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Do we say   chiton   or  kitten

Do we say chiton or kitten

chiton 12 occurrences

Let it be borne in mind that Avicula, Mytilus, Chiton, Natica, Patella, Trochus, Discina, Orbicula, Lingula, Rhynchonclla, and Nautilus, all of which are existing genera, are given without a doubt as Silurian in the last edition of "Siluria"; while the highest forms of the highest Cephalopods are represented in the Lias by a genus Belemnoteuthis, which presents the closest relation to the existing Loligo.

"It makes me think of a beautiful young Greek, in a purple chiton, with a wreath of roses in his hair."

Though clad only in the Spartan chiton, they took vigorous part in dancing and probably wrestling.

There were also varieties of the following genera: namely, lepas, chiton, cardium, pinna, nerita, two or three species of ostrea, a small mytilus, and a small buccinum of great beauty; that covered the rocks and at low water might be collected in abundance.

Chiton rugosus (n.s.)

It is very hard to see the underside of a chiton because they cling so tightly to rocks and can also curl into a ball.

The chiton was made from a large square piece of cloth.

The most important piece of clothing was a shorter version of the chiton, which was also belted at the waist.

The shell is quite flexible, and the chiton can even roll into a ball.

The underside of the gumboot chiton, Cryptochiton stelleri, showing the foot in the center, surrounded by the mantle.

Female votive figure wearing chiton and himation -

Ultrastructure of mature sperm and eggs of the brooding hermaphroditic chiton, Lepidochitona fernaldi Eernisse 1986, with special reference to the mechanism of fertilization.

kitten 557 occurrences

But the sea (calling it in to the CAPTAIN) is friendly as a kitten alongside the women that live here.

Milly remained at the window for some minutes after nurse's departure, then her quick eyes noticed a poor wretched little kitten mewing pitifully as she vainly tried to shelter herself from the violent blasts by crouching close to a tree.

I thinkI think I'm rather like the little kitten yesterday, that nobody was sorry for when she died.

The otter tumbled backward into the water, and dashed away as if he had been a blind kitten.

Muskwa, flat on his little paunch, and almost between Thor's huge forearms, lapped up the blood and snarled like a kitten as he ground tender flesh between his tiny teeth.

That natcherlist laughed until I thought he'd split when I told him a grizzly bear cub wasn't much bigger'n a house-cat kitten when born!"

But Muskwa was as quiet as a kitten, and once he found a proper nest for himself he scarcely made a move until morning.

'Eat, my kitten,' 'Drink, my lamb!'

One day he said to her: 'My kitten, your money does not bring you in what it ought; give me your scrip and in forty-eight hours I shall have doubled your capital.'

There it lay, helpless, soft, incapable, not to be scolded, or worked, or made responsible in any way, the most impracticable creature possible: a kitten she could have put into a basket at night, and set in the shed; a puppy she could and would have drowned; but a baby, an unlucky, red, screeching creature, with a soul, was worse than all other evils.

Each had its name, too, on a small door plate, and it amused Ann and Peter to spell out as they went along"Furryfield," "Mousetail Manor," "Kitten-cote," etc. "Oh, look," Ann whispered, "see the darling, little, front doors, Peter!

'One lost Kitten!'

Mittens, no longer a bold and bloody robber of the seas but a humble repentant kitten who let himself be cuddled into Peter's arms without so much as a single scratch.

The kitten gave a slight squeak.

It was a dead kitten.

Perhaps he was expecting another kitten or It is hard to say how ideas first enter one's mind.

"Well," said he, lifting up his coat and looking carefully behind him as he sat down on the settle, lest a stray kitten or chicken should preoccupy the bench, "you see I was down to Orrin's abaout a week back, and he hed a litter o' pigs,eleven on 'em.

Even a kitten is very different from a grave old cat, and a young colt from a horse sobered by the cares and toils of years.

Judith had dropped asleep like a little kitten tired of play, and Sylvia looked at her mother blankly.

There's Neb, he's as strong as a jackass; Diogenes is another Hercules; and neither you nor I am a kitten.

