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1160 example sentences with  chording

1160 example sentences with chording

That deep, melodious sound had been heard by Henrich also; and it had struck a chord in his heart that vibrated almost to agony.

The cuckoo calling over the valley, the blackbird fluting in the low boughs in the evening, the solemn majesty of the Abbey, the life of the streets, the ebb and flow of Father Thameseverything whispers to us some secret that it has for no other ear, and touches a chord of memory that echoes in no other brain.

The chord of Freedom passes through all hearts, and whoever touches it, elicits harmony.

The harmony is in the chord, not in him who touches it.

The city of Manila is built in the form of a large segment of a circle, having the chord of the segment on the river: the whole is strongly fortified, with walls and ditches.

The Western scientist teaches as the foundation of modern physics that "each and every atom of prakritic matter is the center of an etheric molecule of many atoms;" that "no two prakritic atoms touch," although their etheric envelopes or atmospheres do touch; and that "all physical phenomena are caused by the chording vibration of the prakritic atom and its envelope of ether," each "sounding the same note hundreds of octaves apart."

The instant our intuition reveals the cause of phenomena our reason drops in and tells us it is the chording vibration of the matter of the two planesthe physical and ethericthat produces all physical phenomena.

He demonstrated that all physical phenomena come from the chording vibration of the physical atom with the surrounding etheric atoms, and that the latter exercise the impelling force on the former.

Across this gulf the two planes respond to each other, note for note, the note in trillions chording when the note in thousands is struck.

It is all the same matter, subject to the same laws, but differing in the rate of vibration, the physical matter vibrating through one great octave or plane, and the etheric vibrating through another great octave or plane one degree higherthe chording vibration of the matter of the two planes in one note producing what we call energy or force, and with it phenomena.

So you see that the ether is not vibrating in a single note, but in two chording notes, producing light and heat.

The chording vibration does produce all physical phenomena.

"You say that all physical phenomena come from the chording vibration of the etheric and prakritic atoms of the two planes of matter.

But do you not see that all vital phenomena come from the chording vibration of the pranic, etheric, and prakritic atom of the three planes of matter which are in each atom?

"The chording vibration in an atom of matter of "The two planes produces Force, or phenomena "The three planes produces Lifethe silver chord "The four planes produces Mindthe golden chord.

All things on it must have come from the chording vibrations of the atoms of the prakritic elementary substances and their envelope of ether.

The three planes of Spirit above were undifferentiated consciousness, but they were in different octaves of vibration, and these working on the three highest forms of differentiated consciousness (manasic matter) brought them to chording Vibration

It strikes a chord here,' touching his breast, 'which has long been silent.

The Chamber itself where the Deputies hold their sittings is in the form of a Greek theatre; the arch of the semi-circle forms the gallery appropriated to the audience, and comprehends in its enclosure the seats of the deputies like the seats in a Greek theatre; on the chord of the semi-circle where the proscenium should be, is the tribune and President's seat.

Taquisara's manly pleading and fervent voice when he had spoken yesterday had left her ears dull to this real first time of hearing love speeches, so that this seemed the second, and the words she heard, after the first little shock of realizing what they were, touched no chord that would respond.

The sympathetick chord she feels Soft thrilling in her soul; And, as the sweet vibration steals Through every vein, in tender peals

The pulse of the sound was like a light finger tapping some marvellously sensitive chord within him.

" Her voice yet shivered through the room, he struck a chord of dead conclusion, the curtain stirred, she emerged from the gloom and was gone.

His voice, too, and that of Kirby's, touched him like music,low, even, with chording cadences.

If you desire to twine the threefold chord of color, as Mr. Ruskin calls it, I know of no lovelier foil for the lobelia than the white orchis, which haunts the same marshy spots.

A little before that time, Mrs. Marshall, followed by any one who felt like helping, went out into the kitchen and made hot coffee and sandwiches, and when the last chord had stopped vibrating, the company adjourned into the dining-room and partook of this simple fare.

