Do we say chiton or kitten

chiton 5 occurrences

Let it be borne in mind that Avicula, Mytilus, Chiton, Natica, Patella, Trochus, Discina, Orbicula, Lingula, Rhynchonclla, and Nautilus, all of which are existing genera, are given without a doubt as Silurian in the last edition of "Siluria"; while the highest forms of the highest Cephalopods are represented in the Lias by a genus Belemnoteuthis, which presents the closest relation to the existing Loligo.

"It makes me think of a beautiful young Greek, in a purple chiton, with a wreath of roses in his hair.

Though clad only in the Spartan chiton, they took vigorous part in dancing and probably wrestling.

There were also varieties of the following genera: namely, lepas, chiton, cardium, pinna, nerita, two or three species of ostrea, a small mytilus, and a small buccinum of great beauty; that covered the rocks and at low water might be collected in abundance.

Chiton rugosus (n.s.)

kitten 477 occurrences

I remember of going to Dan Rice's circus that night and felt as chipper as a young kitten.

A GRAND REPERTOIRE of Imitations and Impersonations Consisting of: Minstrel Bands, Circus Bands, Killing Pigs, Cat Greeting Her Kitten, Barn-Yard of Hens and Roosters, Opera Singers with Guitar, Whistling with Guitar, Old Lady Singing with False Teeth, Cow and Calf, Harmonica with the Guitar, Arab Song, Trombone Solo with the Guitar.

Three times she ran in through the flames and brought out a kitten in her mouth.

She touched the pretty dimpled cheek with her jewelled finger, as she replied: "O, you mischievous little kitten!

All questions and explanations were saved till the next morning, when Draxy, still curled up like a kitten, would sit mounted on the top of the buckwheat barrel in the store, while her father lay stretched on the counter, smoking.

A poodle, two fox terriers, a toy Spitz, and a cat and kitten, had all been sleeping in the nooks her outline makes.

But Muskwa was as quiet as a kitten, and once he found a proper nest for himself he scarcely made a move until morning.

"What," he said, "you are the boy who stood in the doorway with a pan of bread and milk,part of your own supper,and called the hungry kitten to feast?

There it lay, helpless, soft, incapable, not to be scolded, or worked, or made responsible in any way, the most impracticable creature possible: a kitten she could have put into a basket at night, and set in the shed; a puppy she could and would have drowned; but a baby, an unlucky, red, screeching creature, with a soul, was worse than all other evils.

It was pleasant to look at the nice little straw-goods damsel with the boyish hair, and to mark the contrast between her kitten glidings and the premeditated atrocities of Raw Material, as he wove and unwove his ungainly legs before her, in a manner appalling to witness.

So he pulls his head about as an old lady adjusts her cap, and passes his fore-paw over it like a kitten washing herself.

It had begun when Texas was little more than a kitten, and had wandered away one day from the warm kitchen fire, out into the shed, and from there into the street.

He had often seen the girls carry it about in their arms; and while it seemed a strange perversion to caress a kitten when there were puppies about, or even babies, still the peculiarities of your Master's Family must be respected.

Dubby was a marvelous tacticianthe others only novices, and in a very brief period there were three well-minced malamutes who limped disconsolately in different directions; leaving a conquering hero on the field, with the spoils of wara ruffled gray kitten in a shivering state of uncertainty as to her ultimate fate, but too weak to make any further defense.

B141992. Frederic R. King (E); 23Dec59; R248370. WHEELER, ELEANOR P. Jemmie, the kitten from Maine.

EVERS, ALF. Copy-kitten.

William and his kitten.

William and his kitten.

Pussy kitten, by Libbie Block.

Scuttlebutt and the carrier kitten.

The Cowboy kitten.

B141992. Frederic R. King (E); 23Dec59; R248370. WHEELER, ELEANOR P. Jemmie, the kitten from Maine.

Of course, I cannot say what will happen, but you know it turned that kitten blue, and the three puppiesin patches, and the sparrowbright blue.

The old horse stood like a kitten.

She was like a young kitten or puppy in a white frock, with her hair tumbling over her eyes.

Do we say   chiton   or  kitten