The first thing he did was to pat the ball gently but firmly, very much as a kitten manifests its interest in a ball of yarn.

At the present moment they menace our friend Wolf, who certainly is no kitten, with ignominious execution, because he also dared to land on the translation island which they have received from Father Neptune in private fief, and to bring with him a readable Aristophanes.

He was a good deal of an orator, possessing a voice of great sweetness and power; and though he was such an immense creature, all his movements were light and graceful as those of a kitten.

In Penelope's phrase, Elinor "suffered him", enjoying her freedom from care like a sleepy kitten; shutting the door on the past and keeping it shut until the night when their through sleeper was coupled to the Western Pacific Flyer at A.& T. Junction.

One hand clutched her flowing blue skirts snugly about her ankles; the other opened coaxingly to a kitten crouched to spring on the limb of an apple-tree above her.

Now she wrenched away a handful of these, and flung them upward at the watchful kitten.

Then she tore away the remaining petals and tossed them up with an elf-like daintiness, not at the crouched and expectant kitten this time, but so that the whole red rain floated tenderly down upon her upturned face and into the folds of the white kerchief crossed upon her breast.

She had reached again for the kitten, but at the sound of his low, vigorous note, she turned quickly toward him, colouring with a glow that spread from the corner of the crossed kerchief up to the yellow hair above her brow.

She submitted, a little as the pampered kitten had before submitted to her own pettings.

We have sent away Pharaoh and the kitten; Pha would bark, and Kit would come in and stare at her, and both made her cry.

Instinctively it bore a suggestion of home and of quiet and of peace; like a kitten with drowsy eyes purring to itself in the sunshine.

It had begun when Texas was little more than a kitten, and had wandered away one day from the warm kitchen fire, out into the shed, and from there into the street.

He had often seen the girls carry it about in their arms; and while it seemed a strange perversion to caress a kitten when there were puppies about, or even babies, still the peculiarities of your Master's Family must be respected.

Dubby was a marvelous tacticianthe others only novices, and in a very brief period there were three well-minced malamutes who limped disconsolately in different directions; leaving a conquering hero on the field, with the spoils of wara ruffled gray kitten in a shivering state of uncertainty as to her ultimate fate, but too weak to make any further defense.

Fireside kitten, by Elizabeth Coatsworth.

Mrs. Charles Hayden (A); 2Dec60; R267111. Kitten up a tree, by Phyllis McGinley.

William and his kitten.

ADLER, HELEN B. More about copy-kitten, by Helen Evers & Alf Evers.

More about copy-kitten.

Major and the kitten.

FOLLETT, DWIGHT W. Scuttlebutt and the carrier kitten.

Scuttlebutt and the carrier kitten.

The kitten stand.

The kitten stand.

The shy little kitten.

Fuzzy wuzzy kitten.

Katie the kitten.

Little lost kitten.

The Gray-nosed kitten.

SEE Charlie and his kitten Topsy.

R122098, 11Dec53, Harry E. Stratton (E) PLATT AND MONK COMPANY, INC. Little Black Sambo and the tiger kitten.

Little Black Sambo and the tiger kitten.

The lion-hearted kitten, and other stories.

Frederic R. King (E); 23Dec59; R248370. WHEELER, ELEANOR P. Jemmie, the kitten from Maine.

ADLER, HELEN B. Copy-Kitten.

SEE Dixon, Elizabeth S. BRUCE, CONSTANCE P. Sleepy kitten.

Beer for the kitten.

All about copy-kitten.

The kitten stand.

The kitten stand.

The Gray-nosed kitten.

The Wee kitten.

There never was anything he's afraid of, and he's just as tender-hearted as a kitten.

Dorothy, sitting beside him, reminded Julius, as from time to time he glanced contentedly back at her from, his place beside the chauffeur, of a particularly demure kitten in the presence of two well-bred but definitely intentioned hunting dogs.

"The Little Doctor," especially, in which a boy is feeling, with a grave expression of knowledge, the pulse of his sister's pet kitten, has been widely copied in photographs, wood-engravings, and in colors.