She was waiting for the thrilling moment when he should tuck the instrument away under his pendulous double chin and draw his bow across the strings in the long sonorous singing chord, which ran up and down Sylvia's back like forked lightning.

People that were born in those days had no fancy for going through the world with half-and-half characters, such as we put up with; so Nature turned out complete specimens of each class, with all the appendages of dress, fortune, et cetera, chording decently.

And when he spoke, not a nerve quivered; the great mysterious sorrow with which the creation groaneth and travaileth, the sorrow from which angels veil their faces, never had touched one vibrating chord either of body or soul; and he laid down the obligations of man to unconditional submission in a style which would have affected a person of delicate sensibility much like being mentally sawn in sunder.

What with the sound of voices, the merry laughter of the children and a host of smiling faces, the scene touches a happy chord in one's heart, and he mingles with it, lost in pleasant reverie, till the sounds fade away with the fading light.

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She turned nervously to the piano and struck a ringing chord, anotherand dropped to the chair, head bowed on her slim childish neck.

He made no sign of recognition; he just finished the strain; a lesser man would have put the sense of hospitality first, and would have leapt up in the midst of an unfinished chord.

But not till the last echo of the last chord died away did he rise to receive me.

But the end will be beyond even the supreme moment of love's abandonment, beyond the fairest sights of earth, beyond the sweetest music of word or chord.

I was thrilled by the common chord that makes crowds act as one man, that in this case made my heart beat in unison with all the wild things.

"Thus'Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal,' is like saying, 'Though I have all possible eloquence and yet do not understand mankind, do not take him to my heart, I am as sounding brass; unless my eloquence is music played upon the common chord I am but a tinkling cymbal.'

They would be in harmony together in the literal sense, as necessary to one another as two notes in the same chord....

"Spinrobin, my glorious companion in adventure," thundered the clergyman, "your note suits perfectly the chord!

Our living chord will summon forth that first syllable into visible form and shape.

"Here," exclaimed the clergyman in a hushed tone that yet woke echoes on all sides, while he lit a candle and held it aloft, "you see the cellar vaults all ready for the first great syllable when our chord shall bring it leaping down from the rooms upstairs.

"My wonderful redeemed children, notes in my human chord," he whispered over their heads, "it is the Name that shall make us as God, for it is none other than the Name that rusheth through the universe"his breath failed him most curiously for an instant"the NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY!

It is evident, for instance, as those few familiar with the "magical" use of sound in ceremonial and the power that resides in "true naming" will realize, that he never fully understood Skale's intended use of the chord, or why this complex sound was necessary for the utterance of the complex "Name."

It appears, however, that each room possessed its color, note and form, which later were to issue forth and combine in the even vaster pattern, chord and outline which should include them all.

"Let us practice the chord," he said, "so that when the moment comes suddenly upon us, in the twinkling of an eye, in the daytime or in the night, we shall be prepared, and each shall fly to his appointed place and utter his appointed note."

In Spinrobin's imagination it was very like a practical illustration of the written chord, the notes rising from the bass clef to the high sopranothe cellar to the attic, so to speak.

The chord thus rising through the building will gather in the flying Letters: it will unite them; it will summon them down to the fundamental master-tone I utter in the cellar.

" * * * * * And so for hours at a time they rehearsed the sounds of the chord, but very softly, lest the sound should rise and reach the four rooms and invite the escape of the waiting Letters prematurely.

"The only thing I fear," Mr. Skale had confided to them, "is that the vibrations of our chord may have already risen to the rooms and cause a premature escape.

Yet, game to the inmost core of his little personality, and raised far above his normal powers by the evidence of Miriam's courage and fidelity, he struggled with all his might and searched through the chambers of his being for the note he was ordained to utter in the chord.

And so, forgetting himself and his little disabilities of terror and shrinking, he sought once again for the note he was to utter in the chord.

The chord in which himself and Miriam were to have uttered their appointed tones, even half-told, was still mighty to overwhelm.

Down in the cellar of that awful house the giant clergyman, alone and undismayed, had begun to call the opening vibration of the living chord which was to gather in this torrent of escaping Letters and unite them in temporary safety in the crypts of the prepared vault.

