had no interest in wretches who had left their native land.

A thousand years ago the Chinese put the soldier lowest in the scale and the scholar highest, with the man of business as of no importance.

The one had lost his dream of returning to Tahiti, in which the Chinese might freely have lived, and the other had thrown away life because he could not enter the America that the other wanted so madly to leave.

French are some of these merchants, but most are Australasian, German, American and Chinese.

It will never accomplish all that trade unionists desire and what the workers need until those of every color, the Negro, the Indian, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Hindoo are included.

A number of the miners in British Columbia are advocates of the organization of the Chinese miners in that province.


Oliver Goldsmith, in the Citizen of the World, calls his book "Letters from a Chinese Philosopher residing in London to his Friends in the East" (1759).

The crypt with its fine groined roof, the chapel which dates from 1520, the drawing-room with its two hundred years old Chinese wall-paperbelieved to be one of the earliest occasions when wall-papers were used in this countryand many other interesting features are shown to visitors.

BUCK, PEARL S. China and the foreign Chinese.

Translations from the Chinese.

Translations from the Chinese.

Chinese influence on European garden structures.

4584 examples of  chinese  in sentences