I knew the gray kitten which walked away; knew that the girl who brought it back and reproved me for not holding it was Adaline, my nurse; knew that the young lady who stood near was cousin Sarah Alexander, and that the girl to whom she gave directions about putting bread into a brick oven was Big Jane; that I was Little Jane, and that the white house across the common was Squire Horner's.

Each Viking, as he swam to land, Fell by a Saxon's vengeful hand; Turn we from all that vengeance wild Where on the deck there cowered a child, And, closely to his bosom prest, A snow-white kitten found a nest.

Have you seen them, Tabby Kitten?"

THE Kitten went on washing her white paws; so Lucie asked a speckled hen "Sally Henny-penny, have you found three pocket-handkins?" But the speckled hen ran into a barn, clucking "I go barefoot, barefoot, barefoot!" AND then Lucie asked Cock Robin sitting on a twig.

"WHAT are those funny little white things?" "That's a pair of mittens belonging to Tabby Kitten; I only have to iron them; she washes then herself.

Can't be more than four years old, and gentle as a kitten.

"You are by nature the most impulsive woman I ever saw," he said, much amused, "and Eustaquia's lion is a kitten to the one that sleeps in you.

"H-you young kitten!"

She was like a young kitten or puppy in a white frock, with her hair tumbling over her eyes.

She sat down to spin by the cheery fire-light, While before it, so cozy and warm, Slept the kitten,a snowy white ball of content And her wheel, with its humming activity, lent To the hour, a picturesque charm.

Recipe for an ingenue: A pound and three-quarters of kitten, Three ounces of flounces and sighs; Add wiggles and giggles and gurgles, And ringlets and dimples and eyes.

Why, it is like the fellow that made two holes at the bottom of the doora big one for the cat to come through and a little one for the kitten.

After some more days they leave the nest for good, but still they may sleep together in a 'kitten heap'.

But when they were later mated, there was not only an Abyssinian-pointed Siamese, but a spotted kitten,Tonga.

Give kittens their special kitten food.

Curious kitten Tiger bit off a little more than he could chew when he wandered to the far.

For first-time pet owners, a healthy adult dog or cat can help teach new pet parents the joys of having a pet and may not require as much attention as a puppy or kitten.

His dog, Findik, smelled the kitten and took it to its hut.

ā€˜I decided to sedate the kitten and I would have never guessed there would be a gigantic botfly in there,ā€™ the filmer told Newsflare.

Megan added: 'She never specified how she was going to kill the kitten she had bred into existence, only that she would do it soon, and if my motherā€™s coworker hadnā€™t found someone that same day, the kitten would have been dead.'

Megan added: 'She never specified how she was going to kill the kitten she had bred into existence, only that she would do it soon, and if my motherā€™s coworker hadnā€™t found someone that same day, the kitten would have been dead.'

NALDA is expected to make available the rabbits, cage, vaccine, and training for the youths free of charge while the beneficiaries are expected to return the kitten when the rabbit delivers so that it would be used to empower others.

All the animals of the forest and farm find shelter from a summer storm in which Kitten has been caught.

Feed a kitten up to 5 portions twice daily.

For ease of comfort, the on-trend kitten heel design lends versatile appeal to classic design.

He took best of breed and finalled in five of the six rings, including his first best kitten win.

I also take valves out, grind 'em, put in new parts, and when I finish this baby will purr like a kitten.

If unforeseen circumstances require that you cannot keep the kitten any longer, we want to be notified and will try to assist in an adequate re-homing.

It's the Wellness kitten that adds the stinkiness, I'd say, but Mr. Mocha especially likes it so much that I leave a bit in for a treat.

"Me too," agreed the ginger coloured kitten, "" she called, tackling her sister and it was playtime once again.

Season 1 Episode 49 Who Are You, Kitten?

Thank you NASAP and a special thank you to Rachael for doing such a great job socializing the kitten litter that Mandy came from.

The breeder will then assist the purchaser to find a new home for this cat/kitten.

Bearkat is about as healthy as a kitten can be.

You can bring a kitten through it, but you canā€™t bring a cat.ā€