"This is truly a book of the affections; there is scarcely a page which will not touch tenderly a chord in the heart of every reader.

A CHORD OF COLOUR My Lady clad herself in grey, That caught and clung about her throat; Then all the long grey winter day

The sacrifices, the slow work for the future, struck no chord in their minds.

In these really domestic scenes, where the painter sought unreproved his models in simple nature, and trusted for his effect to what was holiest and most immutable in our common humanity, he must have been a bungler indeed if he did not succeed in touching some responsive chord of sympathy in the bosom of the observer.

There, that warrior whose flag beareth the device of a stout chord for binding elephants, is Karna, the son of Vikartana, already known to thee.

The envelope of his spiritual nature was so tenuous that he seemed to respond to all the subtler influences of the universe; a sensitive chord attuned to poetic values, he appeared to exercise an almost mediumistic refraction and revelation of matters which lie only in the realm of the transcendental "Weaving about the commonplace of things

The boatman paced slowly to and fro, his voice chording in its dull monotone with the smothered savage muttering in the negro's brain.

The reรผnion of these three tones which makes them into one, forms the perfect chord.

If a fourth form should be added to the perfect chord, to consonance, there would necessarily be a dissonance.

The last sound which sleepy subalterns hear is Madame's voice, uplifted in steady discourse to the circle round the stove, sustained by an occasional guttural chord from 'Nri and 'Seph.

The plough turned over on one side under a hedge, while the ploughman rests at noon, might hint to us what is the key-note of that chord which makes us think the rest of the cloud so fair.

"In the depth, strength, and richness of the colour-chord, in the atmospheric spaciousness and charm of the landscape background, in the breadth of the draperies, it is already," says Mr. Claude Phillips, "Giorgionesque."

To him is certainly due the general composition, with its superb lines, its beautiful curves, its majestic and dignified postures, its charming sunset background, to him is certainly due the splendid chiaroscuro and magic colour-chord; but it becomes a question whether some of the detail was not actually finished by Giorgione's pupil, Sebastiano del Piombo.

Compared with Titian it is as though his colour-chord sounded in seven sharps, whilst the former strikes the key of C natural.

The poem, 'An Evening,' given below, may be classified both as a song and as a lyric; yet it needs no music other than its own rhythms, and the full close to each verse which falls upon the ear like a soft and final chord ending a musical composition.

We met many pleasant people, and as most of them had a chord in common, we was friendly enough.

" (on the released version of the album, "Her Majesty" begins with the excised final chord of "Mean Mr. Mustard").

The chord was Haydn's afterthought; it does not appear in the manuscript.

The very first chord in the piece is very famous.

By bowing on two strings and then quickly on the other two strings a violinist can sound as if he is playing a four-part chord.

He collapses as clarinets mock him with the "Petrushka chord".

However, any combination of notes played simultaneously is considered a chord.

โ€œTheir willingness to share their story with the world for the first time is sure to strike a chord with audiences.โ€

The plaintive lament of Garth Clarke of North Sydney about the absence of his morning (C8) struck a chord with pretty much everyone who read it.

VIRTUAL +DRIVE-IN: We will showcase 115 films virtually and at drive-in screenings so everyone is bound to find a story that strikes a chord, inspires and entertains.

โ€œI had tried to play the first chord of the song many takes over the years.

Ranging in difficulty from grade 1+ to grade 6, each of these 12 solos is based on standard chord changes in a variety of key signatures, tempi, and styles to interest and challenge players.

Rather, you'll be armed with many chord shapes that have been used throughout jazz guitar history.

They pay more attention to the music and you just can't throw out any trash anymore, four chord songs.

While the actual release of your album IS a big deal, knowing how to release an album right isnโ€™t that toug. s long as you get a few key things in place, releasing will be as joyous as laying down that first chord-the way it should be!

While this was a work of science fiction, it seems generally agreed that Gibson's novel struck a chord with those familiar with computer technology.