894 examples of chording in sentences

His words are only the echo of his thoughts, and they correspond so perfectly that, like a chord in music, there is no dissonance.

The cuckoo calling over the valley, the blackbird fluting in the low boughs in the evening, the solemn majesty of the Abbey, the life of the streets, the ebb and flow of Father Thameseverything whispers to us some secret that it has for no other ear, and touches a chord of memory that echoes in no other brain.

Who was it who discovered that two such curiously diverse things as mutton and red-currant jelly make a perfect gastronomic chord?

Deeply moved, we are either directly prompted to disengage our will from the struggle of life, or else a chord is struck in us which echoes a similar feeling.

It is just the contrary with those who are not of the common run; and the less they are so, the more unsociable they become; so that if, in their isolation, they chance to come across some one in whose nature they can find even a single sympathetic chord, be it never so minute, they show extraordinary pleasure in his society.

" She was silent, and he recognised in an instant that his words had touched the sympathetic chord in her heart.

The material universe is created from manasa, downward, but it does not respond to or chord with the vibration of the globes above, except in a special instance and in a special way, which does not touch this inquiry.

" The Western scientist teaches as the foundation of modern physics that "each and every atom of prakritic matter is the center of an etheric molecule of many atoms;" that "no two prakritic atoms touch," although their etheric envelopes or atmospheres do touch; and that "all physical phenomena are caused by the chording vibration of the prakritic atom and its envelope of ether," each "sounding the same note hundreds of octaves apart."

The instant our intuition reveals the cause of phenomena our reason drops in and tells us it is the chording vibration of the matter of the two planesthe physical and ethericthat produces all physical phenomena.

He demonstrated that all physical phenomena come from the chording vibration of the physical atom with the surrounding etheric atoms, and that the latter exercise the impelling force on the former.

Across this gulf the two planes respond to each other, note for note, the note in trillions chording when the note in thousands is struck.

It is all the same matter, subject to the same laws, but differing in the rate of vibration, the physical matter vibrating through one great octave or plane, and the etheric vibrating through another great octave or plane one degree higherthe chording vibration of the matter of the two planes in one note producing what we call energy or force, and with it phenomena.

So you see that the ether is not vibrating in a single note, but in two chording notes, producing light and heat.

The chording vibration does produce all physical phenomena.

"You say that all physical phenomena come from the chording vibration of the etheric and prakritic atoms of the two planes of matter.

But do you not see that all vital phenomena come from the chording vibration of the pranic, etheric, and prakritic atom of the three planes of matter which are in each atom?

"The chording vibration in an atom of matter of "The two planes produces Force, or phenomena "The three planes produces Lifethe silver chord "The four planes produces Mindthe golden chord.

All things on it must have come from the chording vibrations of the atoms of the prakritic elementary substances and their envelope of ether.

The three planes of Spirit above were undifferentiated consciousness, but they were in different octaves of vibration, and these working on the three highest forms of differentiated consciousness (manasic matter) brought them to chording Vibration so that when they combined and reached their highest point in evolution they "created" the Angel (or manasic) man.

Its merits are principally its illustrations, many of which are from original dissections, some of which are very good diagrams, others ordinary, and somesuch as the view of the human brain and spinal chord on page 282wretched.

His visitor said "Indeed," and, as though some chord of memory had been touched, sat gazing dreamily at Mr. Wilks's horticultural collection in the window.

"Mrs. Napier had been in labour all day; and when Mrs. Kemp told me to tell my master that my lady had been delivered of TWINS" "Twins!" cried they all, as if moved by some sympathetic chord which ran from heart to heart.

His voice, too, and that of Kirby's, touched him like music,low, even, with chording cadences.

People that were born in those days had no fancy for going through the world with half-and-half characters, such as we put up with; so Nature turned out complete specimens of each class, with all the appendages of dress, fortune, et cetera, chording decently.

The boatman paced slowly to and fro, his voice chording in its dull monotone with the smothered savage muttering in the negro's brain.

894 examples of  chording  in sentences