417 examples of chinks in sentences

These notes of grief came down through the chinks of the floor to the ears of the women below, who jumped up one by one, and seemed glad of the excuse to ascend and comfort the baby, for the incidents of the last half-hour greatly oppressed them.

The cow stable was a long building, well-built, and with no chinks in the walls, as Jenkins's stable had.

An upstairs middle room, however, seemed occupied, for chinks of light came through the half-closed outside shutters.

He had announced his intention to send the Tuscarora ahead to reconnoitre, then to force himself among the bushes between the lean-to and the rocks, and there to open a communication with the major through the chinks of the logs After receiving Nick's intelligence, his plan was to be governed by circumstances, and to act accordingly.

Often the tiny mouse builds his house and makes his granaries underground, or the eyeless mole scoops his cell; and in chinks is found the toad, and all the swarming vermin that are bred in earth; and the weevil, and the ant that fears a destitute old age, plunder the great pile of spelt.

After carefully examining the house, peeping through the chinks in the lower shutters, and discovering the grocer seated by the bedside of his son, though he could not make out the object of his solicitude, Wyvil decided upon attempting an entrance by the backyard.

"I just want to know why our stopping here excited the Chinks who were watching us."

"Gee," he added, "I'll bet he umpired that fight, and the man the Chinks carried off is in this house now.

"The Chinks are still in the room.

"I thought I was mixing it with six Chinks!

These Chinks like Americans about as much as brook trout love the desert.

"If he doesn't get a hole bored through him, we'll have to hunt the town over to get him out of the Chinks' hands.

"We were the first ones to fall into the snares set by the Chinks.

" "How many of the Chinks did you catch?" asked Ned.

As there is no knowing what this fake Lieutenant Rae and the men we drove away from this house may have said to the Chinks, we may as well be moving.

If you'll manage to keep the Chinks off me I'll try.

"I could have butted out at any moment," he said, "for these Chinks are not fighters, but I heard what was going on out here and thought I'd let events shape themselves.

I don't know what this means, but there are Chinks all around this house.

The boy kept it at night under his pillow, and on the occasion of a storm, the water blew in through the chinks of the logs that formed the wall of the cabin, drenching the pillow and the head of the boy (a small matter in itself) and wetting and almost spoiling the book.

One student in writing of her future plans mentions that, as an "avocation" in the chinks of her hospital work, she plans to raise private funds and found a little orphanage all her own!

" Oliver, Rollo, and Nathan went to work together, then, stopping up all the chinks in the wall, inside and out, with soft snow.

So, too, is he in much of his "Divine Poetry," particularly the lines at the end, beginning with "The soul's dark cottage, batter'd and decay'd," Lets in new light through chinks which time hath made.

For though the place had been cleared and weeded, the tiny green things still grew in the chinks of the pavement.

A scorpion or two had been found, which, firmly resisting to quit the chinks where they had grown and multiplied, had died by decapitation.

Outside his chamber, the world was rich in light, in song, in warmth, in odor, in growth, in color, in space; inside, all was to him gloomy, groanful, cold, musty, ungenial, dingy, confined; yet there was he more at ease, shrunk from the light, and in the glorious morning that shone through the chinks of his shutters, saw but an alien common day, not the coach of his Father, come to carry him yet another stage toward his home.

417 examples of  chinks  in sentences